Sameer Khan Attacks Umar Lee and Mahdi Bray

Once again I find myself being attacked by crazed Muslim fanatics who see Islam as only a deen of punishment and war and not a deen of mercy and love as I see it. They attack Imam Mahdi Bray along with myself for our concern for the people in California who are the victims of the wildfire and for our love of America and speak in words that are full of hate.I will not dwell on this topic for long, and I have debated the instigator in this matter Sameer Khan in the past and refuted him, I made the comments public and approved them and their insanity is open for the world to see. I say this once again to Mr. Khan; if you only want the death and defeat of America then get out from living in your parents basement in North Carolina, get a job, save some money and buy a ticket and go to Iraq to join your murderous brothers carrying out senseless acts of carnage against fellow Muslims and then I will take you serious while I pray for your defeat and the victory of sane Muslims in Iraq and until then you are a hypocrite for living in America. As for now you are just some young kid full of hate eating your mothers cooking living in your parent’s basement and are misguided and have a circle of young misguided Muslims around you who I pray for.