A Car Crash, a Small Town Experience, and Gratefulness 

Last night I sat at home watching my favorite show on TV The Next 48 Hours with my wife when I got a call from a friend who I have known for years telling me that he had a guy in his cab wanting to go to Chicago. He asked me if I would be able to make the trip since he had to pickup up a school kid in the morning and I said sure.

The St. Louis to Chicago run is about $550 or so and given the fact that I have a lot of bills and a baby on the way I can use all the extra money I can get. The week had already been good thanks to the bad weather and I had been able to catch up on some bills I was behind on and get a few extra things for the house and had planned to stack my money on Thursday to give me some padding to go into the weekend and then go shopping Sunday night.

My thinking was that an extra few hundred dollars in my pocket from this trip would put me in a great position. While in Chicago, I thought, I would buy my wife a couple of outfits.

The guy who needed the cab is a college student in St. Louis from China. He told me had to get to China because there was an emergency that was “worse than your mother and father dying”. He told me he had bought a last minute plane ticket for thousands of dollars.

I am notorious for not watching the weather and while I knew it had been bad all week I had been driving in it fine and had never had a problem in bad weather before having driven my cab in a number of blizzards and ice storms.

My passenger went to sleep in the backseat and I drove the roads that, while they were bad, were manageable. About 40 miles outside of St. Louis my Cricket cell phone went out of service so while Cricket is cheap and a good deal for people looking for a phone that does not do credit checks or mandate contracts that is something potential customers may want to keep in mind.

Things were going fine until I got around Springfield, IL. For those of you who do not know, Springfield is the Illinois state capitol, where Obama kicked off his presidential campaign, and home to the excellent Lincoln Museum.

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