Umar Takes Questions From Readers

Before you comment yes I know the video quality is low.


12 thoughts on “Umar Takes Questions From Readers

  1. Congrats on the nikkah, Brother…I had no idea you were getting married. What a happy surprise, Mabruk! Is that her voice on the tape? Insha’Allah she can be an armchair pundit with you someday!

    I will have to get that first book you mentioned, sounds like a good one.

    Oh, and the last several words at the end of your video got chopped….what did you say? It started with, “In the words of”….then nothing…………

  2. Ibn Taymiyya against the greek logicians I’ve been wanting that for years but it’s so expensive… Do you know where I can cop that on the low?

    Also on Obama your thoughts on his AIPAC speech?

  3. ASA,

    May Allah bless your marriage and all of the young marriages of this generation. Insha’allah hitting my 9th anniversary this fall.
    I’ve got one bone to pick , Umar. I listen to and read your blog because I value you as an insightful straight shooter with a balanced logic, but your recomendation of Bilal Phillips book “Tafsir of Surahtul Hujirat” to all American Muslims as an primer on building community in America would leave many of them wandering in immature thinking ,unproductivity and less than steller impact on our society. In this book and as well on his website he lambasts without any historical perspective or wise commentary one of the greatest Qur’anic minds and community builders/teachers the Islamic world has ever known- IMAM WARITHU’DEEN MOHAMMED. ANY MUSLIM AMERICAN WHO DOESNT RESPECT AND PONDER ON HIS MADTHHAB (METHOD) AND COMMENTARY WILL EVENTUALLY BE LEFT INSANE, (def. doing the same activity repeatedly and expecting a different result). For wise people this issue of how we classify and discern authentic and appropriate Qur’anic methods for various times and locals cannot be ignored, our childrens/ and emotionally intelligent peoples connection to this deen and spiritual sanity depends on it. Peace.

  4. As salaam alaikum Umar,

    Is “Salvation Through Repentance” by Sh. Abu Ameenah the book that you couldn’t remember?

  5. Too bad my speakers dont work….according to the first commentator you’re getting married,congratualtions.May allah make your union a success–Ameen.

    Btw,the video quality was not low it was Jacked Up! LOL!

  6. As-salaamu alaikum:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, akhi. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your insights. As an Amreeki white convert/revert (whatever nomenclature you wanna use), I can identify with a lof of the stuff you speak about.

  7. alSalaam alaykom

    Off topic – not a question really – just wanted to give some infor of something I just listened to in Arabic and wanted to share.

    I have been watching some very important Shia Sunni debated in Arabic that are actually makeing a big difference, especialy to the two waring sects, mine is Wahabi and I am very glad to see some sane Wahabis on Tv these days – the Iranian Shia have full time, no iteruptions and full debate is live – something I had wished to see for decades but now happening.

    I will not put this on my blog, but hope you can read it and I will try to blog part two for you to read if I can. – I think this is important but do not want to be too optimistic – the main Iranain Imams are watching this show along with 50 million Arabs, mostly Shia – it is at least a start and I am sure some one will translate it much better than me soon.

    here is the text I wrote, forgive the bad word skills and I hope you like it and forgive the lazy translation.

    blogging alMustakillah 9:30 PM Baghdad time

    6 days of Shia and Sunni debate over – now the 7th will have calls. It is about an allaged incident that split

    Muslims into Shia and Sunni – and very rarely talked about, espicaily not on live TV!

    The issue is who hates, why, justifications, defense and everything out in the open. Many small and large issues

    have been resolved, and the imams of both sides had full time to explain their views and ofter their proof – and

    all the sources were fully evaulated on air to.


    Mohamed alJagwini and ayayollah Fadhil represented the Shia views and explained fully – same with the Sunni – now

    the viewers call in and we act as jury – Islam wins whoever loses or wins.

    50 million Arabic speeking viewers, broadcast from London – no advertising and 90 minutes to be extended as long

    as posible if they can and the best clips will be on youtube sooner than later – reminds me of when I used to love

    waching Mohamed Ali boxing.

