“Sister, I Got a Nice Tent For You Masha’Allah”

A brother I was talking to yesterday reminded of a situation that I had forgot about. I think I have mentioned before that once upon a time in Northern Virginia there was a 2 bedroom apartment that at any time would house between 10 and 15 Muslim brothers (mostly American brothers and always a heavy representation from Philly). The apartment even had a name, Dar us Sunnah, and it was used to mostly house students studying at the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America in Fairfax, VA when it was open and I even briefly stayed there.It was housed in a generic suburban apartment complex in Fairfax near to the hospital. One bedroom in the apartment was for the brother who actually had the lease in his name, the other bedroom was for a few brothers who were paying a little more per month who would all sleep on the floor, and the other brothers were all lined up sleeping on the floor in the living room.

The rent for each brother would be like 130 a month and even at that rate a lot of brothers would get evicted and leave without paying the rent. There was no TV or internet in the place and only a stereo to listen to lectures or Quran along with a lot of books. The only activity brothers really engaged in was reading and arguing about the opinions of the scholars and who was and wasn’t a deviant and upon biddah.

The place was usually pretty clean and it smelled of fragrances oils and the incenses that constantly burned and outside of the occasional turmoil created by theological disputes things seemed to be pretty calm. It was one thing that the brother reminded me of that made me think though and that was the fact that for a one or two month period a sister lived in the place with her husband.

In order to accommodate the sister a makeshift tent was set up about 4 or 5 long and tied to the wall and she stayed in this little corner behind the tent all day unless she had to use the restroom. Since she was not from the area she rarely went out and was confined to living in a space a little smaller than a jail cell. The brother who was telling me the story said “she is probably not even Muslim anymore.”

Who knows, maybe she and maybe she isn’t, but it is hard for me to believe that an educated woman, or just a woman with a good head on her shoulders, could stay with a brother who puts her in those kinds of situations and then not have some kind of negative vision of the deen. I am also sure that if her family is anywhere close to being normal and knew of her condition they had a pretty negative image of Islam in their minds, because we can talk all day about the wonderful ideas and concepts in Islam, but at the end of the day people judge us based on our actions.

There other situations of the mistreatment of Muslim women, young girls to be specific, that I have been made aware of in the past few days but they are so disturbing that I have not even been able to come to grips with them in order to write about. It will just suffice to say that what is weighing heavily on my mind is the question of whether or not Islam in America is going to not only be able to attract educated women; but are we going to make a home for these women and make them feel comfortable once they are in the deen? Another question is if we do not get our act together how many more of our daughters will be leaving the deen, or at least the observance of it, when they become adults? This is already happening, and I have close friends who raised their daughters in the deen who have either outright apostated or who just do not practice anymore. We could just be hard on the girls or we could say this; they never knew a balanced Islam and they did not reject the deen, they rejected the lunacy and extremism they had been raised in.

I am not sure I am the right one to write on this topic, it would probably be better for a woman to address, and I would like for a sister to expand on the topic if she could.

The brothers I know involved in this situation are not bad people; but in their minds the most important thing in life is studying the deen and taking classes and if their families have to live in poverty and do without in order for this to occur then so be it. So, I ask, is this true knowledge, or is this just information they are getting void of any practical understanding?


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  1. Imam Warithu’Deen Mohammed said a couple of years ago that a reason African Americans are called “spooks” is that they are a people (spirit) without a physical structure, community (body) to house the them, sustain there needs, protect them,dignify them or give them a unique identity. So if you may allow me to use this as an analogy to help describe the effect of sterile, impotent “knowledge” (especially so called holy religious knowledge shipped in from another local) on our lives, and how it commits herondous crime and trauma to our common human sense and dignity our “Umi” (Mother Wit, Common Sense) Prophet came to address, invigorate, and respect. Concious people will always go through periods of financial and psychological struggle as we establish ourselves, but we must look at the quality of conduct in the journey, especialy to our women, “a nation will rise only as high as its women”.

