Readers, Help a Sister and Get Some Good Deeds

There is something strange going on in the Show-Me State. A day after I heard the Missouri Highway Patrol was called into a job site in Hannibal, MO because neighbors were suspicions that a group of Mexicans where working on a construction site without any other indication of them being in the country illegally other than the fact that they spoke Spanish, word now has it that a Muslim sister lost her job in customer-service call center in St. Charles County because she wore hijab.

If you read from the story you will see that the employer, Client Services, Inc., told the sister that her hijab would get in the way of the headset! Now, if that is not a line of bull I do not know what is. I have worked in several call-centers and have seen Muslim sisters do their job just fine and they are a breath of fresh air from the scantily-clad women you usually see at such jobs.

Unless there are a lot of facts that we do not know this seems like a clear and blatant case of discrimination against a Muslim in the workplace and at this point the EEOC is on the side of the sister Mariam Soultan masha‘Allah. The guy might as well have come out and said “hey, we don’t want any ragheads working here and if I could get by with it I would fire all the n###### and sp### too.”

On a side not for those of you who are not familiar with the area; St. Charles County is the most Republican county in the state of Missouri and very conservative and is home to a lot of militant Evangelical mega-churches. Whether the political and religious climate in this county had to do with anything I don’t know; but you cannot discount the fact that this company may have felt that in such a conservative county they were immune to the rules.

Readers, want to get some good deeds? I encourage you to call Client Services, Inc. and politely tell them that you are a Muslim sister who wears hijab and you can talk on the phone just fine or, if you are a brother on non-hijabi, tell them of your wives, family and friends

The numbers are636-947-2321 or 636-925-2357

Ask for CEO John L.



53 thoughts on “Readers, Help a Sister and Get Some Good Deeds

  1. Man, this story is all too familiar.

    When I applied for jobs in NM, one interviewer said that she was worried my hijab would get stuck in the copy machine or the fax machine. I just laughed and grabbed both ends of my scarf crossed them, tied them together behind my neck and said “vvviolaaa”. That really got a laugh out of her. Sometimes you have to use a little humor and creativity to deal with idiots.

  2. Seems to me hijab is like any other large visible symbol of affiliation which in dealing with public is a no no in US – eg. crucifix big as deck of cards, political button or t shirt with gay slogan. Takes the customers’ attention away from the product or service and may irk them into going away.

  3. Eliza,

    The job was as a phone operator! The customers wouldn’t be seeing her hijab.

    More importantly to me, the argument you are using would justify any type of discrimination just by claiming that it is not we who are bigots, but its our customers.

    No one is saying businesses cannot have a dress code, but they must make reasonable accomodations for people’s religious beliefs. That’s what is morally and legally required.


  4. Eliza..I find you odd. I wear hijaab and do you know how many people come up to me on a daily basis and ask Me about islam? Less of an ofensive symbolism of My Islamic self..Its a way for people to ask me about Islam. Ive worked in hijaab for educated people..maybe the more uneducated that you are..the less you understand what hijaab is and the more it scares you.

    Allahu Alim.
    Ill be making dua for you. You obviously come to these blogs for more than to be the nay sayer.

  5. Rahma,

    I talked with someone at customer care, they sent me to the President of one of their companies in Texas. I guess the company split but they kept the same e-mail addresses. The person I talked to suggested I contact the person below:

    Which I have done. She says Ms. Simpson is actually in Missouri.

  6. Eliza,

    I work for a place where you must be an engineer, scientist, doctor, or something similar from an accredited university.

    We have dozens of Muslim women working here, some in hijab, some not. We interact with customers, lawyers, government officials and the hijab never causes an issue.

    It usually doesnt for the educated. It is the ignorant that make it into an issue.

