Samantha Lewthwaite The White Widow: Another Dumb White Broad

This nasty looking "communal jihadi pussy" broad looks exactly like the St. Louis whitegirl hoosier heroin-addicts in the hood I describe in this post.

This nasty looking “communal jihadi pussy” broad looks exactly like the St. Louis whitegirl hoosier heroin-addicts in the hood I describe in this post.

The White Widow. Samantha Lewthwaite. I don’t know this woman (or the dumb broad from Michigan who got herself killed in Syria) but allow me to speculate.

This brings me back to high school. Of course I am from the Hip-Hop Generation. Styles were changing, attitudes were changing, and even in an ex Jim Crow city like St. Louis there was an increase in interracial relationships.

There were all types of such relationships and you cannot overlygeneralize. I dated black girls, my older sisters dated black boys, and my younger siblings are racially-mixed.

However, there is one group of whitegirls that remind me of the jihadi broads like Lewthwaite. This was a group of whitegirls who dressed in black fashions, had blackgirl hairstyles, and only dated black guys. Typically these girls were not good looking, many downright ugly: but they were a big hit with black guys. The reasons? These girls often gave the black guys money, bought them things, let the guys drive their dad’s old car, and of course there is the psychology of race in America and being a white arm-trophy.

In the Muslim community I have seen the same thing. Arab and Desi men craving unattractive white women at the expense of beautiful and pious women of their own race. Many of these men have came to me over the years looking for white women. Like I got some kinda hookup or am some kinda pimp.

There are many good white convert sisters. Some who have done great work in the community. However, there is an element that reminds me of those girls from high school.

If they are married to an Arab they only cook Arabic food, insert Palestine as the 6th Pillar, some even begin “barking” in the lot. If married to a Desi start dressing like a Bollywood Auntie, cooking only Desi food, sometimes pick up an acccent and one girl even proudly told me she stopped wearing deodorant like “Americans”.

Light-skin and a white woman, even an ugly white woman, are coveted by many Muslim men. These same whitegirls if they married white would probably be hooking up with a Dominos delivery-driver or the cashier at Jiffy Lube. Instead they may be married to a Pakistani doctor or Arab hair-weave or pre-paid cellphone mogul.

In fairness to the whitegirls modern life is boring. Suburbia is dull. History is not taught. Ethnic and community identity has eroded especially with the working-class. Aging, often dying, and relatively dull white communities may live beside more vibrant and youthful communities of color. In America its the allure of the hood that may lead to dating a dopedealer. Fun for a minute it usually ends in a restraining-order, single-parenthood and eventually drug-addiction in Section 8 housing if they have burned all their bridges with their family.

The UK has a culture of jihadis. Many with their hands out to the government depending on the system to house and feed their own children. With whitegirls in the UK, and I can see working-class girls who have been left behind in a country that has seen better days, the allure of the Muslim guy. It’s foreign, it’s different, and it will definitely piss off daddy. Just as in America an average or not good-looking whitegirl, once in the Muslim sphere, becomes a hot commodity and a valuable posession.

Just as many such whitegirls here seek to prove themselves as really hood by driving getaway cars, muling dope up from Texas, or letting guys run trains on them I can see the same in the Muslim context. That gal from Michigan proving she was really a ride or die Muslim girl by hooking up with the FSA in Syria instead of the boredom of motherhood and a comfortable American life.

Lewthwaite went even farther apparently spreading her legs for more than one murderous takfiri coward. It is probably a complex psychology that brought her to this point in her life and I am sure she has disgraced her family in a way the men in her life would never do theirs. What is done is done now. So, let’s all say a word of prayer and pray this stupid bitch is found dead in the rubble in Kenya.


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