Denis Leary is a Boston Idiot: St. Louis Way Tougher and Grimier

Before Game Two of the St. Louis World Series actor and comedian Denis Leary was brought in to give his insight. His take was basically to say Boston is a tough and blue-collar city and the Red Sox represent that and St. Louis is a wholesome clean-cut non grimey city and the Cardinals represent that.

Bullshit. Leary doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about. St. Louis is WAY more grimey and working-class than Boston. Now if Leary is judging St. Louis by some rich West County in-the-closet daddies boy cornball like Joe Buck that is one thing. But Buck doesn’t represent St. Louis.

The crime, murder and poverty rates of St. Louis are way higher than St. Louis. It’s not even close. St. Louis is always either first or in the top-five of murder and crime. Boston is never even on the list. Roxbury, Matapan, and Dorchester seem like solid middle-class suburbs compared to North St. Louis, Dutchtown, East St. Louis, Kinloch, Wellston, etc. .

As far as blue-collar is concerned Boston also doesn’t compete. St. Louis was second only to Detroit in auto-manufacturing jobs ( both my father and grandfather are UAW Local 2250).  Where I grew up in North County the entire economy was based on the blue-collar industrial-economy. The only people I ever met with college degrees were preachers or teachers. A St. Louis hoosier is a working-class grimey white guy sneered at by West County pussies like Joe Buck and yuppie assholes like Leary.

Southie, Charlestown, and the like are nowhere near as grimey as parts of North County, Hyde Park-Old North, deep South City, Lemay, etc. . Whitey Bulger would have been Buster Workman’s towelboy in the joint.

Someone also told me Leary has something to do with “stuff white people like” website. For those not familiar Stuff White People Like is basically a funny list of stuff white yuppies like. I don’t know very many white people in St. Louis that are into any of that shit. Definitely nobody I grew up with. I do know Boston, even Southie now, is full of latte sippin, expensive-cheese eatin, gerbil in the ass dippin, European beer toasting, Prius driver coasting yuppie assholes. Go to Fenway Park half the crowd not even from New England.

What Boston has is being on the East Coast which gives it the advantage of media and Hollywood bias. Dennis Lehane writes good stories: but there are the same stories and more in St. Louis where we have a heroin and Lean epidemic followed by years of a crack epidemic. You got some celebrites from Boston who make good movies I actually like : but given a shot we have that same kinda talent in St. Louis. Four world heavyweight boxing champions from St. Louis and plenty of other tough guys. Moral of the story? Fuck Boston. BTW, a buddy of mine still has the tooth of a Boston cop he knocked out during the 2004 World Series.


In other matters enough with the fear-mongering. No terrorist gives a fuck about St. Louis. Boston Marathon Bombing? Whoopty freakin do. 3 dead. We got 3 killed in St. Louis on a regular basis. So enough with the Boston Strong bullshit pimping of a tragedy and the fear-mongering by local St. Louis media.

Go Cards.


HBO Boxing and It’s Problem With Boxers

Saturday night Terrence Crawford the undefeated lightweight prospect from Omaha, NE put on another absolute boxing clinic. Instead of appreaciating his performance HBO announcers catered to the base desires of inebriated illiterate boxing fans in Orlando who were booing.

This does not come as a surprise. HBO announcers, most notably Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant in the past, have often shit on fine performances of boxers. Meanwhile, if an unskilled brawler fights like he is in a ten-dollar tough-man contest at a bowling alley HBO goes crazy for them.

HBO of course becomes it’s own worst enemy. They build up punchers with limited defense and then the first time they meet an elite, well-rounded, skilled-boxer they get schooled. James Kirkland, Brandon Rios, Tavoris Cloud, Nonito Donaire, etc. . In Donaire’s case he gets absolutely taken to school by Guillermo Rigondeaux and instead of hyping up Rigo as a Cuban Pernell Whittaker they don’t give him a date while adding Donaire to a fall card.

Many will say ” how else can HBO play it?” Given the fact fans like punchers and many of these fighters who are lacking in defense and have problems with boxers are Mexicans whose fanbase is critical to the boxing economy.

Those are fair questions. I will counter with two arguments. First, the hardcore boxing base is small. This is a niche sport. Most of the people who tune in may be casual fans or just flipping the remote. Imagine if the first thing they hear is announcers shitting on the fight, the boxers, and the event itself. How is that good for boxing or ratings?

