Question on Welfare to a Scholar

1.  Is it permissible for a muslimah who is on welfare to keep her husband’s income secret from the welfare department, for fear that she would no longer be eligible for welfare?

As for the question placed above by the brother, I asked Sh. Abdullah al Ghudayan a question similar to this last month, the Sheikh responded that it is not permissible for the female to conceal her husbands salary in order to receive funds from the gov’t. The sheikh said that this is a form of deception and therefore not allowed.


Mustaph George took the question to the Shaykh.

Note from Umar Lee: I would also like to see another question asked. A lot of Muslims sisters who are only married Islamically tell their case workers that they do not know who the father of the child is so that their husband does not get sued for child support. This is a practice that goes back to the 1970’s at least and has been practiced by Muslims of all persusasions.


8 thoughts on “Question on Welfare to a Scholar

  1. Salaamu alaykum.
    Now you are back to your senses posting meaningful things instead of your lack-of-adab articles and unIslamic act of slandering without knowledge.

    I still need your duas for myself and family in a big test.

    Was salaam

  2. I wonder how many unemployeed, welfare taking, Salafi superstars will heed this advice? How many will continue to take the “money of the Kufar” to support “their studies”?

    These types of males cannot even properly be called men. Someone who steals(which is what this is) or refuses to support their own family is not a man.

    Off my soapbox now……….this is a sore subject with me.

  3. wow one doesn’t necessary need to ask a Riyadhi shaykh to answer that question any Imam in the US could have answered that. I’m surprised Mustafa George didn’t answered that with his knowledge.

  4. A better question would be: What are the exact conditions in which lying is permitted? It seems these conditions are infinitely stretched by the believers.

    ‘The hypocrite has three characteristics: he tells lies, breaks his promise, and breaches the trust’ (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

  5. The fact that women have to resort to welfare is a sign that their husbands, fathers, brothers and the men in the community are weak and far from the deen.

  6. @Umar

    My 16 daughter could have answered this question. In fact where is the references to ayat and hadith to support the answer, which people are so fond of asking American Imams to supply with EVERY fatawa? This question and response illustrates one of the MAJOR obstacles of Islam in America, which is that EVERY grouping of Muslims I’ve seen has a subset of groupies, which stymies growth of the collective by asking ridiculous questions, the answers of which they accept on face vaule, without support yet have the gaul to ask of proof from other Imams.

    Asking questions that any reasonably responsible Muslim should already know the answer.

    It reminds me of a commercial a sandwhich just isn’t a sandwhich without the geat taste of “miracle whip” it the same thing an answer just isn’t an answer unless it comes Shaykh flockco bleedo, Shaykh fulan fulan or Imam Yakidoc

    no group I’ve seen has a monopoly on asking these stupid *** requestions that have been asked decades ago

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