Married in Morocco ,Killed in the Streets of Philly

Sorry, know I am late on this one. I just caught this story, but it has all the ingredients for this blog; a Muslim brother living in America  goes to Morocco and gets married like the hundreds or thousands of brothers doing so only to find that he cannot escape the violence of the streets in America and is gunned down after fajir and Allah knows best as to why this happened. Inna Lillahi wa Inna raji’u


PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― Police have made an arrest in a shocking murder that left a newlywed dead outside a Philadelphia Mosque.

CBS 3 has learned 19-year-old Joel McClearly, of North Philadelphia, was taken into custody shortly after the fatal shooting of Quadii Soulmani.McClearly and another suspect who remains on the lam are believed to be responsible for Soulmani’s murder as well as a string of recent robberies.

Soulmani, of West Deptford N.J., was shot to death outside the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society Mosque on Germantown Avenue early Sunday morning.

“It is a real tragedy, (he) was coming to do morning prayers which starts at 5:30 and he seems to have been ambushed, two men came and killed him,” Marwan Kreidie of the Mosque said.

Soulmani was married just over a week ago and had just returned from his honeymoon.

“He had just gotten married, he brought his fiancé over from Morocco, he was a hard-working guy,” Kreidie said.

The search for the second suspect continues. Anyone with information is urged to contact Philadelphia police.

And on another note for all of those who claim that the criminal justice system in America is so fair and can do no wrong read this story of a man in Texas freed after 27 years thanks to DNA evidence and the work of the Innocence Project.  



4 thoughts on “Married in Morocco ,Killed in the Streets of Philly

  1. Innallaha wa Inna ilayhi rajiune. He was on his way for his fajr prayers when a lot of us are asleep during this time. He died as a shahid. May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannah.
    I heard this tragic story the other day. That’s crazy. I hope these guys get the death penalty.

  2. i don’t think any reasonable person would claim that the u.s. justice system “can do no wrong”. we know that’s not true and that’s why there are organizations such as the Innocence Project dedicated to righting the system’s wrongs. it is, however, in theory, a great system that is not so much fallible as some of the individuals charged with upholding its laws. elsewhere this man who was freed after a couple decades may have dangled from the end of a rope or been stoned to death in the town square with no trial at all. please tell me where in this world there exists a system that can do no wrong. i’ll pack up my family and move there tomorrow.

  3. Well. That sucks.

    My sister did some of the tile work for the mural on that mosque.

    I’m getting to the point that I’m not so much a big fan of Philly… between the sucky weather and the shootings 1-3 blocks from my house… my friend john calls my neighborhood carjackistan.

  4. inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon

    may Allah (swt) make it easy for his wife now a widow. ameen! may Allah (swt) grant him jannah. Ameen!

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