Millions of Americans on a Sunday in May

Millions will attend church with their families and be filled with a good feeling…millions more will be indoctrinated by merchants of hate like Rod Pasrsley, John Hagee, and Pat Robertson and leave their churches with a new found commitment towards the hatred of Muslims.


Millions will wake up and watch the Sunday morning talk shows to get the latest news on the presidential election…millions more are so sick of hearing the names Clinton and Obama that they would rather watch I Love Lucy reruns


Millions will read books on their day off and fill themselves with knowledge…millions more will go to bed at night still thinking Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright are secret Muslims.  


Millions of children will go and see their grandparents and receive that love only grandparents can give…many millions more of American seniors will spend another lonely day in warehouses for the old far away from their families in this nation of “family values”.


Millions of self-righteous American women will look down at the Muslim World as a bastion for the oppression of women…millions of American women will wake up in shelters, in misery and soar from the legalized abduction of life in their womb.


Millions of Americans will gorge themselves at restaurants across the land even leaving half the plate to be thrown away…millions in America will go to bed hungry.


Millions of Americans have their veterinarian on speed dial and will call them at the first sniffle from their favorite little beast…Millions of Americans will die slowly from diseases they never knew they had.


Millions of Americans will go about their day thinking their people represent the only real Americans…millions more will go about their day forging the new American reality.


Allah Bless America

Allah Bless the Ummah


2 thoughts on “Millions of Americans on a Sunday in May

  1. And millions will thus discover Islam, inshaAllah :)

    Pat Robesrtson, Hagee and the rest talk to well over 100 million Americans on Sunday – freee publicity for ISlam. Foxnews and CNN get into 100s of hours of news clips about Islam and Muslim – you could not buy such advertisment for millions of dollars per day.

    Islam has become a main talking point in the American elections AND the American religious circle – Hollywood stars and American sports figures might get upset from all the press Islam is getting, and America is getting bored with the MSM female pop star news and other cute distractions..

    The thing is that Pat Robesrtson things Islam is wrong and feels safe in telling his flock all about it, some anti-Islamic blogs show very nice verses from the Quran becuase they can not read them properly, and many other little ways they spread Islam.

    America is a big country, and have more information sources than most – even more with the internet now, so give it time and inshaAllah you’ll be pleased. The very subject of Islam was unkown in 70s America – even when California was mixing and inventing new religions daily they had no idea what Islam was about – now they know hear one very negative version of Islam and can look up other views online – works wonders IMHO.


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