Is This Sister Married?

Now that is the kind of sister I like..and I 4got, kuffee-pat to Brother Jim H


33 thoughts on “Is This Sister Married?

  1. mashAllah, that punk got owned… she dresses like a Turk, but I can’t tell anything about her from this clip, even where this might be shot, except that it’s definitely in the US, as per the flag. I also would marry a sister like this, if she’d have me.

    idjit thought he could rip off muslim women – should know we don’t turn the other cheek regularly…

  2. Dude, thats really brave. But if you want to marry a sister like that…then prepare for some potentialy violent arguments.

  3. As much as i respect her for her efforts, the guy had a gun, he could have shot her in the head, cheast or wherever else and that could have been the end. Whatever he was after (im assuming the till) it wouldnt have been worth losing her life over. Im not saying sisters shouldnt defend themselves but you have to be careful, especially with men because realistcally most can overpower you and knock the shit out of you in a flash.

    I’ve had a few pricks in recent weeks trying shit with me and all of them were grown ass men. One who was partculary aggressive and had sort backed me into a corner was about 3/4 times the size of me, big beefy guy, in his late 30’s. It was only because i’m a muslim hijabi he started on me and we had some exchange of words- i knew he was a racist ass because immidetly he started saying shit about me to f off back home and shit about muslims. Thanksfully there were some people around who came to my defence and he didnt touch me but i know had i been alone, he probably would have, judging by the type of guy he was. And this was in the morning, in a goverment building. These punks arent scared and they start on sisters because they know deep down that for the most part, it wouldnt take much for them to do real damage. My bro told me i should carry a knife and use it if anyone starts on me but given the penalty i would get if caught in possesion (jail time), let alone using it, and the fact that i’m likely to get randomly stopped by police for being muslim, i cant take that risk.

    Its a tough world. Sometimes i wish i was a man or atleast had the strengh of one, you know like zena warrior princess lol (i know shes not real but she kicked ass lol) so i could put these punks back in their place.

  4. Br. Omar, that is an unfair comment. A sister who is able to fight off an attacker/ robber is not necessarily a sister who is going to have potentially violent arguments at home! A husband and attacker are two different people. This is your stereotype and you shouldn’t be imposing that upon others.
    Most sisters are having to defend themselves one way or another, especially in this climate of islamaphobia. Some attackers deliberately prey on sisters as they see them as an easy target and give them what they want.

  5. Just another reminder that women, especially muslimahs, need to learn martial arts, considering many sisters are single and the majority of converts do not have mahrams which means we are basically on our own. Then again brothers needs to step up and do a better job of protecting the women.

    Br. Omar,

    If men would learn to behave inside the home, they wouldn’t have to worry about a sister throwing a pot of boiling grits (or lye) on them, beating them over the head with a cast iron skillet or re-enacting an old flick. I can’t remember the name of the movie, I just remeber ole boy being tied a bed – by his ankles – and the sledgehammer going to work – OUCH!


  6. Muslim_gal,

    I used to carry a full-legth brolly to the library whenever I was studying late, comes in handy when you run into those aggressive piss heads leaving the pubs around 10:30pm. That and Kempo Jujitsu were main defence techniques.

  7. Its a tough world. Sometimes i wish i was a man or atleast had the strengh of one, you know like zena warrior princess lol (i know shes not real but she kicked ass lol) so i could put these punks back in their place.


    You can still be strong and kick ass. You are so young, just do martial art.

  8. What kind of crazy, medieval weaponry is that?!!!


    It looks sort of like an axe, but seems too long to be…..

    Good, now I don’t feel so bad about keeping that 26″ Mace in my purse.

    heh heh heh…….

    I wish.

  9. By the way, in another interview (which you can find online with some searching) she said she “knew it was fake”, referring to the gun. The real issue at hand was her confrontation with this guy, not the gun, as he could have still attempted to beat her up. She held her ground and made a strong statement. But the gun was not the issue. May Allah bless and protect her.

  10. Saggal
    Training Martial Arts is great and I encourage anyone with a balanced disposition to do it; however, I’ve seen a lot of people overestimate what it’s done for them. Some college kid takes a few Wing Chun lessons, starts a fight with some construction worker in a fast food place, and gets his ass knocked out. On the flipside, though, I know several female martial artists who can take me down, including at least one hijabi sister, which is not easy. Technique is good but pure, unadulterated refusal to back down is better.

  11. as salaamu alaykum,

    Some of my muslima sisters and I have found the perfect weapon. It’s 100% legal and very effective if you’re clever about its use. Just take a sturdy sock (I like to decorate mine so the last thing some sucka sees is a happy face coming his way) and fill it with rocks or batteries and sew it shut. If someone comes at you, aim for the head or adam’s apple and aim HARD.

  12. Damn, Umar, they put you right next to “Bored Kidz”? Like, the dumbest thing ever associated with Islam in any form? That’s just downright insulting.

  13. ‘And when a man and a woman are alone…shaytaan is the third”
    Why did her family leave her alone in a store in the first place..
    Why wasnt there a male relative there to protect her …
    Im all for empowerment of women but shes asking for trouble. Others have been killed for less. This time she dealt with a punk….next time the gun could be real.
    Allahu Musta’an

  14. Dave,

    Think I know what you mean about ppl overestimating their skills in this area, but I only started to believe in my own defensive abilities after I nearly killed a guy during training, I had no idea I was so strong you see. It often surprised people at uni that I could be so strong for someone so skinny -some of my friends even used to joke that I looked like I had just walked out of a refugee/concentration camp.

    Funny enough, I’d never have gone anywhere near martial arts as I had qualms about training with men andwhatnot but then I met an Imam’s daughter who was a black belt and the rest, as they say, is history. Having said that, I actually am a wimp and would never start a fight.

  15. It makes me laff how some people claim to really despise something and then give it free publicity by barking off about it. My blog stats today are highest for the pingback from the news link here, and the most clicked on news link is Bored Kidz! Good on yer, Parallel. :-)

  16. Dave:

    Both “technique” and “pure, unadulterated refusal to back down” are necessary for self-defense; neither are sufficient on their own.

    I actively engage in aikido training but intellectually study all other styles from the outside (at least for now). muslim_gal, if you are interested in studying martial arts, e-mail me your address (city and travel range only; I don’t need your street addy and don’t want you to think I’m a stalker), and I’ll do research into what school in your area I think would be best for you.

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