  2. The only practical way to follow the fatwa you linked to Abdul Haqq is to move to a country where segragation of the sexes is mandatory.

    Based on that fatwa a Muslim woman will not be able to venture anywhere in 99% of the world today, including 90% of the “Muslim world”.

    Having traveled extensively in the Muslim world I can tell you that what is layed out in the fatwa is only followed in certain areas of Saudi Arabia and a few other isolated and remote places.

    Basically the fatwa says it is haraam to be a Muslim and female anywhere outside of some areas in Saudi Arabia, the Northwest Territories in Pakistan, and some areas of Afghanistan. The rest of the world, including 90% of the Muslim world, is haram for Muslim women.

    I have got to ask Abdul Haqq, where do you live? If you live outside of these areas I mentioned and have either a wife and or daughters, why havent you moved to these areas yet?

    There are a lot of people out there that will throw out this fatwa and that, but do not follow the rulings themselves.

  3. I have heard white people referred to as “ghosts”.

    African Americans have made great world class contributions to the world and the USA, they are second to nobody and should read their history, be proud and go achieve.

    The kind of islam you are describing sounds like what goes on in a yeshiva or in tibet, or maybe one of those cloistered convents.

  4. Man, what’s with all the salafi fatwas been tossed about like so much ticker tape? When I hung out with a certain branch of Naqshbandis, they were really uptight about wahabbis and being the naive little Baba that I am I thought the sufis were just being silly because that kind of thing was only in the magic Kingdom of Saud. But it seems that people outside Arabia fancy it also. Why choose that sort of heartless, punctilious version of the deen? Whoops, sorry for the mini-rant.

  5. Well when people equate women to livestock this is what you get – hole them up into any tiny space and tell her it’ll be “character building” for her and her deen to have sabr.

    God knows what the parents of the girl would do if they realised what conditions their daughter was being kept in.

  6. Asalam Alaikum,

    I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Falls church( Not Dar al Sunnah). I don’t want this to become a whipping board for the Salafis ,so I would like everyone to think about these things. I know sufis who have lived 5 families deep in a two bedroom home with children i.e the Murabitun. I have seen brothers from the ikhwan ul muslimeen beat thier wife in front of the masjid. I have seen guys from Jamaat Tabligh abandon their wives and family for forty days and nights and have the lone black or white brother with them serving the tea and washing the clothes while they travel. I have seen the Jihadis beat other muslims and curse the scholars. I have seen “moderate muslims” drinking beer and partying with women. I have seen Arabs, Pakistanis, White, Black, Indian, Asians disrespect their religion, women, families and eachother. I am saying this to say that we as an Ummah are in bad shape and we need to look at ourselves and not revile the brothers who may lack understanding etc….. I will tell you that the Salafis have a huge amount of strong points and positions in this religion from a theological point. I would advise you to find a good teacher who follows the Quran and Sunnah and learn. It will help you tremendously.

  7. Salaamu Alaikum

    Umar – lol —- I remember Dar us-Sunnah by Gallows rd (I used to live 10 minutes away from there). Did you ever meet the brothers from Champa (Vietnamese & Cambodian)? I remember seeing you there and I think you were taking classes too.

    I remember the “On the Minhaj” debates too, it did smell good though. I also remember they had a Shura Council; they had brothers with difference task assigned by the Amir.

    I agree with brother Jabril, all the movements have their share of shortcomings (some shortcomings are really embarrassing and stupid). Just today, I was informed that a sister (a convert from Guatemala) was married to an Arab brother who beat her senseless (I am not sure why, but I am supposed to meet her this weekend because she doesn’t have papers and will be homeless soon). The brother has a first wife at another state and I suspect that the first doesn’t know about the second one (the Guatemalan). The problem is not that he has two wives but that the brother apparently suffers from some mental disorder and short temper.

    The problem with how women are treated is found in every culture and country but as Muslims we don’t have excuses. I can’t stand the brothers who always bring Fawtuas to justify their mistreatment of their wives and family and use the “I am studying deen, so she needs to conform to my; not having a job and taking more wives”.

