Muslim Girls Boarding Schools?

Does anyone know about any good Muslim girls boarding schools? Also, does anyone have the contact info for Dar Uloom School in Trinidad or South Africa?


11 thoughts on “Muslim Girls Boarding Schools?

  1. asalamualaylukm respected bro, you should try al huda instiute (for girls) in canada, Run by Dr.Idrees Zubair and his wife Dr.Farhat Hashmi, they are from the the ahlul hadeeth (salafis) of pakistan, mashallah they have correct aqeedah and are on the sunnah,

    i would advice to not do anything with the deobandies tablgee, they have incorrect aqeeah (beliefs) and are inovators., the darululoom in bufflo and trindad are deobandi tablgi

  2. Like I stated before the Salafi’s are the only people who use labels and name-calling to describe other muslims who are not part of their movement and organisation. Brothers and sisters from Tablighi Jamaat would only consider themselves as muslim and nothing else.

  3. i am looking for my 14yr old daughter,i am i ghana west africa and its hard without a good muslem school

  4. As-Salaam Alaikum! There is a saying: “when you teach a male, you teach an individual, when you teach a female you teach a whole village or community.” Meaning that the female bears just as much or even more recognition as the male. To deny her an education means to hurt a whole nation!

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