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Obama and The Lesson of The Two Hijabis

There has been a lot of optimism and hope from young people about the campaign of Barack Obama. Particularly I know of a lot of young Muslims who are very excited about the Obama campaign. In fairness I am one … Continue reading

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A Muslim Looking at Anheuser Busch and Its Impact on St. Louis

Tomorrow I am driving from the East Coast to St. Louis and as I have been following the news in St. Louis there are two huge stories. One story is the Midwestern flooding and people in St. Louis are worried … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Groups Push False Information Concerning National Muslim Voter Drive

WASHINGTON, DC (MASNET) June 17, 2008 – MAS Freedom (MASF), the civic and human rights advocacy entity of the Muslim American Society (MAS), has learned that numerous individuals and organizations on the political right have recently embarked upon a campaign, … Continue reading

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Umar Takes Questions From Readers

Before you comment yes I know the video quality is low.

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Islamophobia of Penn and Teller, LGF Wrong Again, Kimbo Will Get Sliced, and Missing Russert

I occasionally watch the Penn and Teller program on Showtime. This show can be raunchy but it is also very informative at times in how it dissects a lot of issues. The two magicians have a libertarian bent and on … Continue reading

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Odlanier Solis: An Example of Immigration Policy Gone Wrong

Since 9-11 many in American politics and the public have turned to the old “Fortress America” mentality (a term that was coined for Pat Buchanan due to his anti-immigration positions). The typical arguments against America letting fewer into this nation … Continue reading

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US Lawmakers Call for Release of Uighur Prisoners from GTMO

This story is one that needs to be discussed more. It seems as if American-Muslims only focus on the suffering of Muslims in one or two places and neglect the plight of Muslims in China and the former Soviet Union.  … Continue reading

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