A Bogus Allegation, Insincere Email and a Quran School Burns

Just a couple of hours ago I was forwarded this email below from the discredited hate-monger David Gaubatz . Yes, the same Gaubatz that Tariq Nelson and I caught in a fake conversion at the Dar al Hijrah Masjid and yes the same Gaubatz who believes Islam should be made illegal in America and that conversion to Islam should be punishable to up to 20 years in prison and yes the same Gaubatz who still defends slavery and Jim Crow while claiming to have found WMD’s in Iraq.  In this episode  Gaubatz claims he found a “manual” instructing Muslims to commit terrorist attacks in America and kill Olympians at the Halalco Islamic bookstore and supermarket in Falls Church, VA. Now, we all know that this is pure fiction and if such a manual does exist it is more then likely forged by Gaubatz himself.


Normally I would ignore such a thing as it is so absurd and Gaubatz is a minor figure with very little credibility outside of the right-wing fringe in which he trolls. However, as I have just gotten word that a Quran school in Northern Virginia was burned and it was possibly arson, I am reminded that all of those hate-mongering and scapegoating Muslims are creating a cycle ends in violence against our community. It is incitement. Below is the email sent to the editors of the Muslim Link;


I understand there is alot going on with the political situation, but
I believe it would be worthy to possibly prevent attacks against our
Olympians and our country.

Could you forward to as many as possible.  I visited an Islamic
bookstore in Virginia today. A manual was located and being
distributed encouraging Muslims to attack Olympians, to attack
multiple locations in the U.S., and specifically to kill Priests and
Nuns. It is a step by step manual for Jihad.

I wrote a brief summary on my new site www.kidsandterrorism.com (go to
the bottom and then to the Blog link)

I review hundreds of books, manuals, and videos every month currently
being distributed in the U.S., This one is very dangerous. It is time
we stop asking LE to arrest people for advocating terrorism, and begin
demanding they do so…Our children are worth it.

thank you for your help.

Dave Gaubatz

( Note: We all know that the Halalco bookstore is not a professional operation and there you can find Sufi, Shia, and Salafi books all sitting side by side. It appears that there is such a book that was written by some nutty Sufi British leader and I am sure they just threw it on the shelves wihtout looking at it. They should remove this book. )


4 thoughts on “A Bogus Allegation, Insincere Email and a Quran School Burns

  1. As salamu ‘alaikum Umar,

    Thank you for putting this information out there. I didn’t realize that these people were going so far with their hatred of Islam and Muslims. It’s bad enough they are aligned, organized and have money and resources. Now they are infilrating masajid and faking shahada?

    Subhana Allah! We have to open our eyes and realize the threat that these people pose in making the environment for Muslims hectic.

    On a lighter side: Now I have “Suckas Need Bodyguards” stuck in my head…

    “I hate fake “MC’s” that always act hard….”

    MC = Muslim Convert

  2. I say publicize this even more, contact news outlets, do a few press releases, and tell Mr. Gaubatz to produce a receipt and the actual book. Then Halalco should file a suit of some sorts against him, and if not then the Muslims of the area (especially those in the area of the arson) file some sort of class action suit for defamation and public endangerment.
    Don’t let them get away with this.
    If he is willing to plaster his name on an email, lets plaster it to the court house wall and hopefully to a jail cell wall.

  3. After referring to Gaubatz’ site, it seems that I spoke to soon.

    I am sorry for that.

    He is referring to a books called “The sign of the sword” written by the man known as “Shaykh AbdulQadir al-Murabit” aka Ian Dallas, a british convert and head of teh Murabitun Sufi organization and is a person whose ideology is in no way representative of muslims in the US.

    If this book really is being sold at Halalco, it should not be sold any more. It is a rancid book and one based on pure emotional imperialistic response to modern politics rather than being based on any classical understanding of Islam.

    Gaubatz is right that this is a dangerous book, however he is wrong about this book being perused by the broader Muslim community.

    Halalco really should screen the books that they sell (if they are selling this book) and place some disclaimers on their receipts (the contents of the books sold reflect the ideas of the respective authors and not that of Halalco or any of its subsidiaries) rather than taking the “I’ll sell that for a dollar” approach they have had for the longest.

    Sadly most of the Islamic books sellers in the US are in no way conscientious of what they are selling, and would rather pass off volume to make money, regardless of the content.

  4. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I have had personal experience of the Murabitun. They have published a number of books, most notably the translations of Aisha Bewley. Many of these are useful. The ramblings of their “shaikh” Abdul-Qadir are not. For the record, he is not a genuine Sufi shaikh as I have been told by a well-placed tariqa source (i.e. a shaikh of the Darqawi tariqa closely connected to the branch the Murabitun claim connection to). It is a fact, also, that Abdul-Qadir gave shaikhhood to a Shi’ite, Fadhlallah Haeri, which no genuine Sufi shaikh would do (in fact, they would not welcome a Shi’ite or other heretic to the tariqa at all). That said, the Murabitun are mostly talk rather than action; it speaks volumes that “shaikh” Abdul-Qadir and his henchmen took refuge among non-Muslims in the Scottish Highlands rather than in a land of Islam or a place where Muslims live.

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