    10 minutes in, the Egyptian Imam is telling callers to be nice and no anger from either side – the Bahrani imam

    is younger and more firey but not by much – asks callers to make sure to have their sources available – he’s not

    patiant with false information and exposes it on the spot. General mode is hesitant as if the callers might bite –

    some are sure to, there are always idiots calling, me included :)

    The Iraqi Imam, a civil enginer, is the one who makes me think most – Shia and makes it hard to hate anyone – his

    religious information is not as high as the other Imams but speeks straight – angers and pleases both sides but

    sticks to his path. Just now – he is No longer a Shia, Nor a Sunni – he is now a purely Muslim and but this will

    have to wait for youtube becuase it is – Sabah alKhozaai, just changed sides – in a nice way.

    caller #1 – Jasim

    inetupt from the presenter amazed by the Sabah’s talk – me to, caller #1 can wait, now for some Quran – proper

    verse choice not for me to translate. Longer recital – great voice, about religon in general, a bit too long but I

    hope it’s done again if things get too hot, it calms. Presenter says that the proof forwarded is very week from

    the Shia side – should have waited for the calls, but I agree – I really want to know what the Shia say.

    Caller #1 – Jasim
    Shia and Sunni need not change – but must be more tolarant, like we are towards other religons – we lived together

    and must not be divided.


    You heard the Shia curse Omar etc – and claim what they claim – think saying things like that will get a Muslim to


    Jasim – we accept Cristians and Jews who do not belive in Islam


    we explained this – are you going to answer about the sources and the accusasyions that make us hate – are those

    alegantions true – did Omar do those bad things.

    Maawiyah cused Ali..

    Do not avoide the Question – please answer it
    my question – what imam Sistani said, about who and how Fatimia was hurt – do you accept it as true?

    Jasim – still avoides saying yes or no – just more about Ali and lots more, had to be interupted more – I wish

    they go to the next caller.

    jasim – keeps on talking as if he does not hear anything – changes speed a bit, but still explains and wants

    everyone to convert – oh boy, presented offers last chance – Huh, waiting – do you want to answer? time to drop

    those claims or not?
    Jasim – I can;t hear you, can’t understand you – I say we are brothers, Shia nd Sunni – we cry for … more of his

    religious ideas –

    presenter – you are still avoiding this question – presents more of Sistani’s words from his site – nasty and full

    of hate.

    Jasim: no answer, gone.

    10:00 PM
    caller #2 Salih from London

    Sunni, angry – tribal – presenter stops him and uses harsh and soft Quran – better than Salih is worth but seems

    to work. Starts quoting a Sunni Imam, still to anti-Shia, last warning – still warning but to others – Salih says

    it will be hrad but will try – talks about the Shia saying about the prophet’s wives – last 30 seconds, but no

    more – too much anger.

    caller #3 Sara from London
    Smart – eleuqent, uses Hadeeth – names sources properly, defends an important point but also gets distracted

    answer that idiot Jasim – waste of time, also talks of death squads – no more smarts – but ends nice and asks a

    Question to the Eyptians.

    caller #4 Sharif – alGeria
    Tough accent but good language – too high brow for me very respectful – interupt to tell the director to fix the

    screen titles – Sharif goes to good Hadeeth but gets corrected in language – will not work becuase they are Sunni

    sources – but shows good intent for a change from Salih – but asks ayatollah alQazwini to check his sources.

    caller #5
    Abu Hasan – London
    Prays for Iraq, straight to the subject – attacks presenter but asks to be let to finish – the questions his

    choice his Quranic verses, then a question about hajj and prayers – irrelivent but will be answered – Yup –

    interupt – i’ll answer, but then please get back to the point – the questions is about how Shia attack Omar, and

    spread that hate and bless it when he is cursed – from Sistan’s site, the same nasty worrds about Omar – can you

    respnd please?

    Abu hasan
    I asked you, I said I will answer after you – we have to respect the viewers – ok, he answers – but ask about the


    Abu Hasan
    ok, Khomayne and Sistani have their faiths

    presenter – I asked you, not those – your views of what we talked about these past days

    abu hasan
    We do not insult or curse [Yes They DO!]

    presenter – you belive that it is ok to curse Omar?
    abu hasan – still avoides – does not want to explain his views but – he’s confused himself a bit – caled down by

    presenter, same question but slower

    abu hasan
    avoides –

    presenter – sorry, but one more time – no asks another question –

    long interupt – trying to calm things, and abu hasan trying to waste as much time as he can – sad case, GONE.

