Umar Lee on Obama Race Speech


7 thoughts on “Umar Lee on Obama Race Speech

  1. How come you took down the “Rise and Fall of the salafi movement” pieces. i was interested in reading them to better understand some issues I am dealing with. There seems to be a break in the recorded/remember(?) knowledge on the movement.

    Actually, I am interested in all the various movements of Islam in America, so I stumbled on your site in regards to that. Just curious as to where it went.



  2. As salaamu ‘alaykum Umar,

    It’s possible that some people were shocked by the statements of Rev. Wright, but I don’t really think that’s the issue. The point is not whether people know or don’t know that Blackamericans (and others) feel that way the point is that they want to show their power and authority to make someone like Barack Obama disown those comments if he wants to be accepted in the ‘mainstream.’ So they want to teach a “lesson” to uppity people that you cannot bring those views into the public dialogue or the political system. This is just another part of the complex mechanisms through which the powerful elites maintain their control of what goes on in America while still making people think that they live in a democracy where anyone is free to express their opinion.

    Allaah knows best.

    I, myself am sick of discussions on race that focus on people’s personal experiences or prejudices or cultural sensitivity but I know people love that kinda stuff so I have no doubt those discussions will continue to go on. I think we need to move to honest discussions of the systemic roles played by things like race and class in our society and how to address the real problems that exist. But people in America don’t like to address systemic issues they like to whittle everything down to a a personal anecdote. So, they think if white women love Oprah and if Barack Obama would be president, this would “prove” that racism is not a problem anymore. And to be honest, this is a gnawing concern I have in the back of my mind of how electing Obama will actually make it harder in some ways to have honest productive discussions of race in this country.

  3. Salaam ‘Alaikum Affad:

    Umar probably knows better than I do, but I think that the Rise & Fall series was republished somewhere, such as the MANA site.

  4. You’re spot on brothers Umar and abunoor.

    I’m kind of disgusted with the whole thing right now-as I feel that Hilary Clinton will ride on the wave of this anti-black slander campaign. The race baiting that the Clintons have done is a disgrace. Thus further proving my disenchantment with mainstream white feminism.

  5. As salaam alaikum Umar,

    Thanks for posting, you brought up some things that I didn’t think about. Do you see any comparisons between Rev. Wright and the Farrakhan situation? Do you think Obama will be able to spin this into a strength? Great post can’t wait until 05/01.

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