New York Muslima Biz Owner Beaten

This article  from the New York Post tells the story of a Muslim business-owner in New York who was beaten after she had received a number of threatening phone calls calling her a terrorist.


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  1. Shia Arabs themselves would say what I said above about Iranians when visiting their country. I read that for several religious Shia Arab cultists. The bulk of Iranians today have either become atheists, Baha’is, Christians OR Muslims (Sunnis). What is it that would make them cling to Shi’ism, which was forced on their forefathers 5 centuries ago? Shi’ism has absolutely no appeal & no room for happiness which religion is supposed to bring on a human soul.

  2. I don’t think they cared whether she was sunni, shia, practicing or nominal, Hussam. Doesn’t matter who she is, nobody deserves to be treated like that. You’re out of line and should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Bigots and Islamophobes don’t give a hoot about Sunni or Shi’i; they see all Muslims as potential targets.

    Even if the person was a Chaldean who was attacked, the Islamophobic crime was based upon the notion that the person was a Muslim.

    So how devout Iranians are to Islam or if the Shi’is `aqeedah is correct is of no relevance to the actual crime.

  4. Hussam, you know if you check your calendar you might notice that the month is Ramadan. Perhaps you should check out what the whole meaning of Ramadan is for Muslims…or yourself….really.
    This is all that i am going to say because I for one am familiar with Ramadan and know how to conduct myself.


  5. Hussam,

    I live with an Ithna’asheiri, she fasts, prays 5 times and goes to the mosque. Anyway, as others have said, Islamophobes don’t care whether one is Shi’i or Sunni. Don’t you know it’s the Holy month of Ramadhan?

  6. The hell with this woman, she can recover I am sure of this.

    Besides she’s stupid Persian anyway and a secular looking Shia Rafidah.

    Don’t worry everyone… People get attacked and mugged everyday in New York City so what is so especially about her case then.


    The Rafidah don’t pray 5 times a day but rather 3 they combine it. And if you haven’t noticed already they commit shirk with Allah [swt] and curse the sahabah in their so called salah.

  7. What does being in Ramadan have to do with what I said? Is talking about the people of innovation a ‘sin’? :) When you fast, you do so for yourself. When you talk about Ahlul-Bid3ah, you do so for all the ummah.

    You all blew it out of proportions, what I said. I simply mean that the idiots who perpetrated this heinous crime think that every dark, Middle-easterner is a Muslim, but little do they know (thanks to their media, from which many Westernized Musilms take their knowledge as well -e.g., Umar & Tariq) that many Middle-Easterners are Muslim-haters (e.g., Christian Arabs) and Arab-haters (e.g., Iranians, not all though).

    A Muslim is one who practices the faith like it was practiced at the time of the Prophet. Twelver Shia’s deeds are all rejected, according to a hadith (that whoever does something not approved by the Prophet, will have it rejected). The Shia don’t pray 5 times aday, but 3 times aday. They don’t break their fasts right, they don’t pray right, they do NOTHING right, so it’s all rejected, and it doesn’t harm us to kick out a few millions of practicing Shia from the fold of Islam.

    I’m ashamed of nothing, it is you who should be ashamed of yourself, when you meet the Prophet in the Hereafter and are scolded for including in our ranks the heretics and the innovators and viewing them with an eye of tolerance and sympathy.

    This woman would be a good person, yes, but I doubt she was a good Muslim. All I’m saying that this crime wasn’t against a Muslim, but against a non-Anglo-Saxon, a racial crime similar to the one in Tariq’s new post on the 23-year-old kidnapped Black girl in the US.

    The Shia are not Muslims.

  8. Hussam,
    Maybe that Safavid terrorist dog Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered her to be attacked for not paying her Khoms [according to her rafidah cult all of 1/3 of acquired wealth shall be paid to the Ayatollahs] on time LOL.

