My Status

After recently getting married and moving back to St. Louis I just do not have the time to dedicate to this blog that I need. This blog has been very dear to me and I have met a lot of great people through it. This blog, along with a handful of others (most notably that of my dear friend Tariq Nelson) have made a real impact upon the American-Muslim community. Through our writings we have spurred conversations on matters that previously had only been mentioned in private. The Rise and Fall of the Salafi Dawah in America became one of the most, if not the most widely read, blog pieces ever written by an American-Muslim and found its way onto dozens of other sites and tens of thousands of emails addresses. Others posts on topics such as the role of white Muslims in the American-Muslim community, the status of white Muslims in white America, race relations in the ummah, class, sexual issues and the like were discussed here in a way that many found informative and refreshing. Some accused me of being a “tabloid” blogger while they did not have the courage to discuss the pressing needs we as a community have and others used the fallback argument of “airing dirty laundry” which is an argument for the dysfunctional. The popularity of this blog grew and it has been cited in numerous media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, CNN, talk-radio and others. In addition to that it won the Brass Crescent Award for Muslim bloggers last year for the Rise and Fall series and was runner-up for the best blog.

There have been times before when I said I would stop blogging and I would always come back to it because there would be some issue that worked on me so much I just had to share my thoughts with my readers. This time I am going to be completely honest in telling you that I am not going to stop blogging much to the chagrin of the right-wingers, Islamphobes, Muslim extremists, and latte sippin laptop Muslims yearning to be down with the West by any means. No, I am going to continue blogging, I am just taking things into a different direction.

I am working on my memoirs with my wife and insha’Allah they will be published. America needs a better understanding of the lives of everyday Muslims and I would like to help in providing that. That is taking a lot of time along with my continued documentary work. On top of that I have to make a living and driving a cab is a very time consuming profession. So, just as a matter of fact, I simply do no have the time o dedicate to this blog that it needs. I would like to continue writing on Muslim topics and I am looking for an appropriate Muslim print-publication in which to do that. Sadly, there are few Muslim magazines or newspapers worth the ink on the paper so this may be a difficult task. If I cannot find such a print publication I will look at writing for a group Muslim blog so that I can just contribute from time to time on major-issues.

Until such a time I am going to take the advice of those activists who coined the phrase “think globally and act locally” and start a blog on issues in St. Louis. My Muslim readers should feel free to read although there will be very little in the way of Muslim topics.