A Crime Against the Sisters

I have been reminded by my elder of Islam and life in Philly of something that I had overlooked regarding the Muslim brothers who robbed a bank dressed in niqaab and then killed a Philly cop. He told me what I should have thought of off top and that is the fact that this action first and foremost (besides from its obvious criminality) put Muslim women in jeopardy. Sisters will now be looked at with suspicion and maybe even be asked to remove their niqaabs in some places. This was not only a crime against the state but a crime against our Muslim sisters who we are supposed to be the protectors of. It is already hard for sisters to wear the niqaab ( and May Allah reward them for their dedication to the sunnah and rejection of false desires) and for sisters who wear hijab ( May Allah reward them as well). Prison Muslims forming gangs on the street do not need to make things harder on them. I have also included this photo of the cross-dressing Muslim and maybe his taste for women’s clothes was something that was picked up while in the joint.



13 thoughts on “A Crime Against the Sisters

  1. ASA Br. Umar,

    When you look at this
    The repercusions to the Sisters was my first thought , my second was, were these even Muslim brothers? Well apparently at least one of them was http://www.nbc10.com/news/16197309/detail.html
    although I’m not sure there’s dalil for refusing a janaza.

    This has created a crazy climate in Philly

    You know, I don’t know which community these brothers are from but the sad part is the extra harrasement all Sisters in niqab are going to face in Philly. Where are these brothers getting this stuff? I’ll tell you one thing when you allow people to remain uneducated, unemployable and do not have a means to provide for themselves they will try any damn thing.

    You I wouldn’t be suprised if this was pulled into the presidential race ahla willie horton

  2. yes! Bro. Umar I live right outside of Philly and this was/is my number one concern. I do not wear niquab (just a head scarf) but I was horrified when my mother told me the news on Saturday. It is very difficult for sisters who wear hijab or niquab because we are most often associated with Islam. These guys could have worn any type of disguise to obscure their identity. One of them wore a dredlock wig and a surgical mask. The other two deliberately chose to wear abaya and niquab in order to do haram. It is so tragic and sad all around.

    Does anyone know what you do for someone who claimed Islam but died doing something grossly against Islamic law and in a manner that risked the safety of members of the ummah? I know that performing funeral rituals is an obligation but what do people do in this type of situation?

  3. Ummm, I don’t know how it is in other towns, but if you try to go into a bank with niqab on ’round here, expect security to instantly jump you.

    I have had niqabi friends and they have given me the low down on where you can go and can’t go in a niqab.

    If you really want to be accepted by the general public while wearing a niqab….your local Renaissance Fair is a great place to start, any place other than that…good luck. (on second thought, maybe we were only accepted there because we were carrying a machete….don’t worry, it was “peace tied”!)

  4. What is going on in Philly this month? NFL star Marvin Harrison involved in a gunfight (allegedly). Eagles coach Andy Reid’s son smuggling drugs into prison (allegedly). Cop-killing bank robbers dressed as Muslim women (allegedly). Sadly I feel we are closer to the beginning than the end to this madness.

  5. jolie le coeur

    don’t get it twisted I LOVE PHILLY, home of WATER ICE AND PHILLY STEAK SANDWICHES — without the cheese.

    rouge actions by a few is not a reflection of the whole, regardless the brother should be afforded a janaza in the Masjid he attended.

    Maybe its the news taking Muslims out of context (as they are known to do) but it seems to me that there is more offense to it being a cop than just anything else. Mostly what I keep seeing is cop-killing what about just murder is just wrong, the outrage should have started two yrs ago when the killing amongst the people escalated in Philly.

    Like I said I LOVE Philly, and I’m against wanton murder but what makes this murder more important than all of the others that have occured. And when did we stop giving janaza in the Masjid because someone commited a crime?

    madness is doing the same over and over and expecting a different result activism should occur things like this occur not after.

    ……steps off soapbox….

  6. What the Imam of the GT Masjid said was that they would not pray the Janazah over him there at the Masjid. But the Janazah was still his right as a Muslim and that they would give the family support in how to bury the Brother.

    Another point I made on Tariq Nelson’s blog was that the Muslim leadership in Philly for years has been turning a blind eye to crime and that even some of the proceeds of criminal activity have gone to build some of the Masajid. Ultimately the burden of this crime falls on the shoulders of the leadership and more has to be done proactively to curb the madness.

    This is not in anyway to excuse the Brother everyone is accountable for their own actions but there is an element of accountablity on the Muslim Leadership in Philly.

  7. Salaams:

    Tariq Nelson linked to this newspaper article:


    It appears that the masjid is “walking” the family through the whole burial process.