  9. Haha, ya bro, very likely :p

    Just a small correction, bro. Khums means ‘one fifth’, so its 1/5, not ‘thuluth’ (1/3) :)

    A whoe 20% goes to the sayyids with black hearts and turbans, to spread Shi’ism globally, and build palaces in the Western countries, and when they die a percentage of that money is used to build shrines on their stinking tombs!!! And half of Iran and Shia Iraqis remain dirt poor.

  10. I have another theory I like to share, maybe she was attacked because she messed with the wrong crowd or she screwed up someone’s weave.

    Correct me if I am wrong about isn’t it true that Long island is filled with spaghetti blenders [Italians] and low life crack heads.

    This is why I would hate to live New York City such a dirty place, racist attitudes among its inhabitants and it’s filled with good for nothing Italians. And as Somali I hate Italians period…..

  11. Phoenix,

    If your mother is berber/yemeni and your father from northern somalia (somaliland) what reason do you have to hate italians? italians to the best of my knowledge have not had any involment with any of those places. somaliland was a british colony, and so was yemen. italians were in the south only.

    Also, do me a favour and stop saying you’re somali, you make me ashamed to share your heritage. why can’t you be a purple alien from outer space or something.

  12. “The hell with this woman, she can recover I am sure of this. Besides she’s stupid Persian anyway”

    “This is why I would hate to live New York City such a dirty place, racist attitudes among its inhabitants and it’s filled with good for nothing Italians. And as Somali I hate Italians period…..”

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  13. all of this name calling and hating people of other origin living in the same city is exactly what umar lee has talked about in previous posts. we’re all human beings created by Allah.

  14. Is it just me or do you kind of get the feeling Hussam and Phoenix are queer for each-other?

    Just a thought.

  15. dawudw said, “Bigots and Islamophobes don’t give a hoot about Sunni or Shi’i; they see all Muslims as potential targets.”

    Ameen! For the life of me I still can’t figure out why we (collectively) aren’t getting this! May Allah forgive and guide us all.

    Regardless of this woman’s faith, I will keep her in my prayers

  16. silly me…I was under the impression that only Allah can judge the heart of a man…am I mistaken? Aren’t there some hadiths that back up this statement? Why is everyone so quick to judge others while ignoring the grave inconsistencies and inadequacies in our own lives? I am not perfect and as a convert am confused by all the labels others use to put down or elevated others. I am Muslim and if I speak to you and you say you are Muslim that is fine with me and that is all I need to know …the rest is between you and Allah. How dare I judge someone I do not even know? Allah is all knowing and knows everyones’ intentions and heart. I cannot believe all this trash talk about a poor woman being harrassed and beaten. Any injustice, no matter who is at the receiving end, should be met with a conviction and intention to right the wrong and support the victim. Christianity has bracelets that say “wwjd” We as muslims have more obvious reminders as we pray 5 times a day, fast, and hold to the tenets of Islam. But apparently I’ll need to come up with some “wwpmdpbuh” bracelets to remind those who have forgotten or have become hardened.

  17. I dont neccessarily agree with Hussam but he is right. The shia that know are not considered to be from the folds of Islam. For the majority of the people..they really are ignorant of the truth and you cant make takfir on them as a whole.
    Ok. Also..No we as muslims are never goin g to hold hands together and sing Kum-By-Ya.theres a reason why the Prophet said that there would be 73 different sects of Islam…all of them would be in the Hellfire but for the one thats on what he and his sahabiya were upon.
    Also he said do not defile my companions because you could spend the weight of gold the size of mount uhud and you could never attain their for the shia that knowingly and actively speak evil about the muslims that are better than you and I…No I cant feel sorry for them. I cant.
    If you want to sympathise with them out of some post 9-11..”we muslims gotta stick together” ideals..then you are by yourself on that one. The prophet spoke the truth on this and if you do feel this is wrong then re read your Quraan and hadeeth.
    As for this woman..I read it.I didnt care about her. She caters to the rich and famous. She more thaa likely is upon the way of her companions. I feel more sorrow for the black woman who was attacked and raped for a week simply because that was an oppression that touched me in a deep way.
    Also I live in NYC., Never had any issues and im all over the ctty.