  7. I got this in response. It seems to be from one of their house counsel.


    Do not email me regarding this matter. We have no comment other than we
    did not violate the law and we will rigorously defend against these

    Kerry Aileen Simpson, JD, PHR
    General Counsel & Director of Human Resources
    Client Services, Inc.
    3420 Harry S. Truman Boulevard
    St. Charles, Missouri 63301
    (636) 255-3108 (direct)
    (636) 255-3420 (fax)

    I suggest everyone make their feelings known. This is America, we have freedom of speech, but it means nothing if you dont use it.

  8. If I wore a huge crucifix clanking around my neck people would probably ask me questions too. The US developed this years ago; it is secularism like France has, only not codified.

    I suppose everyone has a set of religions or politics or organizations they have no respect for. Not that they would attack such a person, they just have contempt for their beliefs. Eg: Republicans! Mormons! JWits!

    In the US we are also familiar with smarmy self-righteousness, attempts to proselytize in the workplace, etc. The workplace would become intolerable if everybody did this.

    Have read that hijabis often have been coerced by their families or husbands or even bribed with Saudi money to wear it, so am somewhat sympathetic to them. But if I walk into a store and see it, I leave. It is my protest, my jihad against oppression and political violence.

  9. Abu Sinan,

    Yeah, the general counsel would be negligent in his duties if he responded to an email about ongoing legal case. I wonder if there is another person who would be better to email.

    Just from personal experience, I know it’s a load of hooey to say that the hijab would interfere with a call center position. I did call center work in college, with my hijab, and I heard everything perfectly.

    And Eliza, where is this Saudi money? No one pays me to wear hijab :( I want to get in on the action!

  10. You have read wrong Eliza. Fact is, every Muslim woman I know who has put the hijab on after 9/11 has done so AGAINST the wishes of their family.

    I know of three women close to my wife who put it on and had their fathers, uncles, brothers and other male members of their family ask them to take it off out of fear.

    The idea that some women wear it out of fear of family members might be true in other places, but in the West, places like the USA, women often wear it when the male members of their family do not want them to wear it.

    As to being bribed with “Saudi money” to wear the hijab, that is a joke. I am married to a Saudi, the daughter of a diplomat, and her mother didnt wear the hijab until after her husband passed away. You can walk into the Saudi Embassy here in DC right now and find all sorts of women not wearing the hijab, Western women, Saudi women, Muslim women, you name it.

    As a matter of fact, I have been to the Saudi Embassy on several ocassions and never saw a single woman in hijab. All of the women were uncovered. This might not have been the case in the area where Saudis go to wait for services, but it sure is where they diplomats and the real work happens.

    There is no Saudi money out there for the sisters who wear hijab, so before all of you mahajabat (hijab wearing ladies) rush to your local Saudi consulate, dont! lol

    Feel free to vote with your feet Eliza. I am sure the stores are better off for it. Besides, depending on where you live you could probably spend a month or more without seeing a lady in hijab.

    If you live in Northern Virgina, you’d be forced to stay home!

  11. thanks Abu, I will be sending them “my 2 cents”.


    So I suppose you would also turn away the Mother of Jesus if she came a knockin’ for a job, hey?

    Some people tend to think that tight revealing clothes are far more of a distraction on the job than a piece of FABRIC pinned around one’s hair.

    One time, my manager said that he actually PREFERRED dealing with me and NOT the other women in the office because of the highly professional attitude I displayed when dealing with him, and that I didn’t act “flirty” when I wanted something.

    I believe that hijab is the PERFECT business attire for women.

    If Christian women CHOOSE not to accept the dress and attire that is prescribed for them in their Bible….that is not my problem. Remember, it was LESS than a hundred years ago that a good GOD-fearing Christian woman would never consider exposing so much as an ANKLE in public. Remember the “good ol’ days”, Eliza?

    And Saudi MONEY for wearing HIJAB? Oh please, oh please, oh please let me know where I can cash in on that one! As long as I am wearing it, I might as well get paid.

    Hey Sisters…there is an IDEA! Corporate sponsorship of our hijabs! On the side it could say “this hijab brought to you by Target” or something like that.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Believe it or not, many non muslims and muslims worldwide consider Islam a source of both oppression and violence.

