Odlanier Solis: An Example of Immigration Policy Gone Wrong

Since 9-11 many in American politics and the public have turned to the old “Fortress America” mentality (a term that was coined for Pat Buchanan due to his anti-immigration positions).

The typical arguments against America letting fewer into this nation are three; a massive amount of low-wage earning immigrants drives the wages down for working-class Americans, overcrowding has a negative effect on the environment and immigration from the Muslim World can lead to terrorism. Some of these arguments are stronger than others. It is obvious that America needs to balance our labor needs with the needs of workers already here and that while we should be accommodating we are charged with being stewards of the environment. With regards to terrorism being a result of immigration from the Muslim World this is a charge without merit given the fact that of the millions of immigrants to come to America from the Muslim World only a handful have ever been involved in any activity that can even be remotely connected to terrorism.

While America has been tightening her borders it has also kept people out who could have been beneficial to this society and while America has closed the borders other nations are opening them. If America is limiting the number of IT professionals and financers from South Asia; Great Britain, Australia and Canada are opening their doors. College students from the Muslim World on government scholarships who are no longer finding a hospitable climate in America are opting for other nation’s with top universities.

However, do not think this is only an issue for Muslims, just ask Odlanier Solis. This former Cuban Olympic boxer defected to Germany and began boxing professionally last year. He had hoped to come to America, not to live, but to fight on a card in the Miami-area where he would have the support of the massive Cuban-American population. He would be following in the footsteps of recent Cuban boxers such as Lightweight champion Joel Casamayor and the young hot prospect Yuriorkis Gamboa. Instead of coming to fight, an event which would have put money in the pockets of taxi drivers, hotel workers and the like, Solis was denied a visa by the United States for fear he may never leave the country. God-forbid Solis would never leave America. I mean this guy could very well become the heavyweight champion of the world and earn millions of dollars and yes he would turn right around and put millions of dollars into the American economy not to mention the further millions fights he would would generate. The case of Odlanier Solis demonstrates how America is being irrational when it comes to immigration and how we are shooting ourselves in the foot by closing our borders while we live in a “global village”.


3 thoughts on “Odlanier Solis: An Example of Immigration Policy Gone Wrong

  1. Assalam-alaikam Brother,
    We have the same issues here big-time. Immigration has been the key issue during London’s Mayoral elections and will be at the national elections. We can’t seem to have a rational, thoughtful debate about it here. Either politicians are burying their heads in the sand or mouthing off about stopping immigration. In turn the electorate are fed up of this issue not being dealt with in the mainstream and voting for party’s like the far-right racist BNP in greater numbers than ever.

    People have got it into thier heads that foreigners are taking all of the resources, are favoured when allocated housing and benefits and are also increasing anti-social behaviour and crime, they also feel that their culture is being changed and forgotten. Many of our newspapers are encouraging this thinking. If we could at least discuss these things in a sensible way, perhaps we could end some of the myths.

    I don’t know if the US has a massive ageing population like the UK. Here its started to get recognised that the above being the case we are going to need immigrants in the future.

  2. I’m not sure about Cuba, or allowing the wrong messages into Cuba about America’s immigration policy.

    A Roberto Duran talent should not dictate the wider policy on immigration.

    Racism may motivate immigration policy but unrestricted immigration may further racism.

    Black South Africans were clearly showing racism when butchering African immigrants a few weeks ago.

    A colour or religious disticntion in other States can only make matters worse and there is perhaps good case to be made that much of the so-called European anti-semitism was not caused by a hatred Jews for being Talmud observers but because they were immigrants and competitive.

    In any case, classically Muslims should not immigrate to lands of kufr.

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