Painkillers Please!

My back is killing me today and I mean I woke up feeling fine and then all of the sudden boom it was out. By the time I got to the train station I could barely walk. Because of that I have not had the energy to write like I want to because I have been doing exercises and stuff trying to make it feel better.  


I wanted to talk more about feminization and how some Muslim groups have been more affected by this than others (i.e. this was something that I didn’t even know existed before I began venturing out of Salafi and African-American Sunni circles).


Also on the topic I want to talk about sports. I cannot tell you how many shows I have seen over the years where the father is presented as a bad guy because he is pushing his son to play sports. I also can’t tell you how many Muslims I have heard of late parrot this line; but I think the developing of sports for Muslim youth as we have seen over the last few years is one of the best things that can be done for Muslim boys and girls.


9 thoughts on “Painkillers Please!

  1. I’ve personally never seen or heard of fathers being presented as the bad guys for pushing their children to play sports. I have however seen and heard fathers being presented as the bad guys when they act like total nut cases. Those men who were losers in their adolescent years and who are now trying to live vicariously thru their children. Those who go around screaming and yelling at their children or the umpire at their games for missing a goal, or throwing a bad pass, or what have you. There’s a big difference I think. I also think their is a difference in “making” your child do something he absolutely has no interest in whatsoever and “pushing or encouraging” your child do something he might not be so sure about

  2. I think sports in general is a good thing for anyone. It is a great way to stay healthy and relieve stress. There is so much benefit for the body by participating in sports. I often wonder how many of us live without playing sports daily.

    I am a sister and I played sports as a youth and all the way up to the collegiate and semi-pro levels. Some communities supported me, but many other gave shown disdain and felt woman should not be seen playing sports. I think this is ridiculous because even walking is a sport, and the only difference between running and walking is speed, and the only difference between most sports and running is the use of a ball or equipment.

    Allah gave me a talent, in form of being exceptional at playing sports, and I felt I would be doing more sin by sitting at home and not making use of the beautiful gift Allah has given me.

  3. In a lot of immigrant households, taking part in organized sports (through local leagues or schools) is looked down upon because in Asian and Arab countries, such things did not exist (until recently). So many immigrant fathers see it as a distraction from their children’s education rather than an important part of it. They don’t understand that the American educational philosophy incorporates non-classroom elements such as sports.

  4. Salaam ‘Alaikum

    Can you see a doctor? I’m worried that if it came on so suddenly and so painfully there could be a serious problem there.

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