  8. Subhan’Allah, Brother Umar. That situation just sounds downright bizarre. That stuff isn’t really tolerated down here and the sisters here in Georgia would pull that sister off to side and ask her if she was crazy. And as easily as this could turn into a Salafi-bashing or man-bashing comment, the fact is that as women, we have to choose what’s best for us. Only Allah knows the sister’s intentions and I can only assume that she thought she and her husband were doing the right thing. But does common sense go flying out the window?

    If God commands men to provide a suitable lifestyle for their wives then these women have to ask themselves, “Is living in this condition good for me and my deen? Is this fair and Islamic?” You know we could blame men all day for this stupidity but as women we have to grow up and start demanding better. How many stories have we heard of sisters giving up of their God-given Islamic rights in order for their spouses to their rights and then some? How many women have accepted polyganous marriages under the worst conditions? Or what about sisters living with their husband and kids on the brink of poverty only to be told that having running water and electricity are extravagant and dunyawi? Or sisters who don’t have any self-love so they accept the “love” of a man who beats them silly?

    What’s so weird is that many of these women are converts who would have NEVER accepted this kind of behavior from a non-Muslim man. I’m not sure where and when the disconnection takes place and suddenly they start dealing with nonsense that so beyond the pale of anything Islamic. But those brothers need to wise up and realize that Islam commands us to have balance in regard to the culture that we are living in whether that culture is in Egypt or England. We can take the good and halal of American culture and avoid the haram and evil of American culture. It’s that simple. But if they continue to declare everything haram, shut themselves off from mainstream society, and refuse to engage others for the sake of education and dawah then they shouldn’t be surprised when their wives and children run away from the deen. Who could live under such suffocating conditions?

    My long-winded rant is over. Thanks :-)

  9. When women fail to learn their marital rights before getting married then you can expect to hear stories like these in our communities.

    Islamically she’s entitled to housing, clothing and financial support but some of these “students of knowledge” get married with no $, no accomodations and hold back on giving her wife’s right. Some of these brothers place their wives in the most crappy living conditions, collecting welfare or sadaqa so that they can continue studying ‘ILM fee-sa-bililah. Most don’t understand that their wives have more rights over them than learning the Ajrummiyah.

    I just can’t understand why the brothers in the apartment didn’t talk the brother out of placing her in a tent?!?!

  10. I remember Dar as-Sunnah as well. I studied with a number of the brothers there at the Mahad for some time and did not witness the theological bickering alluded to in the article. I do, however, remember a few brothers who would live there but did not study, so perhaps contrary to those actively engaged in studying, they were responsible for this – idle hands do the devils work, as we say. As for the sister in the tent, most of the brothers that I remember from DS were single, so if they were putting anyone in harm’s way it was just themselves. Those who were married were more than responsible for their families as they pursued their studies. There was a group of brothers from Philly who came down en force who sound like this could have been something they would do, however they left quickly due to the peer pressure to leave. the ‘heretic’ mahad. To blame the ‘Salafies’, if that is what they really were, is to overlook the reality that it takes two tango meaning there was a non-Salafy that they must have been arguing – so let us not scapegoat.
    Regarding the statement about attending mixed colleges, then yes of course, absolutely shunning college is not realistic in our society. Most of those who are loudest with this mentallity probably were never even in the running to attend even a Community College. I can’t help but feel that this simply crab-barreling with a religious covering. This being said, I think we can agree that college does consist of some things offensive to our religion. First and foremost is the dormitory, I doubt many virgins emerge from one. My point, if we or our children are attending college then we, as Muslims, should definitely proceed with caution due to the dangers present in that very mixed environment. If someone avoids college to avoid mixing, this is perhaps a good thing in and of itself, but isn’t it at least somewhat inevitable that at somepoint they will have to work in a mixed environment?

  11. Salaam Alaikum,

    Further to what Izzy Mo said, Allah swt loves us and as part of that love, He gave each of us a brain, for us to use in this life.