    caller #6

    abu Abdullah – London:
    Thank you for uniting Muslims, I am from a mixed Shia Sunni Family – thank you for the imams – the Quran again,

    abiout sources, do not insult the companions – interupt, give me another minute – some hadeeth, Islam is on

    behavior, we are both right and should be one –
    interupt: we want to drop the hate – abu Abdallah agrees, the tradition of hate must go – tolarance is good, we

    should just stop cursing the companions

    caller #7 Khalid, Riyadh – probably Wahabi
    The proof is not there for what the shia calim, even in their own sources it is not related by Ali, Hasan or

    Hosain – or even by Fatima herself – let us just agree that this thing about Omar never happened – do not try to

    soften this, there must not be any doubt left in any Shia that their proof is just wrong and harms unity – changes

    to talk tot he imams on their teniques – claims they bore viewers –
    Interupt – Imam Khozaii is not here, do not talk about him – Khalid, I ment no harm and respect him – presenter

    continues: let’s just drop the hate from all sides – [I would be miffed, no idea how Khalid feels]

    presenter talks hadeeth – time to relax

    Presenter is Dr. Mohamed alHashimiy, a Tunisian politcal exile in London from the Shareef family – very nice guy

    and fully owns the station this program is bradcast from – he’s dome talking :)

    Khalid – 30 seconds – the idea of the Shia is not acceptable but I am not going to be harsh about it or intolarant

    – thank you for the time and I respect you all.

    Caller #8 Yousif from Kuwait
    the callers are not to waste time, but I like how this is going – keep up the good work and may God bless and

    guide us all.

    caller #9 abu Fahid from Mecca
    Thanks Dr. Sabah for his honesty, and the Egyptian for his presentation – praises the presenter and thinks this

    show will have a major effect [I agree] – they (Shia) are just too much against to good compantions, all of them

    are wriong – all of the Shia forums are talking in anger about this show [I do not know about that – Sunnis will

    be angry to most likely] –
    presenter – let them attack me, I have been told this and shown – I am not the first, but you must accept this as

    when I was in Tunis – this is a tough subject. more hadeeth, story form about a cave – too long to translate.

    the issue being talked about is how the Shia hate most of the compantions, claim they all left islam and did not

    make Ali the Khalifa – meaning that the first 3 Khalifa were traitors – the Quran is against the Shia in this


    10:39 – presenter still talking, nice but I want to hear more Shia callers

    Caller #9 Nasser from Syria
    goes on the attack on the Shia giveing their Imam’s 1/5 their income – valid point but not important – calims it

    is this 1/5 that motivates the Shia imams, [wish they shut him up] – presenter crying, me to – but he should

    really be shut up – good, he says peace and goes.

    Egyptian Imam – abu Shanab – talks about the sorces, cools things and back to the subject – how this all became

    tradinal hate but the internet helps fix it – the goal of this research is to present all the evidence and top

    judge for ourselves.

    Bahrani Imam (Bahrani-Sunni-Shareef) – still angry at what the Shai say so much with so little proof –

    presenter – talks fo the books, printed in the Islamic world – asks Islamic countries to step in and help one

    another get closer – Ayatolla Sistani and Khatimi encoraged to bring this matter to a close – asks Shia viewers to

    email them and ask – let’s get this hate over with – either Sistani explains it or remove it so we stop the hate.

    Bahrani – their Ashoora and their books spread hate…

    Sabah – if you permite me, those stories do not mean Omar exactly – inteript, but ask not to be interupted – the

    Omar mentioned is not That Omar – we talk of another Omar [huh ???] – he says no one at that time would hit a

    woman [week- but nice try] – gets lost in his own words, should be interupted but this is Sabah – claims Sistani

    will avoide and delay and procrastinate – you can talk to him for 2 hours with not one single answer –

    Egyptian – we have seen that these past few days ..

    Sabah – this insulting by Shia of the companions continues…

    Bahrani – talks of Ali, even before Islam the Arabs in their worst would not do what the Shia imams claim the

    Muslim companions did –

    Sabah – talks nicely of Ali, and how he ould not let anyting happen to his wife so easily – and it did not happen,

    they did not hit her, drop her child or break her ribs – aks Shia imams to stop the false things and … [another

    distractions stops his nice thiughts] – says that those that attack him (Sabah) are those secrerioans who need the

    hate to continue so they can have power – talks of his tribe where Shia dn Sunni are one – where his neighbors

    religion is unimporant – talks of his frined Khider, only knew he was Christian when her burried him – our goal is

    the majority of Shia, those that never cared – now they see on youtube what the imams really say – calms things


    caller #10 – VIP, the great Shia poet Dr. abas alJaboory
    as you know I am a poet, this poem is for you

    presenter – dierector – place his name up

    Poet – much too nice to translat, pure praise – WOW, it’s about Omar, praise not even a Sunni poet has said!

