Slay Day, Hubbard Wins and Quick Thoughts

Quick Thoughts on the St. Louis Democratic Primary:

Mayor Francis Slay won as I expected. I did not expect this race to be close and as a matter of fact I bet Alderman Antonio French Slay would win and local bar owner Steve Smith Slay would win by 20. OK, so I got a little carried away with 20: but at the end of the day Mayor Slay won by a comfortable margin. St. Louis voters opted  not to neglect the path to prosperity with a detour into uncertainty. The best mayor anyone in St. Louis has seen in their lifetime was elected to a historic fourth term. Alderman Lewis Reed, gracious in defeat, noted that the media focused too much on the racial-angle as Brother Anthony Shahid, always a man who approaches race with the utmost sensitivity, nodded in agreement. As a city we can now look forward to four more years of progress and staying the course. I was particularly happy during his speech Mayor Slay stated St. Louis would welcome immigrants and look forward to seeing the policies behind that.

Ward 5

If you want to write a book on “ground game” you can call it the Hubbard Diary. That family, plain and simple, knows how to get out the vote. Tamikka Hubbard was victorious over her opponent Michelle Hutchins-Medina. The Hubbard victory happened despite the fact that Hutchins-Medina seemed to be very well-funded and bombarded the ward with mailings. The day before the election I received a mailing at my home containing photos of Alderwoman Hubbard partying taken from her Facebook page. A rather juvenile action if you ask me and one that whoever paid for it didn’t even have the courage to stand on as it had no attribution.  Why did Hubbard win? Plain and simple: people know her and know her family and feel they will look out for them. Hutchins-Medina could not ride the wave the more upscale crowd, loft-dwellers, and the like in the ward have for Hubbard to victory. The fact of the matter is despite her money she could walk the streets of the ward and nobody would know who she was.

Ward 21

Congrats to Alderman Antonio French. In St. Louis there is scant coverage of local and state politics so all of the information was not out there. The city still has no guidelines for the usage of police cameras and as Mr. French has used them for private political purposes before who is to say he will not do it again. A city employee told me if Mr. French wants to shoot a porno with them he is free to do so. Anyway, it is what it is, and God bless brother Kerry Wilson. Kerry is a good man and tried his hardest. No shame in his game.

Ward 1

Sharon Tyus aka her Highness is back. Please say a prayer for a ward I used to live in. They are going to need it.

Ward 6

Congrats to Christine Ingrassia. I don’t really follow south side politics all that tough but if Virvus and Tishaura Jones say you are good then you must be OK.


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