    Most of these situations would be avoided if people used what was between their ears a bit more instead of trusting people they hardly know.

    A lot of this also comes down to a lack of self respect. People don’t have this and then are told how bad they are and must do x, y or z or Allah swt won’t be happy with them (like these advice givers have a hotline to Allah or something). They need other people to affirm their own self worth so they swallow it wholesale.

    Allah swt loves his Ummah and wants what is best for them. A muslim should both behave and be treated with dignity. Does anyone really think that a woman being beaten to a pulp is a good situation?

  12. salam alaikoum
    I have to second Sister Izzy Mo on something, converts will take cr*ap off of a Muslim dude that they would never take off of non-Muslims.
    Don’t want to get into Salafi-bashing but I have known a lot of convert girls whose husbands had boys’ weekends at the house where the wife was confined to the bedroom. When she walked out to the kitchen, i.e. for food, or to clean up, they would be like “Astarghfirullah sister” and everyone would glare.

  13. First question that came to my mind was why would a sister marry somebody like that? A sister shouldnt marry any man who approaches, alot of search and discussion should take place before she says yes to a particular brother.

    If i come across a brother who is sincere and is striving to learn the deen and plants to serve the Ummah then i wouldnt mind putting up with some difficulties (there is no jannah in this world and we have to choose one, either this life or next)…However financial situation and living conditions should be discussed before marriage takes place and there should be no secrets or game playing.

  14. I also remember dar us sunnah and how brothers were flocking there. I know several sisters who also relocated to VA and lived dorm room style with different sisters also.

    Anyway to reiterate what Jabril said all of the ummah is infected with these sorts of diseases, not just the western salafis. I think though because enshallah Umar, myself and others still identify with western salafis in aqeedah and probably even in some areas of minhaj, then this is why he continues to mentions their shortcomings; to highlight the mounting wrongs in hopes that those things they will eventually be expelled from the ranks.

    The situation with the tent is sad and sorry but I whole heartedly agree with Izzy, how does a grown woman allow herself to be treated like that? The answer is to that is the Muslima who is not educated and lacks self worth, often she herself may have grew up in neglectful situations. The brothers have a problem, but the sisters who are enabling them also have problems as well. Infact the sisters have bigger problems because their numbers in some of these communities are greater than that of the men.

    If 100 sisters in every community took a stand against the foolishness and actually stood on the rights and honor given to them by Allah, the brothers would have to change their behaviors.

    I’ve spoken on my blog about the situation with Muslim girls in America. It’s bad, but in the urban communities, especially the Salafi communities, it’s horrible. These girls are being raised in homes stricter than most penal systems and on top of that are not being educated properly or at all. Their lives revolve around attending telelinks, covering properly and then preparing for marriage. It’s insane. A sister was just telling me how a family in East Orange had 3 daughters all leave Islam for the dunya and that the mother has just found out that the fourth daughter, a 16 year old who wears jilbab and niqab and is “homeschooled”, is pregnant by a non Muslim man almost twice her age. It’s hearbreaking. You can’t help but feel sorry for the parents but I know also that they are the primary reason for their circumstances.

    The problem with some of the western revert Salafi sisters is that they discredit everyone but themselves. So instead of building with other Muslims, both immigrant or the indigenous Muslims such as the Warrithul deen masajid in their communities who are developing positive activities and programs for Muslim youth and who have raised Muslim children successfully, they’ll shun them as -insert whatever name you want- and assert that they have all the support they need through the telelinks and the like. At the same time too many of the salafi sisters are living in poverty, are involved in shameful polygamous marriages (that are supported and encouraged by their tulaybul ilm) and have a lot of children to raise by themselves.

    The Muslim boys aren’t fairing any better from these communities either. They are growing up angry as hell after watching their mothers being abused, neglected or shunned by their fathers for his new Morrocan brides or in some cases by their step fathers for his own biological children. I know of situation in Philadelphia where a sister’s new husband beat her 13 year old son because he refused to wake for Fajr on time. The boy ran away to his non Muslim grandparents’ home who agreed to keep him for a couple of months. When the boy called his mom to come get him after he began to miss her, her “salafi” husband told her the son was no longer welcome in his home because he “chose” the kufar over the Muslims! And the sister foolishy told this to her son, that he couldnt come back to her!

