Ramadan mubarak. This month is a time for forgiveness and mercy. I pray for forgiveness of all those I have offended in any way. This is a month to focus on ibadah and building the love of allah and his messenger. There are those who see islam as a religion of hate and dos and donts. We can look at mali and see what happens wgen they have power and may allah give victiry to ahlus sunnah. There us a critic of mine who is not using this month to focus on ibadah and love and no doubt this is a product of their saudi understanding of islam. First, I do not respond to people unless I know who I am speaking to. Second, this hol
y month is not a time for fitnah.


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  1. Once again forgiveness for my typos I am working on my phone. Like I said the local st louis issues have two sides to them, but why use ranadan for such trivial matters that few even care about? Focus on Allah in this holy month.

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