  18. What the hell do ANY of you self-righteous armchair imams even know about this woman? Hell, how do you even know she’s Shia anyway? And what does it matter? Do you think the guys who trashed her store and spray painted up anti-Muslim slogans cared what her aqidah was? Or was she just another towellhead to them?

    You people have no compassion. You make me sick.

  19. the ones with really no compassion are the Afro-centrics (e.g., Tariq Nelson) who talk about only Darfur (no longer Palestine, or even Chechnya!), and the worshippers of mut’ah (e.g., YOU!) who didn’t write a WORD against the False Mahdi’s death militias in Iraq that killed purposely targetted thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims (Sunnis) in scores and razed their mosques!!! Even I, a “Wahhabi” in support of Jihad to free Occupied Muslim countries (Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, Kosova, southern Philippines, etc) have criticized the Jihadist “Wahhabis”, but you continue to turn a blind eye to the carnage perpetrated by Iran’s puppets in Iraq!!!

    The woman above could be Shia, or secular. Seculars aren’t Muslims. So, again, it all comes down to one thing: it being a racial crime.

    Many nominal Muslims deserve such beatings if they were in an Islamic setting, YOU included and many of the arrogant misinformed & ignorant ones who fill the Western Muslim blogosphere.

  20. For those of you who have compassion and want to stay on track during Ramadan, I advice you to ignore hateful and bigoted comments and focus on other more beneficial things to strengthen our faith. This bickering and arguing is only weakening us. We shouldn’t argue matters of religion. Instead, we should just say peace. But, I still think it is important to provide a counter narrative to the intolerant, extremist, and ugly comments. Instead of providing a positive view of our Deen, these commentors are turning people away from the faith. As for those who provide positive examples, good job on the Da’wa! I’m glad that people are still converting despite their ugliness.

  21. As I said before this woman is rich and deals with famous individuals so its not like she’s losing her job or her house anytime soon.

    And she doesn’t deserve mine or nobody’s else sympathy.

    Theres are lots of Muslims and others who get mugged and murdered or harassed on their way home.

    But thanks to Umar and his legions of idiots have turned this story into all out sensationalism for this poor useless Persian woman.


    “Is it just me or do you kind of get the feeling Hussam and Phoenix are queer for each-other”

    Oh just wished you tried calling me a “FAG” in front of my face rather hiding behind a computer screen.

    try that for a thought PUNK…….


    Correction…..My grandfather was born in the south of somalia during the brutal Italian occuption.
    So i have every right to hate Italians especially when i was living in Italy for the last 9 months.

    Try as a person of darker skin to visit or live there for a few weeks or months especially in Rome and you will then see what i saw.

  22. I believe that those who don’t deserve the guidance our comments will aid in preventing it from reaching them (with the Will of Allah). After all, we’re all causes and factors in the hands of Allah. If one is destined to Hell, Allah will facilitate for him/her the path leading to Hell. If one is destined to Heaven, Allah will lead him through the path to Heaven.

    Why don’t you first hide that gypsy hair in this holy month of Ramadan, OH, and AFTER as well (because that’s the point of Ramadan, Oh you affecting piety!! That you become better Muslims, closely observing the deen and all. So what advancement have you gained in knowledge or at least religious observance since the last Ramandan?

    Again, this fasiqah expresses amazement as to why Islam is still winning converts. It’s because of Islam, not Muslims (yeah, including me & my Somalian brother commenting above, AND also including YOU). I’m criticized for talking against the Shia, huh? May you ALL turn Shia, ya rabb, Ameen!!! Because you don’t even deserve the honor found only in the title of being from Ahlus-Sunnah, the Followers of Muhammad’s Way. May you all loose, pathetic ones loving the enemies of Allah (be them Shia or original kafirs) be grouped with them in the Hereafter.

