Fasting, Father in Need, and Sister Khadijah Rivera Passes

Yam ul Arafat

I do not celebrate thanksgiving although I do sometimes go and see my family on that day. Tomorrow I will be fasting as it is Yam ul Arafat and I encourage all Muslims to forgo the turkey and instead fast tomorrow. Here is a link to the benefits.

Father and Family in Need

There is a good friend of mine and very pious Muslim brother of sound knowledge who is undergoing difficulties at this time.  This brother was harassed non-stop by the federal government after 9-11 and decided to leave the country with his family for Saudi Arabia for the last seven years. He had a job there teaching english and his wife and four children enjoyed their life in KSA very much.

Recently the mother of his eldest daughter died of cancer in the United States. This woman was not a Muslim and before she died she gave the eleven year old girl to a Christian minister who is suing for custody. The brother has retained a lawyer in order to gain custody as it appears that the other side my be ready to play the “Muslim card” against the father.

The brother is in need of duah at this time as well as financial support. Anyone interested in helping this brother please email me. He is also looking for a job in the states and mashaAllah he has a college degree, ( even attending Harvard), is a veteran, and has a solid work history. Please help this brother inshaAllah who is here in the states with his 5-year-old boy right now.

Khadijah Rivera Passes

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. Sisster Khadijah was a pioneer in the field of dawah to Latinas. When she married an Arab brother in NYC in the 1980’s she discovered she was just one of many Latinas married to Arabs who had converted but had little knowledge of the deen and she spent the rest of her life working on fixing that. May Allah reward her for all that she did and bring about a new generation of those who can bring the dawah to the Latinas.


3 thoughts on “Fasting, Father in Need, and Sister Khadijah Rivera Passes

  1. Inshallah, I hope the brother finds some work here. It’s just that things are so hard for so many people. He might be better off staying in KSA.

    But, I know family is family and I would hate to have some Bible thumper raising my daughter, so I understand his reasons for coming back.

    May Allah make it easy for him. Might help if we know what city he prefers to live/work in.

  2. That is really sad to hear about sister Khadijah. Last year we lost Imam WD Mohammed and this year sister Khadijah;two people who have had a huge impact upon the US Ummah.

    Al Hamdu Lillah Allah blessed us to have them in our amidst. May Allah forgive them and reward them.

  3. May Allah shower his mercy upon sister Khadijah.

    People like her are the unsung hero of the Muslim communities and will have a huge reward with Allaah – inshallah.

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