Idiot Shoppers, Chabad, and Slaughter This Eid

While the obsession with Mumbai continues there is some madness going on right here in America. Friday was a day dedicated to the national obsession with over-consumption and spoiling young children rotten. These are two of the things that have led to the financial meltdown in America which has been fueled by people taking on too much debt and having too much of a lust for dunya while trying to give their children too much materially. Yesterday, a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death as a herd of nit-wit shoppers who had camped outside the store overnight ran over the employee in a stampede. At another store two men were killed in a shootout (and I don’t know if they were shooting over the Elmo Dolls on sale or the GPS systems).

Back to Mumbai…it appears that the war with Pakistan machine is already underway in the media and the finger is being pointed to the group I spoke of yesterday, Lashkar-e-Taiba. Not that I am condemning an act I had nothing to do with or feel the need to; but I feel it is unfortunate that the Chabad Center in Mumbai was targeted as it is a place of worship and those killed such as the emissary from Brooklyn and his wife clearly were on a religious mission.

Slaughter. For all of the brothers out there be men and go to the farm or designated location and slaughter yourselves. Do not phone it in or do some kind of internet deal where you do not have to slaughter on Eid. This is a beautiful tradition of Islam and we should preserve it. If you have sons or boys in the house, you should take them to initiate them into this tradition as you cut the animal’s throat, dress the animal down, distribute the meat and bring some home to cook. I am not sure what Green Muslim males do on Eid, maybe cut open coffee beans for slaughter or something, but this is a Sunnah that is often ignored by Muslim men so I encourage all to participate.


4 thoughts on “Idiot Shoppers, Chabad, and Slaughter This Eid

  1. I am amused by your point of ‘not condemning’. Perhpas you are trying to make the point that why should you be pushed to condemn for the sake of condemning it. And I agree to that extent.

    But it comes out very badly. People who do not condemn Congo killings do not care to notice it. But most will not say that I will not condemn it once they are made to realize what is happening. Just the point that you took notice of the Mumbai attacks and mentioned it in three posts and still kept your stand that you will not condemn it is completely above my head.

    If you would have not noticed the incident in your posts then perhaps no one would have questioned you as things are away from you. But taking notice of the event and then almost criticizing those Muslims in US who condemned it is completely non-understandable.

  2. Desis were hoping Bush to say something about Pakistan in his statement. But, he made absolutely no remark or mention of Pakistan in this. India is going to have to confront the fact that it was their country that gave rise to this sort of violence.

    Another crazy fact is it was only TEN men that killed about 200 and injured another 300 over 3 days. That’s insane!

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