    Soon these kids are going to start speaking up about their lives like those Mormon children did and once again Islam is going to take a hard blow because we didn’t protect them.

    May Allah save us all.

  15. Hi Umar – came by your blog again today (check your e-mail, btw), and thought it was interesting that you would mention the Fairfax Institute, since I could have sworn a professor of mine mentioned it once in class in relation to some political discussion.

    You know, there’s a saying in Ukrainian: “Бачили очі що купували.” It basically means that your eyes see what it is they are buying – and it is especially true when it comes to choosing a life partner. I would say that living in a tent like a dog in a crate would be an abusive situation in any religion or cultural setting – but also, a woman must be able to assert her rights.

    Far too many women I know, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, think that abuse is part and parcel of being in a relationship. Many of them I don’t blame, especially if their parents set a bad example to begin with. But the cycle has to stop somewhere.

  16. as salamu alaykum,

    Wow Musleema you really hit that nail hard. Thank you, your last lines are especially poignant.

    The bottom line is that much of the criticism of our religious communities is well deserved. It’s shameful to have your dirty laundry aired before the world, and we are paying a cost that is too high as our enemies use it against us (and we use it against one another), but the heart of the shame is the shame before Allah (swt) that we allow injustice to be committed in His name.

  17. Assalaamu alaikum, folks! This is Cee, Musa’s wife again. Musa pulled my coat to this issue…

    Firstly, I’m just so sick of this name calling that we Muslims like to engage in. Salafis are this… Sufis are that… Ikhwanis are like this… Tableeghis are like that… It’s as if the non-Muslims aren’t putting enough strain on the ummah that we have to emphasize the divisions amongst ourselves. There are innumerable non-Muslims who see an act done by someone who claims to be Muslim and says, “That’s Islam for ya!” Why do we turn around and do the same thing to each other. “You see what those Salafis do to their women?” C’mon! I would expect a whole lot more depth from Muslims considering all of the negative stereotyping we collectively suffer from outsiders.

    My second point regards the sister living with a group of brothers… Islamically, it’s not permissible for a woman to live with non-mahrams. I don’t know why she opted to live with brothers. Perhaps that was the only choice she had, in which case, they did the best they could to minimize temptation and free mixing. Was it ideal? It doesn’t sound like it, but would you rather have a sister just chillin’, sharing a mattress with Brother Whoever? So she had a little corner of the apartment… That sounds like a lot more privacy than the brothers had. Additionally, she was probably able to hang out on her perch without hijab. I get annoyed when my husband has guests over and I have to stay in hijab for too long. But Alahmdulilah, my husband is very understanding, so usually, the brothers will go out or confine themselves to one room so that the sisters can be comfortable.
    The brothers, themselves, weren’t living in the best conditions either (15 brothers in a 2 bedroom). It was mentioned that they barely had enough for rent. So if the brothers were wrong for sharing the little bit they had with the sisters, were they supposed to house her in a penthouse? By your own admission, they hardly had enough for themselves, but you still criticize them for opening up a space for her in an already crowded apartment. Why didn’t the gossippy brother who told you this story get her an apartment if he was so appalled?
    Assuming that she was mistreated by judging the living conditions is downright wrong. No one mentioned that the sister was physically abused or exploited in any way. If that was the case, that a completely different story altogether. If that wasn’t the case, then at least the sister had a roof over her head. She wasn’t being used and she had a safe place to sleep.
    And another thing on this point… if living with brothers (non-mahrams at that) was the only option that sister had, what does that say about the Muslim infrastructure of the area? Why weren’t there sufficient accommodations for the sister provided by the Muslim community? Who’s more wrong: the brothers for giving her a makeshift, less-than-perfect place to sleep or the entire Muslim community for giving her nothing? Let’s put things in perspective. Providing for converts is a communal obligation. Economically needy converts are amongst the people eligible for receiving the zakat. We can build big old masaajid and youth centers, but when a woman converts and gets kicked out of her family’s house, where’s all that Muslim money for her? This is not an issue of Salafi or non-Salafi. It’s about putting your money where your mouth is. Everybody wants to give dawah, but not everyone is going to support converts economically when their families bail on them and they lose their jobs because they became Muslim.

