Lesson From Islamophobic Teacher Firing

It is important to remember when we are discussing issues of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bias in America that there are real consequences to Islamophobia and they are often felt most by Muslim children. Take this story as an example out of Michigan City, IN where a teacher by the name of John Scheimann was fired after he called a Muslim student’s father a terrorist and made other unsubstantiated claims about the man. The lesson of this is two; number one it is that teachers, doctors, cops, nurses, judges, and many others in positions of relative power over us may listen to right-wing talk radio, read Islamophobic sites, and watch FOX News, and then in turn they will act on the hate they have been filled with often to the most vulnerable, and second we should also recognize that while there are many full of hate there are many others who are not and in this case the system did the right thing.


5 thoughts on “Lesson From Islamophobic Teacher Firing

  1. At least he was fired.

    I’m sure the LGF and the JihadWatch homos are seething with rage over the outcome.

  2. Assalam-alaikam,
    Subhan’Allah, at least he got fired, so it means there are still processes in place to protect people, but I guess that doesn’t count the numerous people who suffer from prejudice and keep quiet.

  3. I would to believe that any thinking man or woman who lives in the United States would want to make sure that they looked for the truth in the case of Mr. Scheimann. I respect your rights to say the things that you want to. However, I thought that in the United States we would want to hear all of the truth even if it meant that the newspaper (News Dispatch) was incorrect in its assumptions about Mr. Scheimann. Did you know that Mr. Scheimann had a Muslim Leader, a Jewish Rabbi, and a Christian Pastor in his classes to discuss the different religions? That takes courage for a teacher to do and to help the students understand what the United States is all about. I beg you to think about how you would feel if you were wrongly accused of saying something you did not say.

  4. I am the wife of John Scheimann. I have had two of the family’s female children in my class room. They are both very, very bright young women. When I had the older one, who is the one now involved in this debate, for lack of a better term, she was very used to getting what she wanted. When a discipline problem arose with her, talking too much or sharing to many answers with cooperative learning, I would tell her she needed to stop. She would then say to me “it’s because I’m one of those, isnt it?” I one time replied “yes” assuming she meant a disruptive student. She got very indignant and said “because, I am Muslim.” I immediately corrected that situation. I even called home to let her parents know what had been said. I expected exempliary behavior from her.
    She moves on to 9th grade and I am excited that my husband has her, as he has always had a fascination and respect for the middle east and the situations that occur there everyday. I don’t hear anything until the spring semester of 2006 that something was said and taken out of context. What
    I would like you to understand is that the girl said these things about her father when my husband said he was calling home for her excessive talking.
    1. My father does not care, he won’t do anything.
    2. He sits up in our shop eating cheetohs and counting money all day while watching AJ television.
    My husband replied “I don’t care if he does, here is where he repeats what she has said.” I am still going to call home and discuss your behavior.
    He admits to saying with sarcasm in frustration, “what do you think I am a homeland security officer working undercover teaching 9th grade geography in Michigan City.

    Words got twisted to girls advantage…..Mark Francesconi, Principal of the high school, did an investigation and found no evidence that anything was actually said, they of course did not put that in the paper. However, the family thought they should go ahead a sue. Now I had the younger sister last year as a student and she would tell me all the time how her sister lies about everything and how I should be mad at her. I don’t know why I would say……..

    The older sister would even come into my room for cultural diversity visits and ask me how my family was and if Mr. Scheimann was worried.

    I have new Muslim students this year and when this started again, several of them said that their parents were mad because the Mroueh’s sue anybody any time they think they can get some money. I don’t know If that is true or not, but I do know that we had to go through a lot of lawyers until we found one who did not have a conflict of interest because the Mroueh’s were past clients.

    Now on the the shooting of their house. ON the night in question, my husband went to a meeting in portage and came home around 9:30 or so. My son stayed up late to read to him. My husband has restless leg syndrome and he took his medication, if you know anything about that medication, it knocks you out. You cannot drive a car let alone anything else for a good 8 hours.
    If you have questions…ask the source…

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