Yam ul Jumma in Da Lou: Corruption, Salaams, Khalil Greene, and Masjid Food


This is the end of the month and the Cardinals are not in town so business is slow, and I mean slowwwwwwwwww. Anyway, I wish I had the comfort to blog about something I saw last night; because it illustrates the culture of political corruption here in St. Louis. If you are part of the club here you can flaunt your corruption; but if you are not in the club then you become a target of prosecution and public scrutiny (see Virvus Jones, Eddie Hasan, etc.).

Salaam at the Light

I was at the stoplight at Delmar and Kingshighway next to the Mobil station owned by Iraqi brothers that sells bean pies when a brother honked is horn at me and yelled out “salaamalaikum akhi Umar” I turned and returned the greeting not really knowing who it was until he drove off. It was Missouri State Rep. Talib el-Amin.

What You Get When a Yuppie Becomes a Pro Athlete

Khalil Greene, a yuppie from a Baha’i family, is a player for the St. Louis Cardinals who has went nuts and is injuring himself so now he had to be put on the DL.  This is what you get when a yuppie becomes an athlete and that is why most yuppies are not into sports. They would rather watch American Idol or a spelling bee and if they have to play something they play some sport they choose a kids sport like kick ball or dodgeball (they choose these sports because they are non-contact, co-ed, and they can goof off and not really try to win).

To be a good athlete you have to be a team player and not a spoiled-brat, have to observe deferred gratification, have to lose, have to be told you are doing a bad job, and have to suck it up when times get tough, all thing secular yuppies don’t observe who were babied since they were kids by parents who “spared the rod”.

Masjid Food

I have eaten food at many masjids all over the country. Some, are more famous than others. WD Mohammed masjids tend to have good food no matter what city you are in but it is always the same thing (Fried fish or chicken with a side of greens, spaghetti and cornbread with someone selling bean pies and cheese cakes on the side).  Dar al Hijrah in VA is another one that used to have great food when Fawaz was still the cook. Yesterday I attended jumma at the old Islamic Center ( now Masjid Bilal) and heard an excellent talk by Sheikh Minhaj and got some food there for the first time since Ramadan and I mean to tell you that is some of the best Pakistani food I ever had and I don’t even know what it was. My only request is this; if you are going to sell food hot enough to burn a glacier can you also sell a drink on the side?

Bernard Hopkins

This is an amazing documentary on the amazing life of Bernard Hopkins from the streets of Philly to prison to boxing glory. For those of you who may not know he is a Muslim brother from  North Philly, former 20 time defender of the middleweight crown, fromer pond for pound best, and defeater of the likes of Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya, Antonio Tarver and Kelly Pavlik.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

If Chris Coleman Was a Muslim?

Today I picked up the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, something I do not often do these days, to discover that Chris Coleman of Columbia, IL (an Illinois suburb of St. Louis) has been arrested for killing his wife and strangling his two sons to death.

This case will go through the system and if he is guilty I definitively think he should be executed. However, what strikes me in the coverage of this case is many in the media have treated him with kid gloves, and have constantly referred to him as a family man, and no one has tied his job as a bodyguard for Evangelical TV Preacher Joyce Meyer to the killings.

Coleman is a key part of the Joyce Meyer operation and a deacon in the church. Personally, I do not feel this probably has anything to do with the killings; but can you imagine of Chris Coleman was a Muslim? And, let’s just say, a bodyguard for Imam Siraj Wahhaj or Sheikh Suhaib Webb? What kind of coverage would this get? FOX News and all the other networks would be all over it. “Honor killings are coming to America”, “Muslim patriarchy runs wild”, “We Shall Not Be Dhimmis” the headlines would read.

Locally, right-wingers like Gatewaypundit and those on 97.1 FM talk-radio would be all over this as a case of another savage Muslim killing. But, like the vast majority of murderess in this nation, Coleman is a Christian and will get no such treatment.

Thoughts and Forgets

I have just completed a article for a Muslim Men’s Magazine that to my understanding will be out around July. There are a few magazines for sisters but Alhamdudilah the time has come for a publication to deal with the issues of brothers.

In general I feel that our community is headed into the wrong direction of the abyss of apostasy, scattering, deviance and false moderation. I have so many other things to do in my life I do not even have time to argue and I most especially do not have time to argue with people who have no regard for Quran and Sunnah and all the regard in the world for their secular educations. A lot of these people are not serious and it is known where their heart is and that is with the Western Secular elite. So, if those are your people, then go be with your people and follow them. If you are scared to say kafir or scared to be proud to be Muslim then go and be with your fellow Playtex Muslims.

What we can all do in our personal lives is try and be good Muslims and do what we can for our families and communities. Yesterday was the Annie Malone May Day parade in St. Louis which celebrates an organization dedicated to the youth of St. Louis. I was proud to drop my nephew off at the Wellston Housing Authority Boxing Gym where he trains with Coach Keith Abdul-Qawi and Ron Harris and the team marched in the parade.

Later I dropped my wife off at a sisters house ( FYI, one of the sisters is a young sister, never been married, and looking to get married with the consent of her mother) and I had the chance to be at home by myself for the first time in over a year.

My initial plan was to watch basketball; but I could not get the TV to work as we had some video equipment plugged in and I couldn’t get it restated. So, I sat all day and worked on my novel and the article for the magazine and had a productive day Alhamdudilah.

I would like to remind all of us to keep the suffering Muslims in all over the world in our prayers. Let us especially in America, since we foot the bill for the armies of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, pray for the Muslims in those lands and that Allah