    I think US converts are in a utopian dream, like Puritans or Bronson Alcott, and are useful idiots for the larger, nastier thing.

    There is perhaps a reason why the ladies at the Saudi Embassy are uncovered.

    Yes, find out if the Saudi hijab bribery is a canard. Supposedly someone showed up at some US mosques with this proposition, sorry, can’t remember my source.

  13. LOL Fairuza,

    I have to feel sorry for Eliza. It doesnt seem like she has traveled much. If you go to tradition Christian countries, Eastern Europe, Africa, you’ll see lots of Christian women wearing what would be called hijab here in the West.

    In Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian commnities in the world, women MUST cover their hair to go into church, they are forbidden from entering during their “time of month” and once in the church are required to sit on the opposite side of the church from the men.

    In my travels in Israel I found that many Orthodox Jewish women covered their hair and dressed exactly like Muslim women.

    As to the virgin Mary, it is people like Eliza who turned her away from their places when she wanted to have her baby.

    Hey Eliza, check out the Nativity Scene this Christmas……….but you’ll have to walk away, Mary is wearing hijab!

  14. Eliza,

    There is as much truth in your claims about Saudi payments for hijab as there are in the rest of your statements.

    I am a Western covert to Islam, I have been all over the Middle East and North Africa, so I have no illusions about what Muslim socities are like.

    Heck, Umar gets so much flak some some Muslims here because he dispells the myth of a utopian dream.

    You write “Believe it or not, many non muslims and muslims worldwide consider Islam a source of both oppression and violence.”

    I think you’ll find in polls around the world people think George Bush and the US are the biggest threat to the world, not Islam.

    You need to get out more Eliza!

  15. I would say trad European attire is a semi nude top and a substantial, sometimes vast, skirt. Most of the bosom and arms may flash in the open, but not the leg.

    Trousers on women are considered a sign of prostitution in some SA countries. Have lived and traveled in SA. Was a child in Japan. Have roamed over the US.

    The Bible says a women shall not wear a man’s clothes. Some interpret this as manly fashions, others the clothes of a specific man. Since in ages past both sexes wore gowns, the second interpretation makes sense to me.

    For years I lived in a rather tough neighborhood, heavily Latino. Muslim ladies began to appear after a mosque was constructed. I remember a middle aged woman who wore bare sundresses, but wrapped up her head and face, a niqabi in grey blue, and some tall dames in pastel hijab-jilbab combos.

    A few days after 9/11 the mosque wrote a letter to the newspaper cursing us all as ignorant infidels. Something in the style of “Behead those who say Islam is not a religion of peace!”

    Bush must and will step down after his term, for US is a democracy. Invading Iraq was a strange madness. Yes, I would say the US is now scary and disruptive.

    Maybe one of your numerous looney imams offered hijab bribes. And another one wrote the letter from the mosque.

  16. Eliza,

    The New Testament says a woman who shows her hair is a shame. It even says that such a woman who does not cover should have her hair cut off!

    1 Corinthians 11 says, in part:

    “For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered……”

    Try these on for size:

    Ephesians 5:22-24: “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife…wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” (NIV)

    1 Corinthians 14:34-35: “…women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says, If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.” (NIV)

    1 Timothy 2:11-15:”A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent…” (NIV)

    Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands, like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her master. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear. 1 Peter 3.1-6, NIV:


    You ought to get to know your own religion a bit better before you want to start talking about other people’s religion.

  17. Sadly, Eliza is beyond help and you’re all wasting your time with her. Where she is concerned, it will always be a case of:

    “Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity”

  18. Perhaps you are assuming that I think every word in the Bible was dictated by God…..

    Do ask among yourselves about the hijab bribe story.

  19. Now see what you’ve made me do Eliza? I feel terrible for saying that about you. I withdraw it.

    It’s your surmising the Marcus Valerius Martialis poem was about me, literally about me, that made me see red. But all is forgiven now, we can hug and be friends (or pretend to be)

  20. Eliza,

    Again, I cannot state how important it is to know your own religion before you attack other people’s. See, I was raised Christian, so I know a bit about it.

