Mayhem in St. Louis

I guess it all started last Saturday night and then went crazy last night. I was driving South on Nebraska on the South Side when I had to pull over because there was a hot pursuit police chase. An hour or so later as I was winding it down and ready to go home I got caught in the middle of another high-speed chase; but this time it was not between cops and robbers, but between two carload of gang-bangers racing down Lafayette towards Jefferson.

It was a wild night but I made some decent money so I was really not trippin. Then came Wednesday night and that is when things officially went nuts.

First I picked up a young woman who is a cashier at a Midtown gas station and took her to what used to be the Cochrane Projects just north of downtown. She told me that normally she catches the Metrolink train, but she had a bad experience the other night. While waiting on the train to come a young man sat down next to her. She said he appeared to be in his early twenties and was not bad looking.  Looking out of the corner of her eyes she saw that both of his hands were in is pants and something was moving and when she turned to see what the man was doing he looked at her grinning while masturbating.

When she saw this she got up and walked away fast, and the guy started to follow her; but then he jumped on a train running the other way. I told her “that is why all women out at night need to carry a weapon…at least some kid of a blade” and she told me she had one and was ready to use it if he came closer and I told remember the drill “stick and turn, stick and turn”.

After a few short trips I then went to pick up what I thought was a pretty safe ride at a senior building in the fringes of the Central West End. The only problem was some idiot had blocked the entrance to the driveway by parking in a no-parking spot. I saw who I thought the guy was and began honking but he did not budge so I got out of my car to confront him.

The guy was on the phone that you use to call people to buzz you in and he was yelling and crying. Apparently, he was arguing with his girlfriend. When I asked him to move his car he gave me a dirty look and he started to move so I started to punch him in his face because in these situations the one who strikes first usually wins the fight. It turned out that I didn’t need to do that because the guy turned around put his head on the wall and started crying; but before you feel sorry for him it should be known that as he bent over to put his head on the wall a loaded gun could be seen in the small of his back.

I then walked back to the car to radio the dispatcher to tell the people to come out to the street and they did. Three teenage girls going on the North Side by O’Fallon Park came out. One asked me if I could stop at the Schnucks on Sarah and Lindell so she could go get some baby formula with her WIC (a federally subsidized food program).

After she came out I headed North on Taylor and in front of there was a car driving erratically. When I got closer to them I could see that there were two men in the car punching one another; but the driver still had control of the vehicle.

As I assessed this along with my passenger, all of the sudden we saw several police cars as we were now on Newstaed and it appeared that the police were trying to kick in the door of a small church and this sent all of my passengers into an uproar. However, the church thing really didn’t get to me because I do not know the circumstances, what had me scratching my head is the conversation my passengers were having.

They were talking about how they go into shopping malls and steal and about some guy they knew who was very good at it. Then one of the girls said “yea, I got a lot of shit tonight, this sweater is a real blessing”. And, I was like, hmm? A blessing? As in a blessing from the Creator who has prohibited stealing for humanity?

I told that story to a bus driver I picked up about an hour later and he laughed; but then told me his bus had got shot up in North County the night before. When I asked him what happened he said he didn’t know. A teenage boy just randomly fired off several rounds into the bus, but thank God no one was hurt.

All of these things were spinning in my head as I made it downtown. However, as I was downtown, there were police cars everywhere and some kind of a crime scene in front of the Main Post Office; there was a manhunt going on.