Prayers for Omar Nasser

I got this email today from a brother very dear to me. It is about the condition of Omar Nasser whom you may know from his documentary film-making. The brother interviewed me in Central Park for one of his films and it was truly a pleasure. Please make duah for Omar and his family.

I am sure that some of you know br. Omar Nasser, the brother that made the documentary on Islam in America.
He was recently involved in a car accident (may be a hit and run) which left him in coma for 4 days. He has since come out of the coma and been discharged, although he is in serious condition and at home resting. Please make dua that the brother is granted a full and speedy recovery


7 thoughts on “Prayers for Omar Nasser

  1. May Allah reward you all for your prayers for my father during his illness.
    He has made a full recovery since his accident Alhamdulallah.

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