Khan-Salita: Muslim V Jew in The Ring

I am in America so I will not be able to watch the Amir Khan versus Dmitriy Salita fight from England tomorrow night. Khan is a Muslim from a Pakistani family and Salita is an Orthodox Jew living in Brooklyn. This will be the first time in boxing history that a Jew will fight a Muslim for a title.  The winner of this bout will not be the best in the world at 140 ( that honor will go to the winner of the bout between two Americans; Timothy Bradley and Lamont Peterson in my opinion) and there are other big names in this division like Juan Manuel Marquez, Juan Diaz, Paulie Malignaggi, Marcos Maidana, Zab Judah, Devon Alexander ( from St. Louis) , Ricky Hatton and Kendall Holt. However, this is a great human interest story and when they ring the bell it aint gonna be about Jew or Muslim its gonna be about boxing.  As I have said in the past; in order to seem moderate Muslim organizations have become female-dominated and there is very little in the way of masculine outlet for young Muslims and I belive sports provide such an outlet and out community needs to get more involved in sports.


10 thoughts on “Khan-Salita: Muslim V Jew in The Ring

  1. Ricky Hatton’s career is essentially over (despite his delusions about wanting to fight Marquez); there’s no comparison between young fighters like Khan or Salita and Hatton.

    Agreed about sports though; I think Amir Khan is a great role model for Muslim youth not just in Britain but in the West at large. I’m puzzled as to why he’s not getting as much attention as that pathetic joke “Prince” Naseem Hamed did.

  2. I agree that Hatton is done for but until he gets beaten by one of the younger guys you still have to rank him ahead of them. I actually met and hung out with Salita a few years back and he was pretty cool but I think Amir should beat him fairly easily and then come to America for his next fight but that division is stacked with young talent.

  3. Amir looked great. I got to get an interview with him. BTW, for those who watched, Williams-Martinez an instant classic. I scored it 115-112 Williams.

    1. Amir Khan I think was born and raised in England (correct me if I’m wrong on his birth).

      Naseem got fat, as expected. I mean you can’t really recover from wrecking a Mercedes-Benz supercar 4 years back.

  4. Amir Khan is born and bred up north in Bolton (UK) – which has a large Pakistan community.

    Salita – although humiliated – actually comes across as a nice, intelligent and thoughtful person (except when he carried the Israeli flag into the ring). It’s a shame as he seems to have all the characteristics of an ideal Muslim, except the Shahadah.

    Regarding Prince Naseem, after he got an arse-whopping by Barrera, he had one paltry come-back fight and then dropped from the boxing scene completely.

    Bloated and overweight, he still make empty claims of “making a comeback”. The potential that once was…

  5. Amir Khan trains under Freddie Roach and regularly spars with Manny Pacquiao. Britain has produced quite a few Muslim fighters. Remember Danny Williams?

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