Anti-Muslim Con-Man Anis Shorrosh Busted for Arson


6 thoughts on “Anti-Muslim Con-Man Anis Shorrosh Busted for Arson

  1. I highly doubt he was trying to burn down the appartment with his family in it. More than likely he just trying to cover up for fraudulant activities. Either way, Khayr.

  2. Kun ka dhalik = Be like that!

    Once a man made fun of how the Holy Prophet (saw) walked. Upon seeing this man the Prophet (saw) uttered those words, “Be like that!”. He did not intend ill for the man but being that He (saw) is Allah’s beloved the man was afflicted with a contorted way of walking (for which he was made fun of) until he died.

    I expect that we will see more cases like this with these evangelists. I would look specifically for Hagee and Parsley as they have made extremely nasty remarks about Allah (swt), the Holy Prophet (saw), and Islam. One cannot expect to get away with such remarks without some reprecussions. Even the pagan Arabs understood the special status of Ar-Rasul (saw) and feared making such comments and remarks. They will have to either repent or they will have a problem on their hands in both this life and the next…and Allah knows best.

  3. Dude could’ve saved himself a lot of trouble just by getting a paper shredder. I doubt he will actually get convicted for arson though — lesser charges yes, but I doubt arson.

  4. Typicall, how the reporter says Shorosh “infuriated” Muslims… *eyeroll* …. did anyone ever take this guy seriously?

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