    You’ll be hard pressed to find any mainstream Christian organisation that will tell you outright to ignore what is in the New Testament.

    As to The Bible being the literal word of God, as a matter of fact, many if not most mainstream Christian organisations do believe this.

    It is often called “The Word of God”. As a matter of fact, it is believed that “the Word is God and God is the Word”.

    The Bible itself says JOHN 1:1
    “1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ”

    The Southern Baptist Convention, with 16 million members in the USA says “the Bible is not merely the record of God’s revelation, but is itself God’s revealed Word in written form. With Christians throughout the ages, most Southern Baptists believe in verbal inspiration. The Bible itself teaches that every word of Scripture was inspired by God, and is therefore completely true and trustworthy [2 Timothy 3:16]. The Bible is inerrant, infallible, and is our sole authority for faith and practice in the Church. As Herschel Hobbs repeatedly declared to the Convention, this was all implied in the 1963 statement. We made these affirmations clear in our proposal.”

    The Catholic Church, the largest of all Christian demonination, issued a document in 2005 that said “the Bible must be approached in the knowledge that it is “God’s word expressed in human language”.

    So yes, the majority of Christians in the world believe that The Bible is the literal Word of God.

    Time for you to be quiet and cover your hair. Unless, of course, you have renounced your religion.

    But dont worry, this is a Muslim forum, we dont demand that you remain silent, nor will we let your husband be the only person that is allowed to teach you, nor do we ban women who do not cover from posting.

    This Muslim forum can be your refuge from your oppresive Christian teachings…….

  21. Did anyone else notice that Eliza’s last comment was disconnected and rambling?

    I am beginning to think that she is a robot who’s starting to blow a circuit.

  22. “Do ask among yourselves about the hijab bribe story.”

    But Eliza, we are all waiting for you to lead us to the money. Don’t let us down now. We are so not amused to hear we’ve missed out on the action all this time, so glad you came along…

    Do it for the sisterhood.

  23. Saggal, when you quote somebody, please say who. Otherwise people might think it’s from you or about you. Or maybe that is your aim.

    Here is a quote from Whomever: “Don’t piss on our legs and tell us it’s raining.” Probably one of the satanic verses.

  24. I have not got the time to spend on such fluff. Must fly to China in an hour to discuss the discus event in the upcoming Olympics. Then later must pop in on Putin to put in my input on Russia’s import problems.


    Then, Eliza is catching the midnight train to The Shire to meet with some Hobbits on the collapse of Middle Earth; afterwards she is having brunch with Papa Smurf and the hookah smoking caterpillar to discuss the skyrocketing price of her magic mushrooms. If she has time after that, she might catch a midnight show of Pavarotti somewhere in the Fifth Dimension.

    I need to stop.

    I am quite sure it is haraam to make fun of the mentally deranged.

    Happy Iftar to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters!

  26. Here, before I dash. Here is one of the stories :

    “Some French Muslim families, for instance, are paid 500 euros (around $600) per quarter by extremist Muslim organizations just to have their daughters wear the hijab. This has also happened in the United States.

    But what Islamists use most is intimidation. A survey conducted in France in May 2003 found that 77 percent of girls wearing the hijab said they did so because of physical threats from Islamist groups. A series in the newspaper Libération in 2003 documented how Muslim women and girls in France who refuse to wear the hijab are insulted, rejected, and often physically threatened by Muslim males. One of the teenage girls interviewed said, “Every day, bearded men come to me and advise me strongly on wearing the veil. It is a war. For now, there are no dead, but there are looks and words that do kill.”

    You all are probably living in a higher milieu than the people encountering this.

  27. Poor Eliza, she takes everything so literally.

    You needed to have done a little bit fo research instead of rushing back in with your “acerbic sarcasm”. You don’t have an enquiring mind, do you?