    presenter, asks him for another poem – [I could kiss him!]
    it’s about Mohamed (pbuh) and the 4 Khalifas – got us all amazed, says he followed all the shows and thanks caller

    Khalid for his talk, the poet has made a very great defense of Shia as the original after the 4th Khalifa, accepts

    the first 3 – as we all do – and rejects the 5th – as we all do – so agreed with poet, no anger – but I still want

    more Shia callers – really.

    says some hadeeth, about the death of Mohamed (pbuh) – when the first Khalifa calmed everyone – undeniable, but

    not the time for this talk.

    asks the poet about the people of that time – the choice of the Khalifas, what divides us today did not divide the

    companions then for they acted as one –

    11:26 – lost a good part, was talking with family – will try to catch what I missed tomorrow inshaAllah – back to

    blogging what remains

    presenter – poetry about the love of Mohamed (pbuh) nice – [I am not into poetry I am afraid]

    Egyptian Imam – talks of poetry criteque – of the politics of Egypt, [ no idea why they droped the questions]

    caller # ??
    abdallah alToayme from Saudi (Qaseem – Wahabi)
    talks to Shia, asks them to please stop – and thanks Imam Khozai for his change, aks Shia to please check their

    sources before going too far in hate of companions – leads to the current hate that is hurting Iraq, the crimes

    that the hate has made too easy – says all sunni countries do not

    presenters – stops to make fun of an egyptian football refernece :)
    caller – says praising Fatima is fine, but stop claiming that the companions hurt and killed her – all your

    evidence is not even worth mentions – and please think about Wahabi, the problem with Wahabi is now Shia think all

    Sunni are Wahabi – we say what others say but we are used to include all Sunnis –

    presenter asks about the tempreture in the Qaseem [desert] it’s about 55 C – talks of the callers city, ends call

    and asks fopr Peace – all laugh – [caller was from my village, will try to talk to him if I can]

    Sabah – poetry, about generesoty

    presenter – last 3 minutes, divided

    Sabah – as an Iraqi I I taught in the proud students of Iraq, they argue well – the proof is just not there for

    anyone to defend this, it is a false story and has big holes – when we talked of the stories analticaly we see

    those that added them like Imam Qazwini from Iraq still insisted they were right – they had no proof but are too

    pruod [and this is a Shia talking!]

    talks if a talk he had about the Iraqi parliment, it makes everyone laught – it is the parilment of secterians, of

    another world – we do not have thse dividions but this parliment needs us divided.

    Egyptian – we had a 14 callers [ good to know] 2 Shia objected and delayed – Jasim and abu alhasan – this proves

    what nasser said, they are all convinced but can not say it – Shia hide what they know [ he said it nicer in

    Arabic – sorry for my English] – we need to stop these hate filled things and stop spreading the lies – nasser

    also explained the money behind the Shia imams [1/5 revenue of each Shia person to the shia imam] – Muslims should

    love one another, it is out religon – dr abas said a lot of important things, and he is an expert in politcal

    Islam – Shia nd Sunnir are fiqh differneces, small ones – no sect will end, just the hate in it – the false

    things, lets go bak to Jafari Shia, the one that is the original [ no idea if true] – talks to the presenter,

    about the calls from ayatollah alQazwini [missed it?] all his talk of the big crime is with no proof – then talk

    of Mo’awiya, they are long dead – it is over, we are not those people – why not go back to the time of the

    Phaoroes for example. Now to Jasim – all the proof is from a week source, entertainment not historical facts –

    written 140 years after the time of Mo’awiya, he would not know – also the book, page 160 says Moawiyah would cry

    when hearing of Ali, and that is from your (shia) books – we did not insult Ali – talks about Yazeed, touchy

    presenter – tomorwo is the verdict, the history of this accusaion of Omar attaing Fatima, and the companions not

    obeying an order to make Ali the Khalifa –

    Bahrani Imam – our message is of respect and unity, I pray the day I meet and shake the hands of all Shia Imams –

    there is nothing between us other than those stories. Yesterday ayatollah mentioned 4 proofs – the first is