    As long as some Muslims do it, the responsibility is off the other Muslims. The imam in the article said the man has a right to a Muslim burial.

    If the opposite were the case, look at all the mess overseas; those Muslims are being buried according to their Islamic rights.

  8. Abu Usamah-what do I have twisted? I do not want to get into a long senseless back and forth but tell me what I am missing. Philly is not alone in this. Poor black parts of many cities like Detroit, Oakland, Chicago, Atlanta etc. look more and more like 3rd world countries than the rest of America.
    Yes there are now more Black millionares, college educated Blacks and a sizable Black middle class; than in any period in US history.
    …..But there is a growing under-class that is violent, un-educated, mis-educated, drug addicted and in the prison,jail, probation/parole system.

  9. Germantown Masjid’s statement that the leadership would not bury Howard Cain or pray over his body is just a publicity stunt. Tariq El-Shabazz noted that, Islamically, EVERY Muslim has the right to be buried according to Quran and Sunnah, but that the masjid didn’t want the non-Muslims to believe that he or the leadership condoned Mr. Cain’s behavior. So we switch up the rules to look good for the media?! I’m really surprised given that members of Germantown Masjid (a.k.a. Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabiwiyah) are KNOWN for looking down their noses on fellow Muslims and saying that they’re not on “The Haqq.” Oh well, that masjid (and its jamaat) is known for its hypocrisy (For the record, I was born and raised as a Muslim in Philly, so I know this firsthand).

    As far as the niqab goes, Allah says in Surah Azhab (33) that, “And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allâh’s Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him (his death).” Muslims today debate whether that “screen” is an actual, physical screen or whether it is the niqab. Whichever one it is, that “screen” was for the WIVES of the Prophet (SAW), not for the rest of the believing women. Later on in that same surah, Allah says, “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allâh is Ever Oft­Forgiving, Most Merciful.” In one part of the surah, Allah is giving instructions to the wives of the Prophet (SAWS), and in the other to all the believing women (wives, daughters, and other women).

    I’m trying to say that the niqab was for Umm Salamah, Umm Habiba, Hafsa bint Umar, Aisha bint Abu Bakr, and the rest of the Mothers of the Believers (May Allah be pleased with ALL of them). Niqabis run into trouble today because they’re trying to practice something that was not required of them in the first place (by the way, there is no proof in Quran or the authentic hadiths that a sister who covers her face receives more blessings or is closer to Allah than another Muslimah who doesn’t). Identity is very important and when a niqabi walks into a bank or store, or is involved in a hit-and-run accident, no one can identify her. This is a real problem.

    Allah says, again in Surah Azhab, “O wives of the Prophet! You are not like any other women. ” And surely, He speaks the truth. As believeing women, we must do what Allah asks of us and respect that he commanded MORE of the Mothers of the Believers. Let’s stop putting burdens on ourselves and play our positions.

  10. Assalamu Alaykum
    Subhan Allah…The news here in NYC didnt report anything about the robbers wearing niqaab so…maybe the muslima angle isnt considered as important as the fact that they killed a cop.
    As for my sister who claims that niqaab is something that was peculiar for the wives of the sahaba…Well that isnt true. This issue is well known and Im sure you know of it. Wearing the niqaab isnt excessive and the sisters I know who wear (as I used to) arent wearing it from some sense of uber rigedness but as intelligent women who have read the daleel and decided to wear it.
    I used to say that niqaab made it hard for me after 9/11 …so I removed it but lets face it….people dont like muslims most of the times so whether we wear niqaab or not…we still will face the same opinion.
    Here in Queens I see a LOT of niqaabi south asian muslimahs and they NEVER have a problem with it…and I watch people around them…no one even bats an eyelid so…insha ALlah I think your comments are a little ridiculous to say the least. Hit and run? How many sisters do you know or have you read have been involved in a hit and run wearing niqaab? Id go as far as to say that your making stuff up. I always hear of men wearing the abyaa to rob banks…never sisters(At least in the US and UK)
    As for your the wives of the Prophet were the only ones wearing it statement…what about the other Sahaba women? Can you prove anything that your saying? Bet you cant.

  11. Assalaamu alaikom,
    This picture is not from the most current bank robbery (by the 3 men where one cop was killed), right? This is from another niqabed bank robbery that happend in NC.

    I used to go through the drive -thru bank and it got toa point where I never had to show ID because they just knew who I was. lol so go figure. my experince with niqab in the bank was very differnt… of course that was small town texas and I was the only niqabi for miles…

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