Duahs Please for Family Issues

I am asking all of my Muslim brothers and sisters to make duah for my dear long–time friend and brother Tariq Nelson ( our friendship goes back to the early 90’s) whose father is in failing health at this time. Tariq is very close with his Dad who is a role model for how a small black businessman in the South can turn hard work into a major company.

I am also sad to report that I am undergoing a very serious situation with my eldest daughter and, due to legal issues and her mother, cannot speak freely on the topic; but let us just say she is in a bad situation and make duah that she can come out of it in a good way and come live with me and be guided to the Right Path.

Allah is ar-Razaq and the thing that would help me most at this time is an increase in Rizq and a better income situation ( no matter if that is in St. Louis or elsewhere) so make duah that Allah will increase my Rizq.


21 thoughts on “Duahs Please for Family Issues

  1. I was wondering where Tariq has been. I went through the same thing with my father a few years back so I understand. Insha’Allah things go well.

    I’ll keep and Tariq in my du’a.

  2. I have been wondering why you don’t drive something besides a cab, like a truck. I have heard they make decent money.

    Good luck to both you and Tariq

  3. I make duah that Allah make it easy for you and your family in times of hardship and difficulties, and may He also make your daughters life happy and guide her to siratul mustaqeem. I ask Allah that she can come out of it in a good way and go and live with you and be guided to the Right Path.

    Does your daughter wants to live with you? What does she thinks of you?

    1. I ask Allah that you win the legal battle for the custody of your eldest daughter.
      May Allah also increase your Rizq for the sake of your family. Ameeeeeen

  4. Assalamu ‘Alaikum, I found an article by Nuh Ha Mim Keller called
    Link: http://www.ummah.net/Al_adaab/tawas_nuh.html

    I know this has nothing to do, or not related to this post. But the point I like to make is, isn’t it not Shirk to supplicate (make Duah) through an intermediary, I thought you supplicate directly to Allah without any associates. Maybe, someone here in this blog can give me a correct and authentic understanding of Tawheed, Insha’Allah

  5. Insha Allah..you will get whats best with your daughter and whatever it is with her mother..May Allah make that easy too.
    You dont have to comment on your situation but the fact that you openly want her to be with you says a lot.

  6. @Jamal,

    I am interested in the answer as well. As a Muslim I have always been taught that there is no one needed to stand between God and ourselves.

    It would seem some push the ideas layed out in the site you provide to encourage people to use themselves as such a go between with God and themselves.

    Once we allow for the idea that some men can intercede between God and ourselves where does it end? Maybe we could have confession? If a “righteous man” can intercede with God, why not forgive our sins as well? Why not pray to dead righteous people for intersession? Why not have shrines and pilgrimages to pray there?

    If I wanted that I could have stayed Catholic.

  7. FedEx, UPS, Mayflower, Cross country. See the sights, meet the people but no drunks in back seat. Better wages too i think

  8. @Jamal and Abu Sinan,

    Eventhough I haven’t read the linked file, I can say this it is affirmed that tasswasul can be made by asking a righteous person to pray to Allah for something for you or by asking Allah on the basis of some righteous act that you yourself have done.

    The problem is when people pray to an individual or that persons image (or any image for that matter) thinking this person has some power or believe that this persons possesions have some power.

  9. @ Jamal,

    Tawassul has its precedence in the life of the Prophet. The Prophet instructed a blind man to ask Allah by the virtue of the status of Prophet Muhammad (the Prophet of Mercy) to heal him. This Hadith was related by more than a dozen Hafidhs (including, Al-Bayhaqiyy and At-Tabaraaniyy). The Prophet doesn’t order people to commit shirk or even a sin, so we can’t call such an act disbelief.

    Similarly, after Prophet Adam commited his transgression, he asked Allah to forgive him by the merit of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Adam had seen the name of Prophet Muhammad on the `Arsh (and Allah’s Name), so he knew that Prophet Muhammad had a very high status to Allah. Again, the Prophets do not commit shirk or other forms of kufr.

