A Plea to Help a Brother and Two to Make Duah For

There is a brother I know well and have long respected that if I said his name many Salafis in America would know. For the sake of his privacy I will not mention his name. This brother was a pioneer of the Salafi Dawah in the 1980’s and was known for his expertise on Islamic movements in America. He had a college degree in a secular field and then pursued an education in Medina. Many brothers benefited from the life and work of this brother.

In the 1990’s this brother manned an office dedicated to Islamic studies and befriended young brothers throughout the country such as myself. Whenever I had a question I knew this was a brother whom I could call and talk to and would give me the time of day. Traveling throughout America I cannot tell you how many young Muslims I have ran into who benefited from the knowledge of this brother. He was never a die-hard Salafi with an S on his chest and was thus not popular with some American Salafis (even though he was one of the early African-American Salafis himself); but all had to respect his knowledge.

So, that is why I am at pain today to tell you that this brother who I love so much has fallen on hard times. While he has an advanced Islamic knowledge and a college degree he was long associated with Sheikh Ali al-Timimi (May Allah free him) and because of this cowardly Muslim leaders and schools are afraid to help him in any way even though he has never uttered a jihadi word in his public life.

Recently, this brother’s wife left him with the children, and now he is living in a basement apartment that a brother has provided to him at a low cost. He is now in a very poor state of mind and has been crushed by what has happened. I am pleading to the people of eeman, who love Allah and fear the Last Day more than they fear any flack they may get for helping this brother, to help this brother find employment and lead him back to the stable life that he once led.

May Allah reward anyone who can help this brother. He lives in the DC area.

Two More to Keep You in Duah

There are two other brothers I would also like for the Muslims to keep in their duah. One is a brother who, to be quite honest with you, I never liked. However, he is my brother in Islam.

He is one of those brothers who went to Morocco and got married but who prior to that had been a hardcore thug on the streets. For years he held it down for his wife and kids by being a street vendor and then one day things just fell apart. He is now homeless. So, keep this brother in your duah, he has not given to the deen what the first brother has, but he is still a Muslim brother so make duah.

The last brother is someone I barely know at all; but he is known amongst the Salafis on the East Coast. He made “hijrah” to Saudi Arabia and studied knowledge and was there for something like ten years. He came back to America broke and had to leave his wife and kids over there. Until very recently this brother has been living out of his car and working odd jobs. He just landed a job so make duah that it works out for him.

All three of these brothers illustrate some of the problems we have as a community. Some may not want to be associated with these brothers or ignore their plights because it hurts their own self-image; but as Muslims it is our duty to help them and I pray that someone reading this post is in a position to offer some help.


11 thoughts on “A Plea to Help a Brother and Two to Make Duah For

  1. I’m pretty sure I know who all 3 brothers are. Small world.

    Tell brother number one to email my husband with his resume. He has more than enough experience and education to get a job over here and that way his housing is covered.

    My husband was just talking about you and thinks that you could get over here and teach/coach wrestling.

    May Allah help the Muslims and give them ease. May Allah increase us in brotherhood and brotherly love so that we help one another in ou times of need…aameen

  2. Finding jobs is hard for everyone these days. If any of these brothers have access to a good computer and a telephone line, they can check out http://www.arise.com. It’s a work from home job (no selling, just straight customer service) that while not lucrative, will put some money in their pockets.

    I know people will think there’s a scam here somewhere but there really isn’t. Just check out the website or contact me at admin at islamiclearningmaterials dot com for more details.

    May Allah make it easy for us all. Ameen.

  3. “All three of these brothers illustrate some of the problems we have as a community.”

    I think the long term solution to problems these brothers and others like them are having is in your words or more specific word.COMMUNITY. That’s the problem and solution we are not a community. We are for the most part a group of individuals following the same faith but really do not have much contact with each others lives.

    If we had a real community we would have an economic infrastructure where we would always able to provide for ourselves and our families by buying and selling to each other like other communities do.

    I will make duah for the brothers and hope others will do so also.

  4. Insha’Allah, everything works out for these brothers. What is the first brother’s degree in? If it is a technical degree, ie Electrical Engineering, mechanical, computer engineering….. I can maybe point him in the right direction here. DC is a gold mine for those with technical degrees, even in today’s climate.

  5. Where are the leaders of the community to which these brothers belong?

    The real problem is a lack of effective central leadership. Real leadership (not simply a title holder) who obey Allah and serve the people and in turn are obeyed by the people. In every epoc of Islam it was righteous leaders who made sure the poor and needy were cared for by distributing sadaqa and zakat.

    Now a days American Muslims have no need for leadership that is until they themselves hit bottom. And this not just the Salafi. Others who negate local leadership in favor of those in foreign lands do the same. To get around acknowledging leadership we create social service organizations then call for unity.

    Bottom line there can never truly be community or common unity, without acknowledged leadership.

    I truly pray Allah will resolve these brothers situations and us all hidyah

  6. Insha’Allah, things will work out for these brothers.

    Du’a is more powerful than the atom bomb.

    One thing some of the younger brothers and sisters reading this should take, is that there is no place for complacency. Just because you are an “Aalim” or “Talibul Ilm” doesn’t necessarily mean everything will always be fine.

  7. Salam alaikum,

    Sister umm adam, where in Saudi is the best to teach English these days?

    Has Hijaz or Nejd the best opportunities? Or has Mamlaka been affected, in the language department, by the economic down-turn?

  8. It seems like the Eastern Province (Dammam-Khobar) have the most job opportunities. There are many Universities, Medical and Military Institutes with excellect packages. There are also plenty International schools and language Institutes for those who want to get their foot in the door wa Allahu Alim.

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