My Blogging Future and Some General Venting

Why did I start a blog? I started blogging a few years ago as I have mentioned before to talk abut some issues that I didn’t see being discussed in other places and I think I have been able to address a wide-variety of topics and stimulate a lot of discussion. Other bloggers have doe the same like Tariq Nelson, Abu Sinan, Margari Aziza Hill, Dawud, Umm Adam, and those before me like Umm Zaid .I am a big fan of the Muslim blogoshpere and some of the best stuff I see is on blogs that hardly anyone reads it is just one person expressing themselves. Probably, they are like me, in that when I started this I had no one to discuss my experiences in the Muslim community and my ideas about certain things and was given this vehicle with which to do it.

While there is a lot of good in the Muslim blogosphere there are also things that I don’t like. There are people who are idiots with blogs expressing dumb opinions, there are people who are smart and just express things I don’t agree with, there are extremists with blogs calling to violence, and there are those blogs that remind me of the boring and lame Muslim print media in that they are predictable and discuss nothing in any new way and then criticize others who seek to do so for being “tabloid bloggers”.

The blog was also meant to be a means to an end for me. It was meant to be something that could grow into something else such as a magazine, film production company, or an organization that could address some of the problems in the community. As the blog grew there was also talk of monetizing it and different people came up to me with suggestions and proposals but that never took off. Magazine efforts proved to be too costly and out of my reach with no financial backing and the film thing never quite took off although it is something I am still pursuing along with other people. 

On an organizational level most have nothing to do with any of the things that I am pursuing and with the acceptation of MAS none has shown me any support at all and call me biased but based on the vision I have seen from MAS they are a part of the solution and not the problem, although like any human entity, there are problems. MANA I may like, but at the end of the day it is a black thing and if you aint black you don’t have sh** coming from them, and the other mainstream Muslim organizations are still too uncle and engineer dominated and still do the same old boring stuff (making the bazaar the most exciting thing at the big conventions).

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