A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Obama and Muslim Barber in Philly


5 thoughts on “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

  1. hey brother selamaleykum

    what is the latest with brother mike tyson, where does he live, I wish to meet him oneday, make dua for him and us all…….

    you are a boxing fan i assume so you must know somethign more about him that we in the uk don’t , as your american media must report about him.

    take care


    ps: i find mike interesting , he seems very intelligent, a sufi in the making he is perhaps? allah bless us all

  2. Salaams, bit concerned about the fellow having his haircut – the barber seems to have much better things to look at than his hair – hope he got a decent haircut – LOL!

  3. Assalam-aliakam Brother,
    Your back. I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep quiet for long. Look forward to hearing more insh’Allah.
    Brother Junaid is right, the man in the chair should be worried.

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