    As for the mistreatment of Muslim women… In the US, I believe that people will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. If a sister doesn’t educate herself about the religion and relies on her husband to tell her what she’s entitled to and what she’s obliged to do under Islam, then shame on her! If she can read, then she has no one to blame but herself if her husband misuses Islamic principles to oppress her. Even if she can’t read, there are entirely too many video and audio lectures for her to not know her basic rights and obligations. Am I justifying the mistreatment of women? Absolutely not. I know that in some countries and cultures, women are forced to put up with whatever is thrown at them. But in the States… amongst converts… Sister, learn the religion so that no one can oppress you. If you refuse, that’s your own fault. Someone commented about a bunch of brothers layin’ up in a sister’s house and saying “astaghfirullah” whenever she was in her own kitchen. C’mon, if she didn’t show those brothers the door, then she has some serious issues! But it’s because they’re Salafi, right? Please! People need to take responsibility for what they allow other people to do to them and the community needs to take responsibility for the needy.
    You know, if the topics raised here were put in a deeper context, this blog might actually benefit American Muslim. Unfortunately, much of what I see hereupon are shallow analyses of isolated incidents scripted to cause a lot of controversy over a heap of nonsense.

  18. Back in the mid nineties I lived in a similar setup whilst studying at the ma’had, a one-bedroom flat in the now gentrified and rebuilt Arna Valley area of Arlington. We had between four and seven brothers from outside the area splitting the $450 rent, more often than not declining to take even the most basic jobs if it meant trimming our beards or some other practice which would put us “off the da’wah”. The same theological debates took place there- always in English, as not many of us were able to converse in Arabic beyond what we’d learned in the second or third level of the institute’s language programme. During the time I was living there one brother married a local Somali sister and “took turns” with the bedroom, arranging with the rest of us to be out of the apartment when she’d come over to be with him. Looking back, it was almost like a conjugal visit in prison… thankfully even though their marriage dissolved rather quickly, both of them (the last time I heard news of either, years ago) were still strong in their faith.

    I blame neither the brothers, the lecturers we listened to, nor the school for breeding an attitude which makes living in such a situation seem not only acceptable but reccomendable- in my eyes, it’s more of a sincere yet very immature understanding of how to approach and apply the teachings of Islam. When knowledge becomes the focal point of a person’s life, he or she runs a very dangerous risk of worshipping Islam instead of worshipping the One who set Islam as a path towards Him. The idea that “getting that ‘ilm” is the end goal sets a person up to be easily misled. Perhaps this is an idea which the scholars who dedicated their lives to spreading the understanding of the faith might not have encountered, or if so then their writings on the sincerity required for scholarship might not have been emphasised nearly enough in the circles we ran in.

    I remember once meeting back then a rather famous imam in New Jersey who lamented the fact that so many books were being translated into English. For years I was confused at his statement, until it finally hit me that people were reading too much without having any avenues upon which to properaly put that knowledge into action. Almost as if we were drinking two litre bottles of Red Bull, all the while chained to a bed. Today, with the failures which many people travelling that path unfortunately had to face now out in the open, hopefully we’ll be able to learn from where we went wrong and develop a more thorough approach both to studying and to applying what we’ve learned. If that means holding off on learning jurisprudence until a person has a firm grasp of the book and traditions and language, then so be it. If not knowing the “proper Islaamic” way of going about an affair that a person is likely never to face in his or her life means that he or she in the meantime has learnt how to please Allah in an everyday, mundane situation- then even better.

