Sunday I drove to Dallas with my family and I had a good time alhamdudilah.  Dallas has a large and vibrant Muslim community and I drove with my wife all over the area and on Monday enjoyed a lunch from a Persian halal joint in Richardson ( passing by a car chase finale that made the cable news channels) and on Tuesday went to the halal pizza spot in Arlington after leaving the Center Street masjid ( as an added bonus the pizza place was showing a boxing match on a plasma TV).

As I drove around in the rental I had listening to satellite radio it seemed like every channel was talking about the death of Michael Jackson. I thought about this because on Sunday a brother told me of how many Muslims he had known, good brothers who went to the masjid,  who could not get but a handful of brothers to go to their jannaza.  Another brother asked me who was crying and writing poetry to all of the fallen scholars, oppressed and mujahudeen?

We are all gonna die. Many of us will die young. Most of us will never be rich and famous.  This I thought of as I was driving through Arkansas and smelled the burnt flesh from a fresh fatal accident early this morning. Of course, this came hours after learning that a friend of mine from high school has allegedly shot and killed his wife.

Then, coming back to St. Louis I met up with my Muslim brothers Mukhtar and Farooq and we went to pick up some food from a fried fish and chicken joint on Goodfellow and Lillian. As we were driving down Lillian we saw a car loose control and I guy slump over. The car hit a few other cars and then went off the road knocking down signs and crashing into a pole.

I ran over to the scene along with a crowd of pedestrians, old ladies, and corner boys working the corner seeing what was happening on their block. I assumed he had been shot; but I think he had some kind of heart attack or something and there will be no candle light vigil for this man if he passes.