My Run in With a Real Life Jack Bauer Wanna-be

Several months ago there was a story about a man impersonating a federal agent in a small Missouri town. The man was even featured on 60 Minutes because of the stunt he pulled because he was able to convince city officials and the police department to go along with his scam.

I may have mentioned before that I have a history with this man named William “Bill” Jakob. I knew he was an idiot; but this article in the RFT (a local St. Louis weekly) lets me know just how big of an idiot he is.

Not only did he impersonate a fed in the small Missouri Town of Gerald; but he got into the military under false pretences, wore medals he did not earn, got hired and fired from several police departments, and ran any number of schemes over the years involving law-enforcement and the military.

I ran into Bill when he was a cop in the all-black northern St. Louis suburb of Kinloch which at the time was one of the most dangerous and crime-ridden places in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

It was unfortunate for me that I had just split with my eldest daughters mother and Bill took a romantic interest in her (for the record she was underage at the time). Meanwhile Bill was gaining quite a reputation in the tight-knit community for beating people up and acting like an all around jerk.

One night on the parking lot of the old Arab-owned Tomboy grocery store (which housed a “craphouse” in the back) a friend of mine, the late Corian Hardy aka/ Snap saw Bill who had assaulted him a few days earlier. Snap pulled out an automatic weapon and tried to spray the car Bill was driving; but the gun jammed. That was the kind of anger that was out there towards him.

Complaints were mounting about Bill until one day I finally had my run in with him. I was leaving the apartment of my daughter’s mother in the Boaz when Bill ran up the steps. Knowing his reputation I was not in the mood to just sit there and let him whoop my ass so we had a brief scuffle and I then ran. Moments later I ran up the fence which divided Kinloch from Ferguson and got caught up in the fence which cut my hand and chest. When I fell to the other side Bill and a few fellow officers was waiting for me.

They roughed me up a little bit and then took me to the Kinloch police station. They took me back to a holding cell where I was left bleeding and while there an elder officer came to me and requested that I file a complaint because, in his words, “ we are trying to get rid of his ass anyway he is causing too many problems”.

The complaint was filed and within a week he was off of the force. I had it in my mind to sue him but never did and I basically forgot about him until this whole mess came up. The story in the RFT by Kristen Hinman is a worthwhile read; but I am guessing there is so much more that could have been written.


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