    Many people have distorted this issue–from the pseudo-sufis to (many of) the Saudis on the extremes of the spectrum. What many people (who reject tawassul) fail to understand is the meaning of “worship.” Worship doesn’t merely mean requesting help. We ask for help from the creations all the time. Worship means the ultimate level of humbling oneself, as defined by the linguist, Raghib Al-Asbahaani.

    Similarly misunderstood is what is meant by Allah creating everything and using various creations as a means. We know that Allah is the One Who sustains us, yet we eat. If the person thinks that the food in and of itself sustains him, then he is a kaafir. However, if he understands that Allah is the Sustainer and that the food is the customary norm, but not necessarily the mandatory means, by which Allah sustains, then this is not kufr. It is possible that Allah could will for a person to be sustained simply on air.

    Lastly, regarding the matter of intercession, the Qur’an says in Aayatul-Kursiyy about intercession:

    … illaa bi-idhnihi…

    …that no one can intercede… EXCEPT BY ALLAH’S WILL.

    We ask for help from the creation everyday. When a Brother asks another to help him lift a heavy object, this doesn’t consititute shirk. If i pick up the phone and ask someone deliver a pizza, it doesn’t mean that calling upon a creation entails WORSHIPPING a creation. Worship, as was said is the ultimate degree of humbling and surrendering oneself to another (which is only deserving for Allah). Worship does not merely mean to ask another for assistance.

  10. Swarthmoore, so Tawassul is an accepted form of Ibadah, which the scholars of Islam agree upon. I didn’t know about this before, al-hamdulillah for your guidance. I now believe and understand it as an accepted form of Ibadah.

    1. @Jamal

      You need to be really clear in this matter because this is one of those things in Islam where people went astray. Tawassul literally means to draw closer to and in Islam there are three ways to achieve that :
      a) By the names and attributes of Allah
      b) By your own righteous deeds and actions and
      c)By means of the DUA of a righteous person.

      It doesnt mean that we ask for the pious person to help us. Rather we ask them to make dua for us. That eliminates the idea that the dead person can help us so we dont ask of dead people to help us. That would be a form of intercession that is haraam in Islam.
      So let me be clear for those who dont know.
      Tawassul is not making dua THROUGH anyone. Its not intercession. Its not praying to someone to ask them to pray to Allah.
      It is asking someone that is more pious insha Allah to make dua for them.

      1. If you ask someone to make dua for you, and you get benefit, that person helped you. If you ask a person to make dua for you on the day of judgement, and they do and Allah forgives your sins, that person you asked, helped you.

      2. Sorry! Let me clarify.
        We dont go to the pious person and say Ya Pious Person forgive my sins.
        We dont say Ya Ali Madad!

        We ask for their help in asking them to make dua for us. Yes but thats not different for me asking people to make dua for me. If I went to fulan and said Ya fulan give me Sabr thinking that because of their position I can attain sabr then thats not permissable.
        Theres a difference and it starts in the intention.

      3. Yes. A person would ask one who has higher status to make dua to Allah only, that Allah would forgive this person for their sins. It is more likely someone of high status would get their dua accepted than someone who is not.

        And Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi Wa Salam is the highest of all the Creations.

  11. I understand your anguish over your daughter. May Allah give a solution that all of you can live with. Brother, you are being tested (aren’t the tests always in the places we least expect them?) But the believers shall not fear or grieve. You, from all I have surmised about you, have dedicated yourself to Allah and such trials are to be expected. Don’t ask Allah to remove the affliction just ask him to give you the patience and steadfastness to endure it like Job. It seems that in these times we are needing sabr on so many fronts. May Allah use all of these trials and afflictions to purify our faith. ” Is there any reward for good other than good?” Expect the best from your Lord and that is what you will receive. He knows the inner and outer aspects of every situation and we don’t. Trust Him.

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