Secondly, instead of shitting on and disrespecting why don’t these announcers educate fans. Explain footwork, counter-punching and defense? Raise the level of knowledge amongst the masses so they can appreaciate what they are watching?  That’s what baseball announcers do during pitching-duels and football announcers do during defensive battles.

I see great potential in Terrence Crawford. I would favor him to beat anyone at Top Rank ( Marquez, Pacquiao, Alvarado, Bradley and to 120-108 Rios). Been watching Crawford since the amateurs. Yet, will he get his chance to shine? Will HBO in Vince McMahon WWE-like fashion freeze out Crawford like they did Rigo? Will Bob Arum punish him for success like he did Zahir Raheem after he beat Erik Morales? Or will Arum promote him like he did Timothy Bradley? Time will tell and I will be watching. But remember: if HBO did baseball in the eighties they would have fired Ozzie Smith because his defense was too good and shit on “Whiteyball”.

Other boxing notes: the agressive Miguel Cotto looked great: but with all due respect to Delvin Rodriguez was picked to make Cotto look good. I am intrigued by a Cotto-Sergio Martinez matchup….I really like the Klitschko Brothers. Had lunch with them years ago and found them to be smart caring individuals. Just find there fights to almost always be boring as hell. Last saturday definitely no exception.

Breaking Bad Good: The Wire, Game of Thrones and The Sopranos Much Better

Breaking Bad was a great show and the character of Walter White belongs right up there with Archie Bunker and Tony Soprano in terms of all time great characters in the history of American television.


I give my props to Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in order to make it clear I am a fan of the show. All of the previous seasons are in my DVD collection and I will be buying the last season. Even though I was not a fan of the Jesse character at all and really wanted to see him dead I was pretty satisfied with the way the show ended.

However, Breaking Bad fans should not get carried away. While it was a great show probably in the top ten of television drams of all time it is nowhere close to being on the same level as The Wire, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones.

Why The Wire is Better Than Breaking Bad


Lets start with the obvious. Breaking Bad is not even remote realistic. The idea that a high-school chemistry teacher with cancer having only the aid of a spoiled junkie headcase could take down Mexican drug-cartels and major drug-organizations is patently absurd. The idea that a biker game similar to the Aryan Brotherhood could be organized enough to kill fifteen people in different jails at the same time is equally absurd.

The Wire was as real as TV could ever get. Indeed, people who don’t know anything about the subject matter of The Wire have watched it not just for entertainment: but for educational purposes as well.

Season one focused on the police and the Barksdale-Bell West Baltimore street organization. It showed the police not as heroic angels: but gave a realistic portrayl of committed yet flawed people working in an organization full of political cronyism, bad apples, and racial-division. The drug-dealers were shown not as villians: but rather as products of the neighborhood and culture they came from.

Hank Schrader was a great TV cop. He looked and acted like many cops I have known and is much more realistic than any prettyboy or yuppie looking and acting cop on CSI or Law&Order who catches the villian within forty-five minutes. I give Breaking Bad that.

In season two The Wire dealt with deindustrialization and labor-unions. Season three City Hall, urban politics and drug-policy. Season four public schools, foster-care and youth-violence. Season five the decline of the media and the major-dailies. All five seasons well-written, well-acted, and dealing with very serious subject matter in an entertaining yet informative manner. Quite simply not only the best TV show ever: but also the most important to the national conversation since All in The Family. The ratings only suffered in my opinion because there were too many black characters for the liking of much of white America.

Breaking Bad was well-written, acted and entertaining. Yet, it didn’t deal with anything important. Walt has cancer at a time the national conversation is centered on Obamacare and it is not even discussed. The Wire had many characters people loved. Outside of Walt who was universally loved on Breaking Bad?

Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad


Game of Thrones is a show where you can watch every episode five times and still not catch everything. Complex-writing, stunning visuals , great-directing and a large cast of superb actors. The viewer can get lost in the HBO show and books by George R.R. Martin. Game of Thrones is just deeper on every level than Breaking Bad. Imagine Walt getting killed in season one like Ned Stark was and the show still being a hit. Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow and Danerys Targaryen are all characters with weight like Walt and all on the same show. And Gus or Todd on their worst day were not as evil as King Joffrey and Saul Goodman not as clever as Littlefinger or Varys ( or even Levy if we go back to The Wire). Nor was Mike as gangster as Stannis Baratheon or lethal as the Kingslayer.

The Sopranos

Breaking Bad is close to The Sopranos (slightly ahead of Boardwalk Empire due to it’s weak third season). But lags behind due to not having as many interesting characters, being not as realistic, and not quite as developed a storyline.