  28. Fairuza, OMG, that was funny. LOOOL!

    Eliza, did you get Dr. Kevorkian’s number? I believe he is on holiday still so you’ll just have to wait a little while longer dear.

  29. Saggal, did you see how she just gave us an unsourced quote right after getting on you for pasting an “unsourced” quote?

    Methinks we are dealing with several distinct personalities here….I am no psychologist, but……

    Saggal, how OLD do you think Eliza is? Judging from her vocabulary, I place her around 65-70.

  30. “Saggal, how OLD do you think Eliza is? Judging from her vocabulary, I place her around 65-70.”


    Good question, I’m scratching my head. 65-70 sounds good to me but, is it really possible to be that old and have no sense of irony whatsoever, and take everything so literally? At first I thought she was about 17, but as you say, her language is so archaic -so perhaps 200?

    But you, Fairuza, have me laugh so much tonight, gosh you ARE funny. Ta very much!

    Wish DrM was around, he would know what to do being a doc and all, someone please tell him his friend Eliza is overly hysterical tonight…we need help urgently…

  31. “Saggal, did you see how she just gave us an unsourced quote right after getting on you for pasting an “unsourced” quote?”

    She is off with the fairies tonight. That’s what too much magic mushrooms do to you.

  32. LOL

    Yeah it’s definitely made for some good pre-iftar entertainment, if there is such a thing.

    ROFL at her being 200! Seriously, this chick sounds Edwardian at times, it’s scary.

    Think she caught her “plane” yet?

  33. Oh, well. Twenty three skiddoo to you all. Yeah, my English is funny. Probably sound like non-native speaker by now. Sayonara, coños!

  34. My wife too wears hijab, ever since she went on umrah ten years ago. She faced severe family pressure (hers and mine both) as a result. i think the reactions were mainly the result of embarassment on the part of our families that a “fundo” was to be found in their midst; it’s a social no-no, you know!

    Even now, after so many years, she still gets sarcastic remarks and every now and then someone will say, in an exasperated tone, “Why don’t you take that thing off!”

    As far as i’m concerned, it’s her choice. If it makes her happy and she finds comfort/security/spirituality in it, then i’m happy for her.

    i think many people tend to confuse the teachings of the religion with the way that people practice it. It’s important to realise that the two are different. Just because people are going door to door armed with billy-clubs forcing women into hijab doesn’t mean that the teachings of islam are bad, or that the only women who wear hijab are those who have bene intimidated into doing so.

    We live in the Middle East, and you’d be surprised at the reactions my wife gets on the job (she is a teacher). There is a stereotype that women who wear hijab are dull, dumb, narrow-minded, and never entertain an original thought. My wife’s colleagues are quite surprised when they find out that she is an intelligent, warm, assertive woman who brooks no nonsense from man or woman. Thus colleagues who initially feel superior towards her slowly realise that there is more to her than mets the eye, so to speak.

    However, the anti-hijab prejudice remains – among many non-Muslims and (more sadly) among so-called emlightened Muslims.

  35. Yes, this is a Muslim ‘forum’ but, inshallah, not an ‘amen corner’ one too. Eliza made some good points but her opponents were too many, too fierce, too sarcastic (except my new friend Ms Saggal, forgive the nepotism). True: the French law was based on a year’s enquiry before ‘Hijab’ ban imposed. Young women gave oral evidence that, among beurs on the housing projects, intimidation was one reason for wearing it. Many also desired the new law because it would provide a ready ‘explanation’ to brothers & fathers why they do not wear it. It doesen’t follow enquiries can’t be ‘flawed’ (but the French laicite tradition is powerful, not fanciful, rooted in the politico-administrative traditions of France). Within that tradition, it is entirely a reasonable spearhead against symbols of religious identity. By the same token, within the Nejdi tradition, it is entirely reasonble that women are prevented from driving or persuaded (or forced: take your pick) to wear hijab. I believe Abu Sinnan your wife is a Hijazi sister (and partly Indonesian). The Nejdi,tribal traditions (as mediated through the Nejdi Fuqha) are perhaps recieved a bit more liberally by the Hijazis (whose origins are more cosmopolitan). Maybe the KS embassy in US is mainly staffed by Hijazis (no real fans of the Salafiyy/wahabbi tradition of Nejd).

