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Married in Morocco ,Killed in the Streets of Philly

Sorry, know I am late on this one. I just caught this story, but it has all the ingredients for this blog; a Muslim brother living in America  goes to Morocco and gets married like the hundreds or thousands of brothers … Continue reading

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City Journal and the Porn Pledge

There are some pressing matters that I have to tend to and I have not been able to complete my take on something that has upset me for a long time. If you want to find a living embodiment of … Continue reading

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The Muslim Test Given to Wright

Are Muslims divorced from anything these days? In watching Rev. Jeremiah Wright repeatedly use Islamic phrases in his speech last night to the NAACP in Detroit in order to show his familiarity with Islam I must say I was kind … Continue reading

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Imported from Old Blog

I have imported my old blog which readers who have been around a while will remember and for newer readers it will give you a chance to look at some of my older posts.  I have linked below some I … Continue reading

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Rev. Jeremiah Wright Tells His Side on Bill Moyer’s Show

For those of you who did not get a chance to watch the hour long interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright  on  Bill Moyers Journal on PBS you missed an excellent show. Wright, whose sermons at his south side Chicago church … Continue reading

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NYPD Walks In Sean Bell Case

  With the acquittal of all of the police officers today in the Sean Bell case we see once again that when the police are the ones on trial and their victim a black male it is OK to shoot … Continue reading

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Obama Campaign, Muslims, and a Race of Demographics

In researching the results from the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary I came across this article from al-Jazeera on Pennsylvania Muslims and the Obama campaign.   I agree with the fundamental argument of the article that Muslims in America have coalesced around … Continue reading

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