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Dirty City Politics, Beheading, and HIV Dilemna

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Sylvester Brown recently had a column that caused quite a bit of controversy. I would like to share it with my readers because I feel that two lessons can be learned. One lesson is that even … Continue reading

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Perspective, Digital-Divide, Online Persona and Reverse Hijrah

In a recent conversation with a Muslim brother I told him “you know from what I see most of the second-generation Muslims I see online don’t see to like Islam that much and they positively hate the Sunnah. If you … Continue reading

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Mayhem in St. Louis

I guess it all started last Saturday night and then went crazy last night. I was driving South on Nebraska on the South Side when I had to pull over because there was a hot pursuit police chase. An hour … Continue reading

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Reading Obama: Cult Mentality?, The Interracial Relationship , and The Muslims in His Life

I normally do not read books written by politicians because as a rule they are not written by them, or are written by then and not written well, or are a blatant part of their political campaigning. I deiced to … Continue reading

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The Muslim Population Number is a Mystery

Tariq Nelson has an interesting discussion going on at his blog about Muslim population figures. A study has come out saying that about 400,000 African-Americans are Muslims or about 1% of the black population of America. This contrasts with the … Continue reading

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