Umar Lee Challenges Joe The Plumber to a Fight

Joe the Plumber is now headed to Gaza as a war correspondent for the conservative, anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli website Pajamas TV.

I challenge Joe to a fight, we can either do boxing or MMA. If I win the proceeds go to the children of Gaza, if he wins the proceeds go to Israel. I encourage my readers to email Pajamas TV in support of this event.



13 thoughts on “Umar Lee Challenges Joe The Plumber to a Fight

  1. I emailed them don’t know if it will help though. It is a great idea. If it happens maybe your should contact Adisa Banjoko he can hook you up with some Gracie juijutsu moves. lol

  2. I would pay good money to see Joe the Plumber get the snot beaten out of him. I think you’d be the perfect man for the job, and I wholeheartedly support it.

    Go find his publicist (yes, the “regular Joe” has his own publicist), call him, and pitch the idea. He seems to like attention

  3. Caroline,

    What’s really sad is this is probably a publicity stunt designed to get him referred by higher-up bloggers.

    Umar is one pathetic Muslim piggy.

  4. For a non-Muslim non-Black, you really do play the part well! Here’s what I want to see though, how’s about you move into the darkest part of the ghetto or Gaza for a lil while. Not as an outside rescuer, mind you, just as a “regular joe”. Then wear a video camera 24/7 so we can all get to see and hear your final anguished sounds. (You won’t need more than three weeks wprth of batteries.) Now THAT would be fun! Wanna pretend you’re a nigger and/or a muslim? Then go do it where they live! And again, to be clear about this, you can’t be doing this as an “outside rescuer”, OF COURSE you’ll stay alive then, you gotta do f’real, as a genuine black/muslim citizen. Good times.

  5. he’s gonna kick yo big presumtious ass. dont bark where you cant bite.
    also, as an israeli (who oppose the disproportionate israeli aggressive response to hamas’ provocations) i’d like to disown mr. plumber — if he wins the bout with you umar, the proceeds should go toward his tax increase, not to [your amorphic use of] ‘israel’ [vis a vis ‘the children’ of gaza].

  6. I hope that he’s allowed to be embedded right in the thick of things, smack dab in the middle of Gaza City, or Beit Hanoun or Zeitoun. I hope he gets all the access that all the other international journalists are only dreaming about. I really, really do.

    I don’t know which one I want to see more, him in a cage match with you or him standing on top of an apartment building in Gaza.


  7. I don’t know which one I want to see more, him in a cage match with you or him standing on top of an apartment building in Gaza.

    If Joe beat the hell out of Umar and then kicked him in the head a few times while he was down, and made it really embarrassing, would you still want to see it so much, fairuza? Or would you be complaining about disproportionate use of force and crimes against humanity, not to mention breaking the rules and humiliating a wannabe Arab? I ask, because it seems to me Arabs don’t know how to lose gracefully. And throwing tantrums because you lost a fight that you started is really the most embarrassing thing of all. I think even Arabs understand this now, which is why the new doctrine is to claim victory, whether you won or not. Not sure how that can be spun in a fist-fight, but I’m sure there must be a way!

  8. @Umar

    Brother I’m riding with you but that white guy Joe might have something for you, that you might not want LOL Joe got that “iceman” look LOL

    I can see it now him coming to the ring with and oversized pipe wrench and you coming to the ring with a saudi style kefiyyah, “Philly sunna pants” and those boxing boots with curled toes ala the iron Sheik!!! LOL

    yeah I know I just fed the trolls, but they are people too. troll-cakes, trolls got to eat tooo ROTFL

    I remember KRSOne calling Adisa out LOL man KRS would have been choked out in seconds

  9. You’re all a bunch of idiots…starting with the Umar idiot, and going down the line to all that respond with any rational thought.

  10. Interesting proposition. Not surprised that judeofascist vermin are trolling. Its funny that an askheNAZi throwback like “sarahG” complains of violence considering that’s what “israeli” cowards excel in, against unarmed civilians.
    I think you can take Joe the unlicensed plumber, perhaps you can use “programmer” Craig as a punching bag. Obese nerds have their uses.

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