Gennady Golovkin: Baddest Kazakh Since Borat Destroys Macklin

I have been following Gennady Golovkin since the 2004 Olympics and have been impressed every step of the way. It is hard for foreign fighters to get a big fan base in America. Especially when you are from a nation like Kazakhstan that has a minuscule amount of emigres in the United States ( keep in mind with Manny Pacquiao there are a number of American cities with sizable Filipino-American residents and the same goes without saying of fighters from Latin America) . However, when you have the kind of devastating punching power GGG has you can sell tickets and get the TV ratings that makes network executives happy. This guy is sparring with light-heavyweights and heavyweights  in training and hurting them and against a very game Matthew Macklin GGG seemed to hurt him with virtually every punch ( including scoring what should have been a knockdown in round one before the brutal end came in round three). Along with Argentinean Junior Welterweight Lucas Matthysse we are living in an era of two devastating imported punchers wowing  hardcore American boxing fans. I rate GGG ahead of Matthysse though. Yes the Argentinean scored knockdowns against Zab Judah and Devon Alexander but I had both bouts being scored correctly ( 114-113 for Judah and 95-94 for Alexander). I think Matthysse has grown as a boxer since that point: but I still think he can be outboxed. A well-schooled amateur I think GGG would be a more difficult task.

Where does Golovkin go from here? HBO is clearly trying to groom him for a bout with Sergio Martinez and then Andre Ward and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.. Against Martinez and Chavez I favor Golovkin by brutal stoppage. Golovkin-Ward I can’t call it right now and I see it as being a classic fight and boxer v. puncher match-up. Matchups with Golden Boy fighters not fighting on Showtime such as Peter Quillin  is not going to happen for business reasons and a waste of time to think about.

I had Brandon Gonzales beating Thomas Oosthuizen 96-94. If Oosthuizen is being groomed for Andre Ward I’m not sure who is going to be excited by this matchup. Didn’t catch Willie Nelson’s win. For the sake of his promoter, local St. Louis guy Steve Smith, I hope he does well.

St. Louis Drones: Say No to The “Dotson Drones”

St. Louis Chief of Police Sam Dotson said he wants drones. Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce chimed in saying she enthusiastically supports them.  This comes after 21st Ward Alderman Antonio French had surveillance cameras installed in his ward and residents of the Central West End did the same thing.

Crime is a serious problem in St. Louis. However, a simple look at the numbers will tell you crime is at a fraction of what it was in the 80’s and 90’s. In fact there are many prosperous neighborhoods today that even ten years ago were dangerous “no go areas” for squares.

I would never claim St. Louis is not a dangerous city. I’ve known too many people to get murdered, robbed and burglarized here to even entertain that thought. It always pissed me off when the often young promoters of city living spoke of a “perception of crime” as if people were just making shit up when they talked about high-crime in St. Louis. On balance though the city is much safer. In the 90’s a late-night drive through the city would take you through numerous open-air drug-markets and gang-bangers “posted” up on corners all night. The pages of the Evening-Whirl full of dead young black men on a weekly basis. even moreso than today.

Violence is still common in St. Louis, the murder rate still high, and black-on-black crime off the charts. Yet, after all that, crime is still down. While many of the youth are still lost ( mostly the product of broken-homes and chaotic family lives) there are a lot of youth who are being raised by parents to keep them off the streets. Many traditional policing efforts are also paying dividends along with community and religious efforts.

So, while crime is down, why the panic? One issue we can’t get away from is race. A lot of young white professionals are moving into the city. These residents are a valuable asset to the city and breathing life into many neighborhoods. Hell, after decades of population loss and a city full of vacant lots and abandoned buildings we should be glad anyone wants to move into this city.  These residents, who often grew up in places like West County, are not accustomed to crime and danger. Nor are they street-smart as a rule.  They expect their new neighborhoods to be as safe and secure as the monolithic and affluent places they grew up in and don’t take into account the 400 years of racial history in this country, despair, poverty and broken homes. Not being street-smart, generally not being a physically tough lot, and often having a disdain for guns they exclusively look to the police for their safety.

The city is eager to kiss their ass of course. This city needs new people. Especially affluent educated and upwardly mobile people who can help to create businesses and raise property values. Whatever the city can reasonably due to accommodate this growth they will. Close a lane of traffic on South Grand inconveniencing tens of thousands of motorists a day. So be it! If it increases the quality of life for a few hundred young and affluent cyclists. Sell dope on 14th and Cass or Gibson and Newstead? The cops kick your door in and your ass gets sent to prison. Sell and use dope in The Grove or Downtown the cops are guarding the front door instead of kicking the door down.  ( for the record I support the decriminalization of drugs). It is a double-standard and everyone knows it. Money, race, power and politics it’s all tied together.

In comes the drones. While crime is down Chief Dotson says he needs drones to keep it down. This defies the logic of a basically ten year drop in crime. If drones were needed shouldn’t it have been during the crack-epidemic? Cops and prosecutors always want more power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and nearly all cops in every country would be pretty cool with a police-state. It is the job of the citizens to keep those powers in check.