    Tabari, he said it was week himself – senond, the proof has been exposed by all as false except two who said is

    was very week, it was based on the words of a known liar. 3 – way over my head a book of 36 volumes mentioned,

    presenter asks if the versions says her rib was broken? Bahranin – no, he never mentioned seeing such a thing and

    said so – back to ppoint 3 – Omar was in awe of Fatima for the love of her father (pbuh) and would not do such a

    thing to any woman aat all anyway. 4 – the birth dates are 55 years away from the incendent the Imam mentioned –

    and 35 years in the other incident – 5, the aleged confesion of Abu Baker – everyone of the sorces mentioned say

    this is a false story and only mentionit it as to deny it!

    viewers – last point is from zayid bin Ali, the Imam – the grandson of Fatima herself – this man was asked of Abu

    Baker and Omar and he praised them and made the Shia angry – he can not be accused of divideing Muslims, and we do

    not unity on a base of hate – there is no Shia who can love Fatima more than her grandson, the Imam – Egyptian

    recites hadeeth about this in support – [I must study up on Zayid in Ali] – but in short the great imam would not

    praise Omar if he had harmed his grandmother like the Iranian Shia imams claim

    bahrani – I look for things that unite us, I found a good hadeeth in a Shia book – about her inheritence that was

    calimed to be stolen – but the Shia book is very important and a good refence and refutes what the Iranian Imam

    said – the source is checked, page checked to make sure, this is important – Egyptain corrects language [this

    hadeeth from the Shia book will be online soon and I’ll try to find it if I can – it solves a lot of problems] –

    it is about what Shia call the “Fadak isue” when Fatmia was denid inheritence for Sharia issue, the ruleing from

    was her father (pbuh) and she accepted it – not going to be fully accept by the Shia imams but hard to deny from

    this source for they used it themselves.

    lots of time, but not enough Shia callers –

    Bahrani – there is no cause for the Shia to hate the companions, the love of

    Sabah – I have never heard a Sunni insult the Shia Imams, they all love the family of Ali – Fadak would not be

    soemthing – Egyptian innterupts, this Fadak is what basic family food but all the rest is for the poor – Fatima

    did not say it was agift, she said her father asked he to manage it – big differnce in the two from a legal point,

    Sabah back – yes, abu bakir did not have it as a bussiness – in shrt, we are all the Shia of the family of Mohamed

    (pbuh) Sunni and Shia, we all love them [ true ] but Shia must not say such nasty things about the companions [

    presneter – Thank You

    in Mecca, after honayen – Mohamed (pbuh) gave food and money even to his past enamies, those that did not recive

    anthing were upet till they understood that Mohamed would be for them – it’s a nice hadeeth :)

    Director tires to rush things up – it is 12:09, past his bed time I think :)

    presnter continues – great hadeeth, wish i could translate it – back to Fadak, nothing on this Earth, no treausre

    is better than Islam – those I gave money and livestock, but prayed for them – sounds better in Arabic.

    Towmorow – another episode isnhaAllah, thanks the viewers for their patiance with this touchy issue – prays for

    unity, so we can teach eqyauilty, and tolarnace – Peace


    that is it, I know it is not near good enough but hope to see it’s transcipt some day.

  8. Salaam alaikum Umar,

    The following comes from Vanity Fair about Tim Russert. This the first time I’ve posted here, so I don’t know if my tags are going to work.

    From Vanity Fair

    (begin quote) As Mother Angelica liked to say, before she lost her power of speech, “you might be the only Christ your neighbor ever sees.” I think Tim Russert had become for [columnist Sally] Quinn, and for many of his colleagues, the very face of Christ – the only Christ they had ever seen. And now all they knew of Christ has been taken from them.
    Would that make Mike Barnicle and Chris Matthews his apostles? I think I may lose my own power of speech, not to mention what’s left of my mind. The self-glorification of the Beltway press corps has reached the messiah stage, making the eulogies to William F. Buckley look like models of modest decorum by comparison, but I didn’t realize The Anchoress had bought into it too. Shouldn’t it be possible to mourn Russert’s untimely death without deifying him? And shouldn’t our nation’s journalists being doing more journalizing and less Jesus-fying?(End quote)

    The media is making Russert into a Catholic shirk. You say Tim Russert was “The best at what he did.” I disagree. At least I disagree if you mean he was a good journalist.

    Russert was not just complicit but a leader by his example in the failure of the media to work as a check and balance on the excesses of the Bush administration. In that he was a failure as a journalist, a toady, a propaganda pimp.

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