Tea Party Twelver and The Muslim Brothers

you can purchase my novel Tea Party Twelver and the Muslim Brothers in the book form here for $10 . The e-book for Kindle is for sale for $6.00 here . Readers in the UK can go here

John Sharp is an angry white Iraq War veteran, returning home to find to his dismay that a black man, Barack Hussein Obama, is elected president. Unable to find work, isolated, and watching his suburban white St. Louis neighborhood turning black, John turns to The Tea Party Twelvers for the solutions to America’s problems. Idris and Jihad are two African-American Muslim brothers, family men, who supplement their livelihoods by committing robberies, justifying them as acts of jihad. Muhammad Khan is a Rohingya Muslim from Burma. Facing unending persecution in his home country, he escaped with his family to find asylum in America, starting over in a grimy urban St. Louis neighborhood. The paths of these men cross with tumultuous, life changing consequences.


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