All of us need a safe city. I benefit from that in my job and my life: but at what cost? Are we willing to submit to a Big Brother authority in St. Louis and spend a lot of money for something that will take liberties with no known benefit? I am not saying technology should never be used. The cats out of the bag on that. There are also high-density places such as Washington Ave, The Landing, the Delmar Loop and near the stadiums that have a history of rowdy behavior and it is impossible for the cops to see everything. They may need cameras and certainly need a heavy presence. Yet drones flying over our city to track it’s citizens seems like a waste of money and an infringement upon our privacy-rights.

Chief Dotson will swear upon a stack of Bibles that the powers will not be abused. The Chief is a nice guy and I’m sure he would be telling the truth after all he has done a good job thus far. What about the next Chief though? Or the one after that? If the drones get cheaper how ethical do you think the Kinloch PD will be with them? Maybe the East St. Louis narcotics detective just busted for selling drugs could have used the drones in his operation.

Far-fetched? Remember those surveillance cameras in the 21st Ward? Along with Zuhdi Masri I was photographed with those same cameras while participating in a lawful political protests in the ward and my photo was put on the Internet. When I asked a guy working for the city in the 21st Ward if it was appropriate the cameras be used for political purposes he responded  “Alderman French paid for the cameras. If he wants to shoot a porno with them he can.” Whose to say the same can’t be done with these drones?  Whose to say that they will not only look at you they may attack you? When the ACLU looked into my complaint they told me it was problematic because the city had no guidelines for the usage of the cameras.

The timing of Dotson’s statement is also odd. The country is debating the uncovered information from Edward Snowden that the government is basically watching you online at all times. Many Americans don’t care. They could give a shit about their liberties and are willing to surrender them to guard against terrorism ( which kills less people than bathtub falls). Republicans took the chance to bash Obama when Bush was doing the same thing. Most Democrats who see President Obama as their infallible savior have either remained silent or supported the administration. Those true patriots who love liberty and have taken this moment to take a stand against the actions of our government should be applauded and we should do the same here in St. Louis and reject the Dotson Drones. Having personally known three Americans killed by drones I take this issue very serious.

If we really believe Big Brother is the answer the Board of Alderman should pass a bill wiring the whole city for sound and putting ip cameras to cover the entire city. Rooms of all buildings should be required to have them in order to get an occupancy permit. Why not? You’re not against crime?

Photos:STL and More

imageCherokee Street South STL

imageCherokee Art on side of bloodsuckers

imageProps to my barber Sonny Liston



imageOld bank tower in Wellston


imageSummer reading

imageSt. Louis Muslim free-clinic

imageStreet barricades old and new

imageSTL Stars Negro League


imageMoorish-American sovereign citizen plate


imageKinloch street-lit

imageSt. Louis next generation

imageWith my baby at Chuck-e-Cheese

imageAt the Sears Building

imageReppin STL at The Alamo

imageWith undefeated Philly Jr. Middleweight prospect Julian Williams


image16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham, AL: 4 Little Girls

imageVicksburg Civil War Battlefield

imageSt Louis Street Art Dr. MLK West Side

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imageOld Chain of Rocks Bridge


imageWith Chief Sam Dotson

imageWith Adil Imdad

imagein Chi with Muhammadabdullah Ameen al-Maliki

imageWith Sheikh Ubaydullah Evans at IMAN in Chicago

imageWith Jordanian kickboxer at STL A-Rab store

Umar Lee Speaks

These are all the words I will speak for now. It is all peace and love. I am busy working with my mentor writing on my 21 years as a Muslim and the good and bad. I am finding it very therapeutic and I am still in 1999. In the spirit of the late Imam W.D. Mohammed we are called to be North American Spokesman for Human Salvation. Imam in the Streets. God bless America. God bless the poor. God bless those in the gutter. People not the powerful. Speak truth to power. The mainstream of America aint where it’s at ya Muslims. Grassroots indigenous Islam. Stop the infighting. Arguing over shit that don’t matter. Concentrate on family ( I speak to myself first). Stop the infighting. Akil told me “it may be true you don’t always have to say it”. Impulse control. Respect our elders. Screw the FSA and all that foreign jihad “GI Joe” fantasy bullshit. Feds need to stop harassing Muslims. Obama aint shit but a devil. Same as GOP.  Spread love. End the sexual hypocrisies. Urban sustainable pedestrian neighborhoods. Stop believing in conspiracy theories. Your’e not a scholar you just have Internet access. Obey the law and stay out of jail. Join the NRA. Bitter ex wives stop preventing fathers from seeing their children and include them in their lives. Fathers step up to the plate.

I was encouraged by the scholar Yasir Qadhi to make a video of recantation. I have been invited to go to Medinah by some beautiful brothers there. However, I cannot get my passport until I pay off some money owed to the government. I would very much like to go and study in the City of the Prophet. If anyone has deep pockets and can assist in that matter let me know. Do not put any money in my hands. There is a brother in DC handling this matter.

Two additional videos on Muslim issues on my youtube page regarding Muslims issues and Ismail Royer.

