9-21-13 Rythme

Policies like Partition authored by Morticians/ Poof there goes your land like a magician/23 shot in one Chi night project tower fall fight/before you call the narcos blame Chapo/lost all my CD’s fucked up like diabetes/my man only mess with gals on eight section dick stay in a state of infection at the clinic reception/ Holy Hawaiian sends drones to Paki homes arms their homies in Homs/Once made salat at a Jack’n The Box with a pocket full of rocks/now I sleep through rakats/ Warsh Ave cool but I miss Gus still hot enough to make you cuss/no man do I really trust been burned too many times like crust/Canelo smoked like a Cigarello/Machine malfunctioned like a court injunctuon/ Grand Theft Auto I-Phone masterbaters mind going nowhere faster/World Star twerkers and Suburban home jerkers/Color of royality fuckin up mentalities/purple hood communion parole reunion/ transubstansiation on Sam’s Plantation/ bulletts miss like the A-Team like attemps to mainstream/King Solomon locs collapse the temple gentrification/ Dirty Harry Colt 45 too drunk to drive taxi arrives/ Indian better like Vinny Paz internet tough-guy/ dissed Phillies own Angel to rythme yuppie in Bed-Stuy/ Rest in Peace Ken Norton punished Ali’s jaw brother was too raw/


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