Gennady Golovkin: Baddest Kazakh Since Borat Destroys Macklin

I have been following Gennady Golovkin since the 2004 Olympics and have been impressed every step of the way. It is hard for foreign fighters to get a big fan base in America. Especially when you are from a nation like Kazakhstan that has a minuscule amount of emigres in the United States ( keep in mind with Manny Pacquiao there are a number of American cities with sizable Filipino-American residents and the same goes without saying of fighters from Latin America) . However, when you have the kind of devastating punching power GGG has you can sell tickets and get the TV ratings that makes network executives happy. This guy is sparring with light-heavyweights and heavyweights  in training and hurting them and against a very game Matthew Macklin GGG seemed to hurt him with virtually every punch ( including scoring what should have been a knockdown in round one before the brutal end came in round three). Along with Argentinean Junior Welterweight Lucas Matthysse we are living in an era of two devastating imported punchers wowing  hardcore American boxing fans. I rate GGG ahead of Matthysse though. Yes the Argentinean scored knockdowns against Zab Judah and Devon Alexander but I had both bouts being scored correctly ( 114-113 for Judah and 95-94 for Alexander). I think Matthysse has grown as a boxer since that point: but I still think he can be outboxed. A well-schooled amateur I think GGG would be a more difficult task.

Where does Golovkin go from here? HBO is clearly trying to groom him for a bout with Sergio Martinez and then Andre Ward and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.. Against Martinez and Chavez I favor Golovkin by brutal stoppage. Golovkin-Ward I can’t call it right now and I see it as being a classic fight and boxer v. puncher match-up. Matchups with Golden Boy fighters not fighting on Showtime such as Peter Quillin  is not going to happen for business reasons and a waste of time to think about.

I had Brandon Gonzales beating Thomas Oosthuizen 96-94. If Oosthuizen is being groomed for Andre Ward I’m not sure who is going to be excited by this matchup. Didn’t catch Willie Nelson’s win. For the sake of his promoter, local St. Louis guy Steve Smith, I hope he does well.


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