  23. bro :) please let’s not make fun of how certain races look, they are all the creation of Allah, bro, and among them are those who are our brothers & sisters, and those who are better than me and you in Islam.

    This woman who was beaten is my color (Iranians will remain Arab-look-alikes, despite the false claim they are “Aryans”), but it didn’t matter to me because she is secular or Shia, and whether she was this or that, Arab or not, Muslim-Sunni but uncovered, she deserves a divine punishment one day for a heresy (that of being part of the the Shia cult or the global Secularism religion) or fisq (being far from practicing Islam), and I’m inclined to view this incident as just part of what she’d face in the Day of Judgement. Not only did the Prophet told us to curse immodest women, but also those who pluck other women’s eyebrows (part of the job of the woman in question); two specific and clear hadiths like which you don’t find any said about, say, a man’s beard, for example (maybe the length of his pants, yeah, but Imam al-Nawawi pointed out to something in those hadiths that rules out it being a must to shorten them pants -sorry, a little drifting away, but I’d use any chance to throw a little piece of knowledge, even if the majority of my audience were stray cattle, Muslim, pseudo-Muslim, or original kafirs).

    But you’re right, bro, in the last line. But that’s maybe true of those living in the West. Meanwhile, back home, it’s a different story of people from the same race / tribe physically abusing one another (due to lack of piety). Still, rarely do foreigners in the Muslim World get assaulted physically then told “go home” despite the largely negative influence of their presence ont he local customs and traditions (ignore the factor of tourism; that’s only the excuse of corrupt governments which loot national riches & purposefully paralyze the local economy to please their Western masters who want to remain at the lead and us as mere consumers)

    The White thugs in this story also don’t belong in N. America. It’s the home of the Red Indians, who paid the lives of 500 millions of their people, only to be thrown later on the margin of history & in prisons, or at home heavily drinking and deeply depressed.

    The ‘brother’ who owns this blog wants Palestinians to be the Arab Red-Indians. Startling level of fiqh by brother Umer, the SALAFI!!! Indeed, “neo-Con Salafis” (Saudi-Salafis) declared few years ago that the intifada was against the Quran and Sunnah!!!!! Wallahi!!!! Today they forbid Jihad in Iraq!!!!

    And we are supposed to listen to people with such shallow or nonexistent fiqh??? Bro, among us here are two ‘muslimahs’ who drool over guys in parks, and one guy who told an ‘apostate’ (who built a blog against Islam) told him that he loves him for the sake of Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And they think they can succeed to make me and you feel alien here????? Hahahahahaha, this place is a circus full of clowns, and me and you are only watching them and having laughs at their stupidity!!!!

    Such are the Muslims America and the West want to cultivate and maintain. Me and you don’t belong here, we’ll leave once we’re done what we came here for (academics, something Islamically sanctioned), then we’ll leave this rotten hemisphere for them; may Allah take them along with the wretched and wicked souls of the kafirs messing up with the Muslim world from Jakarta to Tangiers.

  24. I feel sorry that muslims make you sick.I guess the Utopia that Umar spoke about really doesnt exist after all. I dont know why people imagine that because its Ramadaan we should all suddenly forget those major issues that divide us and pretend to be united for once.
    It doesnt work that way.
    Go to one masjid and they are making 45 rakaats for taraweeh..go to another and its 11. The differences manifest among the muslims but even the muslims in the month of Ramadaan in the past went to the Nabi for Guidance. Ugly comments? Where is the anger for those who came before us. If we truly believe in Allah and His Prophet then we do ourselves a disservice by not educating ourselves on what the differences are. We need to know what defines us as muslims and self education is the only way. Wa Allahu Musta’an.

  25. I wonder what excuses people offer since the shaytans are tied up this month. May Allah (swt) burn away our evil during this month of heat and purification.

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