Imported from Old Blog

I have imported my old blog which readers who have been around a while will remember and for newer readers it will give you a chance to look at some of my older posts.  I have linked below some I will recommend.

Different Kinds of Iftar at Different Masjids

Conversations with My Grandparents

The Progressive 5th Column in the Ummah

How the Muslim Convert is Perceived Within the Community

New York Stories: Boricua Girl, Uncle Omar and Yiddish Muslim

The White Masjid of the Future

Marrying the Immigrant Sister

You Might Be a Progressive Muslim If…

The Nuts Amongst Us

An HIV Story: Brother From the Hood Marries the Immigrant Girl

Rules from Not Getting Banned from the Masjid

When the Convert and the Old Muslim Meet

The Weak White Muslim Brother Getting Hitched

Muslim Culture and My Evolution

The White Muslim






One thought on “Imported from Old Blog

  1. That “Yiddish Muslim” story caught my eye.

    Sounds exactly like the type of thing that happened to my husband. Being turned into a token. What a travesty.

    I hope that Brother is still doing alright.

    It is a very lonely world for Jewish converts.

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