Dirty City Politics, Beheading, and HIV Dilemna

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Sylvester Brown recently had a column that caused quite a bit of controversy. I would like to share it with my readers because I feel that two lessons can be learned. One lesson is that even though Barack Obama is president we are very far from a post-racial America. If you read the comments section you will see that white readers take any criticism of the white mayor, Francis Slay, as a racially based attack given that brown is black. Lesson two is that the mostly white yuppies who are making up the forces of gentrification and urbanism are making bedfellows with some like Slay who is far from “new, hip, techie, progressive, and urban” and is an old school product of a hard-nosed political machine that is ethnically and racially based.


I have not posted a story on the Bridges TV co-founder and President who beheaded his wife because the story is everywhere. It is obviously tragic. I was never  a big fan of the station and maybe if I was it would have hit me a little harder but I saw it is a little too wishy-washy and apologetic. Regardless of that a Muslim sister was killed and it is a loss and may Allah have mercy on her. Domestic violence is a problem in our community, as it is for many other communities, and this will be used by the enemies of Islam. But, this incident is only an indictment on the individual who perpetrated the act and not the Muslim community as a whole.  How many Muslims in America have chopped their wives head off? This is the only incident that I know of and there have been very few Muslims in America to kill their spouses in any other kind of way. Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands of spouses kill one another every year who are not Muslim, so lets keep this in perspective.

Project HIV Dilemma

A passenger of mine recently faced a moral conundrum. His mother lives in a public housing building that houses those with HIV and AIDS. As a part of the lease you are not supposed to tell anyone the building is for those with the disease. A neighbor of his mother is an attractive young woman who has a lot of different men in and out of her house and due to the thinness of the walls he can hear they are engaged in sexual activities. He wants to tell these men that she is HIV-positive but does not want to get his mother evicted. A tough call.  This is just one of the many problems in public housing and the bureaucracy of the incompetents that staffs them. Working-families have been turned away from the projects and this has torn families apart and created an incentive for separation because with the father around the voucher will not be given and the list goes on of problems that I hope one day will be fixed inshaAllah.


5 thoughts on “Dirty City Politics, Beheading, and HIV Dilemna

  1. Leave a letter on one of the guy’s cars while he’s inside and make sure nobody sees him put it there. Type it preferably.

    If those guys know about her condition and have the disease themselves then you are just going to look nosey though.

  2. Haroon, I see what you’re saying, but shouldn’t that man care enough about HIS HEALTH? I don’t mean any harm, but folks shouldn’t be so quick to hop into bed.

    As far as the beheading, it hurts. No many Muslim women aren’t murdered by their husbands here in America, but many of us have suffer physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of our Muslim husbands.

  3. Here is the problem. Muslims are a very, very small percentage of the population so if you run the numbers these incidents should be worrying. Muslims have a higher rate of domestic murder considering how small the population is.

  4. The cycle of livening in the projects and being on the system needs to be broken. I am the only one of my siblings that is not on they system, and the way it looks their kids will continue this line of laziness. By definition I guess I am a yuppie, I don’t drive a hybrid, eat tofu, shop at wholefoods, and use an Apple note book. But I am young, urban, and a professional. I work with the the typical yuppie and they are hard working people that give more back to the community as teachers. The charter school system in DC, almost all are tofu, hybrid yuppies. They are giving black kids and Latino kid what they need to get off of the system and go to collage. The school that I work at sends 100 percent of its student to collage. Yes yuppies get on my last nerve , but they do more than you think . I get my coffee at DunkinDonuts, drive a gas hungry truck, eat burger king, and I am never in touch with my fag side. People from the ghetto, and working class backgrounds you need to become the African kings, aztack nation, Tieno, Incas you once where not the lazy, little Debbie, bodega, value meal, fat, unhealthy, government checks, projects, section eight, and wannabe gangsters you are now.
    The time is now to make something of your life and stop fronting on the yuppies because they are in the ghetto’s teaching black kids not you.

    I have a family that is half working class and the rest are on the system, who are player hateing they have no right to take out their anger on yuppies. Let’s not forget many yuppies come from poor backgrounds, and they decided to turn that 50 cent soda into a 4 buck cafe coffee.

  5. Umar,

    HOR makes a good point. There are some yuppies that come from humble beginnings and some want to do good. I think that the main point that you make is a critique of suburban values, consumerism, and especially on how this manifest with the irreligious second-generation Muslims.

    I also see the mentality that I call the “ghetto mentality” that looks at anyone who grew up in the ghetto and gets ahead in society and does not act ignorantly as some sort of sell-out.

    I think that yoe critiques these kind of folks, especially as it manifests itself with “ghetto Islam.” The “ghetto mentality” manifests itself in “ghetto Islam” by labelling anyone who is does not sit in the masjid all day (on welfare or selling incense and oils) and goes to college as some sort of deviant and not true to Islam.


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