  19. This isn’t about Salafism or Wahhabism, it’s about nigger deen. Black people have been turned into niggas in this country, and niggas who become Muslim generally remain niggas, only now they got shahada and a lot of Arabic words to go with their niggadom.
    Umar, you had this post a long time ago called “Nuts Among Us”, and I think you explained it then. There’s not much else to discuss here about it. A nigga became Muslim, got married broke and couldn’t house his wife, and so he put her in a tent. Well, there you have it! I’m not race-bashing, but I am talking about a mentality when I use the word nigga or nigger, whichever he would hate the most. But I bet it was an AA brother doing this, and I know because I’m one and I’m almost expected to be this trifling by other AA brothers in the ghetto masajid here.
    Frankly, I think it’s because Islam costs money to practice like anything else, and honest people won’t have enough money until we either rob the ones who have and don’t deserve it (not gonna happen) or we get to Paradise if we get there at all!
    As you can see, this post was depressing. I liked the older one where at least you had some humor in it.

  20. Isso, “Almost as if we were drinking two litre bottles of Red Bull, all the while chained to a bed.”
    That was classic! And so was this quote from you; “he or she runs a very dangerous risk of worshipping Islam instead of worshipping the One who set Islam as a path towards Him.”
    I would have been depressed all day had I not read that. Hamdulillah!

  21. You must mean Dar al-Hikmah. I forget the name of the street that it was on, but this sounds like it, it wasn’t too far from Kebab Express. It did have a nice yard for tossing around a football though.
    And Umar, you forgot one small detail regarding Dar as-Sunnah the additional lodging available in the boiler room – I remember visiting a brother who was sleeping in there! Nice and cozy!
    Regarding what isso said as to the fault of situations such as these, I would like to add an additional cause for some of the absurd things converts do ‘with the zeal of a convert.’ A lot of times I think we, the converts, simply continue on our trajectory established before we were muslim without making any informed changes, or improvements, once converting. Or, we apply an idealized image of what we think a muslim should be like, and unfortunately, in some cases, thrust our lives into a downward spiral on this basis.

  22. Brother Abraham I thank Allah for all the sane brothers like yourself, my husband, and my biological brothers. It is because of sane brothers like you that Al-Islam is flourishing here in the USA.

    Imam Mohammed also stated that man is mind and woman is the womb of mind. We need to take this to heart and leave all the fools with their foolishness.

    We who listen to Imam M0hammed have THE truth of Al-Islam all we need do is move forward. I have tons of girlfriends in my community who love Al-Islam and practice it with love and vigor. We will raise our children to do so also.

    The sisters you see abandoning Al-Islam are abandoning stupidity and foul treatment. Women are equal in stature with men in Al-Islam. The only thing we can’t do are those things that are harmful to our feminine nature such as lifting heavy objects or going toe to toe with a man. Our minds and our talents are given to us to be useful to humanity the same as a man’s mind and talent.

    The men who demand that their “women” be unseen are scared little boys with no real power in the “real world” (the dunya). They use this word as if they somehow live on another planet.

    Those of us who are making strides in the world and keeping our Islam strong should just continue on the straight path and ignore the idiots who try to TEACH you the ‘true” Islam.

    And the next time someone criticizes you for the way you practice Al-Islam. And tells you you are wrong for associating with “the Khufar” (their word for anyone who is not Muslim) ask them how many hospitals they have built. Ask them how many schools they have developed, Ask them how is their poverty progressing humanity. Then turn and walk away.

  23. Yes like the women of the Imam- Worped deen Mohamed …..None of them dressing properly,skimpy clothing ,makeup and nurtured upon black nationalism….The same Imam who told women there headcovering is her hair and the same Imam who married his daughter to a kafir……Women are not equal to men in islam……and if you think so prove it!!!!!!!!!!That’s all you about dunyah accomplishments….Where’s the spiritual guidance ???..how come sooo many people have sex out of wedlock from that community???? and alot more hideous sins….like indulging in riba buying houses ,and cars on intrest….because the imam said it’s ok……..Dont listen to anyone who makes the haraam …Halaal……Unlissted2007

  24. As-Salaamu-Alaikum Noble Sajdah,

    Dont trip off the trianed parrot, sterile sperm baffoonery of “unlisted’s” mind. unfortunately minds like his will be just that when you look them up to view their contributions to reviving balanced life, “unlisted”. May Allah guide us.

