Obama Has Won and I’m Excited

For the last several weeks I have been real tired of this election process and have been paying less and less attention to it. After last night however and the all but certainty that Sen. Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee for the Presidency I am once again enthused.  As I have stated before I am an Obama supporter. Contrary to what some on Islamophobic websites have stated my support for Obama has nothing to do with the fact that his father was a Muslim. I support Obama because I believe that he represents a real change in American politics and to the ideals of where a president can come from and what he should look like.

Race has been the central issue in American public life since this nation was founded and to have a black man in the Presidency of the United States will make a strong statement about where the nation is and what it can aspire to. It will send an image of America to the world, which is mostly non-white, as an open and diverse nation in contrast to the phony John Wayne image that Bush likes to portray.

This is not just about Obama and his blackness. This is also about who he has been as a man. This is a man from humble middle-class roots, who lived in Indonesia as a child, is an Ivy League grad yet worked as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, and is married to a black woman from the South Side. Yesterday on TV Mitt Romney made fun of his background as an organizer; but to me it is one of the best things about Obama. When guys like Romney laid people off men like Obama stood up to help them when they could have been getting rich.

On the core issues that Americans care about the most; the economy, health-care, education, and the war Obama has the best stance on the issues. Is he perfect? No, he is not and no politician is and anyone looking for perfection in politics and is more than two years removed from college needs to grow-up.  I also vote first and foremost for issues right here in America and who will be best for me, my family, and the people closest to me. I do not expect a Palestinian in Gaza to think of what is best for Americans when they head to the polls and I do not think of them before my family. Issues in the Muslim World and ending the war in Iraq are important and need to be dealt with in a better way by America but those issues take a backseat to me to what is going on right here. I want to know who is going to help get ex-offenders jobs, who is going to bring us universal health-care, who is going to make education more equitable and relevant, and who can bring people of all races and religions together.


There will be a clear difference for Americans in November between Obama and McCain. On the issues I mentioned above McCain has nothing to offer. He is an extension of the Bush presidency on domestic issues and has shown no sign that he is in tune with working people or concerned with issues of social justice. And, as we all know, McCain is a bigger hawk than Bush and if he is elected he will bring the US to war with Iran which will be disaster. To any reasonable person the choice is clear and only the biggest left-wing nuts or jihadis will say there is no difference between Obama and McCain.

This is an election of demographics and Muslims are supporting Obama in large numbers. However, on many levels I am not a typical Obama voter. I support the 2nd Amendment with reasonable restrictions, I am not a pacifist by a long shot (and I think it is haram to be a pacifist), I am not overly concerned with the environment, I do not favor gay-marriage, I am not pro-choice, I am a strong supporter of labor unions, and such. Most of the Democrats with these beliefs sided with Hillary Clinton and maybe I would have if it were not for the fact that I think race is the biggest issue in America and Obama can do the most to better race-relations and I am a Muslim and I think on issues that American-Muslims care about most Obama is better in addition to him being good in those areas I previously discussed. 

I am also sad to say that I did not get to vote in this election.  I am an avid voter and someone who even votes in school board and primary elections but I registered too late in DC to vote in this election so while Obama had my moral support I will not have a chance to vote for him until December.


This is a video I made about the Jeremiah Wright controversy that has died down but these were my final thoughts on the issue.


7 thoughts on “Obama Has Won and I’m Excited

  1. ” I also vote first and foremost for issues right here in America and who will be best for me, my family, and the people closest to me. I do not expect a Palestinian in Gaza to think of what is best for Americans when they head to the polls and I do not think of them before my family”

    I think this is a good thing, and having read your blog for sometime now I don’t find it surprising. What I do find strange, however, is muslims who base their vote almost entirely on what the candidate promises to do for the palestinians or other muslim groups overseas. It seems like their rational is “i don’t care if I lose my job or have no health insurance or can’t afford gas and food just as long as my palestininan brothers are doing ok” I find it quite strange to say the least, not to mention amusing. Because this exactly how muslims helped put Bush in office

    GO OBAMA btw :)

  2. Salaams Umar:

    Alhamdulillah! And Insha Allah “Rev.” Wright will keep his mouth shut. Wonder if the NOI had a good talk with the Reverand?

    Anon: It’s all important!

  3. Bang Gully,

    I do not ask myself ” what do the Jews do” before I vote and I have pressing needs here in America as does my family. However, now that you mentioned it, yes there is well-organized support from the Jewish community in support of Israel, but the American-Jewish community also has a domestic program of political interests and so should we as Muslims.

  4. So tell me again of all of Obamas accomplishments, I seemed to have missed them in your posts..

  5. “When guys like Romney laid people off men like Obama stood up to help them when they could have been getting rich.”

    Umar. It’s guys like Romney who CREATE jobs. Sure, I can bash those who distort capitalism and exploit workers and focus on profit to the exclusion of community and national interest with the best of ’em, but such a one sided thought process on your part reflects poorly upon you. You’re better than that, Umar.

    I too respect Obama and may indeed vote for him come November, but “community organizing” – for all the good it may do – does not create jobs. Perhaps Obama helped steer businesses into the neighborhood and steered local residents to jobs, but unless a person works for government, a non-profit entity, or is self-employed then chances are it’s those “dirty capitalist swine business folks” (*SMILE*) who created the jobs most people work at in order to make a living and support their families.

    Anyway… (*SHRUG*)


  6. I think its a given that Obama has the nomination locked down. I dont know why Hillary doesnt at this point..take a bow and gracefully concede she didnt get it.
    I was talking to an american friend in the UK last week(we have it seems swapped lives) and she laughed hysterically when I told her that Obama was the Great White Hope…but I really think he can this. Some people may have hated and hate the prolonged democratic nomination process but I think its good for the US and Obama.
    We have seen that he is a skilled Orator as well as a man of subtance. We have seen that in the shade of Rev. Wright he has managed to show us what hes made of. Not afraid to state his mission and concede mistakes when hes made them.
    Thats what we need more than the “Mission Impossible” President that we have right now…I mean with all the love and admiration in the world…I think the highlight for Bush of the past 8 years will have been his daughters wedding yesterday.
    Obama CAN win. He HAS to win because this country needs change and I think he will work to be a fair and JUST Presisdent which is the best that we can hope for in these trying days and times.
    *Jumps Off Soapbox singing Yes WE Can!!*

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