The Muslim Test Given to Wright

Are Muslims divorced from anything these days? In watching Rev. Jeremiah Wright repeatedly use Islamic phrases in his speech last night to the NAACP in Detroit in order to show his familiarity with Islam I must say I was kind of impressed. The Arabic pronunciation of Rev. Wright was better than that of a lot of American converts I know (but of course their struggling with the luga with imaan is better than his mastery without).  He even made the point that “Arabic is not a religion” and there are “Arabic speaking Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists” and you can’t use an Arabic name, like Hussein, to attack people.

Today, at the National Press Club in DC, Rev. Wright was asked the question that if Jesus said he” is the way, the truth and the light and no one comes to the Father but through me” can one find salvation in Islam? This was a question clearly asked by an Evangelical who believes in eternal damnation for anyone not being born-again in Christ who makes takfir on professed Christians who believe people can attain salvation, or at least avoid Hell, without the born-again experience.  Wright responded with a verse I do not know and can’t remember; but the point I took away is that there is now a “Muslim test” that people can give out to those they feel may be too closely tied to Islam and Muslims. This question could have been “if a Jew rejects Jesus as the Messiah and is not born-again will he go to Hell” (which is the classical position) but the political envionment does not dictate that.


5 thoughts on “The Muslim Test Given to Wright

  1. I hope Wright doesn’t mess up things for Obama. I was reading somewhere ( can’t find it) that a Clinton support set up his press conferences. The idea behind that would be that these press conferences by Wright would mess things up for Obama.

    Anyways, regardless of that may God guide all of them and us to the straight path.

  2. Interestingly enough Wright was born in Germantown PA of all places. The place known in Philly as Muslimtown.

  3. Wright like all uncle Tom’s hates to see Obama become president. Not that I particularly care about Obama since he now bows down to Aipac. But it is true that black people prey on each other. Many of the lack militants and communal leaders fear an Obama win might weaken their claim of racism and discrimination in America which they rely for their leadership role in America. Many blacks live in the past to justify their failures. However there is credible racial problems in america, but I think its a MOSTLY southern phenomena and its not the main hindrance to black progress. Black on black attitudes is more of a hindrance as the death of 2pac and biggi showed.

    “they say its the white man i should fear, but its my own kind doing all the killing here”, 2 pac-from his song only God can judge me

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