Happy Saudi Day: The Saudi Santaسعودي يحتفل باليوم الوطني في المسجد .flv – YouTube

In the Saudi Day Holiday spirit. Don’t have the money to support a dictator or junta? Drop some cash off to the local slumlord or rent-to-own shop. Can’t kill any Shia and stay out of jail? Just drive by a Shia mosque and flip the bird. Wanna squash biddah? Take some scissors to the mosque and cut the string on “biddah beads”.  Shoot a Muslim sister with a Super Soaker for exposing a few hairs in the masjid parking lot. The dirty slut! Then hit up the all you can eat buffett, shop till you drop at the mall, rent an expensive car for the night, scope a future bride at the local day-care center or boys club, then hit up the club and casino for a misyar bride. Ride around with your bride and order a random Desi to wash your car for two bucks. Then go home to your real wife, have her dress up as a Fillipino maid and beat her ass before rough and romance-less sex.


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