  25. Salam,
    “If she can read, then she has no one to blame but herself if her husband misuses Islamic principles to oppress her.”

    I find that quite a naive statement to make, as well-meaning as it might be. Alot depends on the individual’s character and the situation they are in.

    We recently published a reader’s first-hand account of domestic violence. She is a revert. A sister may know her rights in Islam, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are afforded to her by a husband. It isn’t always easy for revert sisters to demand their rights without family to fall-back on if they are thrown out of the house by an over-bearing husband.


    Brother Umar, nice site Mashallah. You got our vote for the Brass Crescent awards.

  26. Abraham hanif …your one trained parrot who doesnt know how to spell…..lool…Inshaallah when you look me up you’ll see I wasnt a follow of Imam Worped deen Mohamed……Who publicly declared himself “The manifestation of God”…..[1] See Muhammad Speaks, May 23, 1975, pp. 17-19. His referral to himself as ‘The Manifestation of God’ has its links to Elijah’s teachings, as Elijah said that ‘after me will come God himself.’ See Message to the Blackman, p. 306. Thus, W.D. Mohammed labeling himself ‘The Manifestation of God’, is intended to be understood as ‘a fulfillment of prophecy…….Unlissted2007

  27. “unlisted, unlissted” however you spell it, I never claimed to be a master typer but just to give my brother a hand, the word is warped not worped.

    Now to my final comment on this issue, because there is so much commen sense proof out there for those balanced healthy minds who are looking for increased life in the dunya and the akhira of the benefit of minds like Imam Warithu”deen Mohammed. I’m going to give you some advice to help save you precious time in our limited and pressing life so you can kindly return the nightgown(“thobe”) to the worst of the religious (system for tying human potential to revival and benefit in this life and the later life)minds, who love being your master gave you to wear on your mind. #1. go the malcom x research site and listen to the lecture given by the Imam in the 1950’s on Al-fatiha 2. Go to you tube and listen to the Imams lecture @ the MANA conference and 3. go to http://www.newafricaradio.com and listen to Julys lectures all the way up till now. Until then dont waste your time commenting or should I say rehashing old “facts” about Imam Mohammed that the jealous devilish haters of substantive revival in America love for us to get tangled in because nobody is listening. WE ARE ALL MOVING ON TO LIVE GROWN UP LIVES. Peace on your journey.
    Just for the record, I am a 29 year old , married for nine years to the same woman, 2 children having, plus 1 thats not mine supporting,college degree toting, successful @ home business building Caucasian ex jew, Republican, Rasta, Five Percenter, on the low FOI, Salafi, Sufi who’s mind by the Mercy of ALLAH was sobered up to Love my own heritage and human form and accept my destiny that Allah has for All of us to get my share in this world, help others get theirs, so we can be worthy for our share in the next BY SOULY THE LANUAGE,METHOD,AND COMMENTARY OF THE HONORABLE IMAM WARITHU’DEEN (INHERITOR OF THE DEBT) MOHAMMED, SPOKESPERSON FOR THE HUMAN SOUL! GO BACK TO SCHOOL SIIIISSSSSYYYYYY!

  28. Imam warped deen mohamed also 1978- Rejects miracles of the prophets “Moses, being pursued by Pharaoh’s army, struck the water and the Red Sea parted, so the Book says, and Moses and his people walked across on dry land… Brother and sister, you will never convert intelligent people to religion today with unrealistic symbolical stories like that [5] See Lectures of Emam Muhammad, pp. 118-119……..Unlissted2007Whatever he said old he must repent from!!!!!!! until then it still stands!!!!!!!!!!abdul jabaar

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