Umar Lee: the St. Louis Stranger, He That Walks Against the Wind, the Halal Honky, a North American Spokesman For Human Salvation, speaks about his last controversial video, Sending love to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and responding to friends and foes alike. Props to Muhammadabdullah al-Maliki in Chi-town, Abdul-Rahim Mathon in STL, and so many other brothers and those I talk about in the video who been by my side.

Peace and greetings to Anas Cannon, Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, and the others. Oh yeah shout out to the Kansas City Kingpin Tarik Liwarau the “money makin madkahli” and Big Dirty D Dawud Adib and baby girl Tasneem.

Poem: St. Louis Summer, Window Units

STL all swell
Droppin science
Dawah Stick
La ilaha ilullah
Muhammadur Rasululah
Pass the ammunition
God bless America
Lips and hips
Pistols and hot sauce
frozen custard and donuts

gettin high down low
My city on that “ron”
dogfood they call it Ghadafi
American-cheered lynch mob

On the deen
Hoes in hijab
frauds in Holy Clothes
Father’s Day Child Support Day
Careerist Imams
Holsitic transforming crackers in kufis
Celebrity Imams
Islam as a Business
Post-011 Sellouts
Goofy White Liberals
Muhammad “first feminist” you must be high
“Green” Muslims in Loudon Co SUV’s and McMansions
Black “The white kafir in my cereal” conspiracy lunatics
Prison Shahdah’s
Homeless taabliqees
Sufi dirty underwear buyers
Your thobe aint high enough akh
Saudi dick ridin crowd
Hipster Islam Chomsky tafseer
Interfaith in nut hugger jeans
Gay atheist “Muslims” lookin for Paki daddy attention
Trim that beard
Hijab and tight jeans
She give oral but won’t fuck
Maybe let you go in the backdoor
Abeed not marrying my punjabi princess
Somali clit cutters
Masjid parking

white Muslim must be a fed
white Muslim don’t know shit make him mosque spokesman
White Muslim Girl: Khaleesi “white savior complex”
Piss off white daddy fuck an Arab
After green card he dump you for his cousin

FSA and govenment baby killers
lost whitegirl from Michigan dies
Don’t nobody in Syria give a fuck about you
“Die for Kashmir?” I asked Ismail
Mad love to Sheikh Ali al-Timimi
Good men in prison
Criminals roam free
drunk drivers and payday lenders
bloodsucking rent to own

Holy Hawaiian in office
Whiteboy came to Chicago
Bobby Rush kicked his ass
Loves him some drones
Jay-Z glorifies dopegame Barry lockin up dealers and users
Prison Industrial-complex
Barry never gonna do shit for no nigga
Just collect votes
W you knew what he was
GOP dreams of those lynchin trees
Choose between evils
corporate bloodsuckers
abortion clinic babybrain suckers
We livin in Latter Day Rome
Empire on it’s knees
Learn to speak Chinese

Love a big butt and a smile
Boricua, Cubana, Dominicana, Colombiana
Newstead and Natural Bridge or 57 Mable
Remember The Animal House
R.I.P Pac and Biggie

Wanted to fuck Left Eye
Arab girl Twerk Team
I know I aint right
These sisters be hoes for real
hijabis on Skype
Salat in the EBT line
more babies for the welfare
collect them “daddy” checks
Bitch fall in love with kafir dick

Crazy black folks seeing UFO’s
Ulama say the Earth is flat
San Francisco hippies
Rather recite Short Dawg than Rumi
Self-hating Men
Where is your Mark Twain
Jihad created Andalus they forget
Fatimah and Umar
Ayesha and Ali
Blood of Karbala
Rich brown kids get pimped by their white professors

St. Louis inferiority complex
Fuck Chicago cold-ass city
More Dixie than Diddy
Self-hating Hoosiers
Love thyself
No kisses on the cheeks
Country grammar and STL Swag
Up South
St. Pauls and Vess
Old Vienna and Goody Goody
West County Orange Girls with Yellow Tops-Candy Corn
Pork steak eatin Jews
A-rab store cats named Bobby and Dick
Old revolvers
Two-lane turners
Cherokee Street rebellions
South Side white settlers
Warm summer nights
sweat of the gym
taste of the Gin
overcome by jinn
Old North vacant lots
no place for tots
parks for dogs
stayin off that hog
Bus be slow as hell
South Grand and Delmar Loop walkin
Walnut Park stalkin
Ghosts of Kinloch
Robertson used to be
St. Chuck white flight
Missourah meth labs
Cummin like droves to the Grove
Place to feel normal
Cards games voice of Jack Buck
Music fills the summer air
Alderman needs money for tuition
Fund a cause and watch dogooders in Escalades
800 to 300 watch us slide
slow it down to a glide

Need money upfront
35 to the 42
bloody St. Louis summers
clothes come off those skeezers
gunshots soundtrack to the night
Sonny Liston’s home
Spinks Jinks
Ike Turner
Need a New Burner
Redd Foxx
Ced the Entertainer

Ice cream trucks and NSA
Children cant play