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“Sister, I Got a Nice Tent For You Masha’Allah”

A brother I was talking to yesterday reminded of a situation that I had forgot about. I think I have mentioned before that once upon a time in Northern Virginia there was a 2 bedroom apartment that at any time … Continue reading

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Some Important Fiqh Questions

  With all the problems the Muslim Ummah is facing, MR posted a fatwa on the permissibility of eating mermaids that all of us can use and shows just why these movements really are not dying out at all and shows that … Continue reading

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Hajj Masturbation and a Call For Those Who Support KSA Ruling to Stand Up

I know that people will say that this topic may be off color and inappropriate; but I was made aware of this topic over lunch and I honestly had trouble finishing my meal I was so disturbed.A brother mentioned to … Continue reading

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“Ugly Black Women”, Perfect Arab Wives, and Matters of Race

Sister Umm Adam over in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the same kingdom where you can get 200 lashes for talking to the media about being gang-raped and blamed for the crime, has an interesting piece on her experience with … Continue reading

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Greeting Muslim Women

Growing up in America it is customary when you enter a home to greet all that are present male or female. The type of  greeting differs depending on the region, culture and class of the individuals involved. As an example, … Continue reading

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Email From a Detractor in the City of Brotherly Love and Muslim Madness

We saw that silliness you wrote about salafeeyah and we’ll address it Please, I am waiting brother, but remember my attack is against some who claim salafeeyah like they claim their allegiance to a street gang, the Thugafi Dawah,  you … Continue reading

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Debate With bin Gregory on White Muslim Identity in America

I want to respond to a post disagreeing with my views on the roles of white Muslims in America by a white Muslim brother by the name of bin Gregory over at his blog. My response to him is not … Continue reading

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