  36. Jami

    If Eliza can type just ONE sensible, coherent and intelligent comment, I will gladly return the favor…sans sarcasm.

    She jumps from hijab “oppression” to her meeting with the “Olympic Committee in China” and you expect us to take her seriously?

    I suggest you peruse the archives in order to fully understand Ms. Eliza. Might wanna brush up on Tammy Swofford while your there, as well.

    As far as the topic goes, do you really think “forced hijab oppression” is such a pressing, desperate issue for Muslim women today? Really? I’ll give you 4 Muslimahs who might beg to differ: Hayrunisa Gul, Waris Dirie, Muhktar Mai and Dr. Azizah Al Hibri. Look ’em up.

  37. Assalamu alaikum, I’m wondering if the stories of the women being paid to wear hijab (now being changed to oh no, it ain’t the women, it’s the men), came from the Christian Broadcasting Network/the 700 Club/Pat Robertson? Where is your source for the story? Can you point us to a site / newspaper/other source, other than you, who has this story, so we can read it and judge for ourselves?

    No one has ever “paid” anyone, that I know of, to wear hijab, whether it was me, my husband, or anyoen else. Although maybe this “payment” wouldn’t apply to me as I’m the only Muslim i my family.

    Regarding the original topic of this post, though, I, personally don’t think it’s a good idea to call the head of Client Services, nor anyone else in the company, especially if any legal action is being considered / taken. Perhaps we should find out who iis handling this investigation, i.e., who is representing the sister, and talk to them. If anything is ogng to be filed, whether it’s a charge with the EEOC or anything like that, you don’t want anything that this company can use to bolster their side (and from experience they will try to use anything they can, even if it’s unrelated to the original action itself, i.e., being fired for wearing hijab). I can tell you that I’ve had personal experience with discrimination in the work place, and I won’t go into the psecifics of that now, but suffice it to say that she needs to document everything! Put everything in wriging, keep any leeters/correspondence she gets, etc., and whoever’s representing her/conducting the investigation needs to talk to other women who wear hijab who work in similar fields as her and get their perspectives. I wear hijab and I work on the phone all day, and hijab is not a problem for me. Never has been.

  38. Jami,
    can’t speak for anyone else but my problem with Eliza is that she’s a troll, plain and simple. She admittedly won’t address others points and just shows up to be contrary and insulting. Nobody owes her shit.

  39. The entire discussion w/ Eliza is quite amusing. Fairuza, you made me grin genuinely for the first time all day!
    Maybe Umar can look into Eliza’s IP address and get a sense of her (it?)’s location…. could make for a good game of Guess Who?

  40. Poor Eliza Al Miskeena. You have to feel sorry for her. I dont find her funny at all. I find her sad. I find her sad because she actively visits these blogs in order to allow others to see what a miskeena she is.
    Corporate funding for hijaab indeed.
    Abu Sinan made good points. Al Miskeena wasnt able to read what he wrote. Im assuming those “truthseeing” glasses that she wears was dusty today. In any event everyone with sense knows that all the major religions advocate some form of modest dress and/or head covering. When i am in my saudi jilbab..I had a lot of people assume I was a nun and ask me how I had a child if I was supposed to be celebate. Eliza’s corporate funding smokescreen which was just created in ordered to generate comment(Are we good puppets?) ranked alongside the other goodies such as ” Muslim women wear their hijaab to bed” and “Muslim women have to walk three steps behind their husbands”.
    Its one of those urban legend doozies that make you cringe.
    Well done Al Miskeena for proving to yourself that you have the ability to create a storm within the “muzzies” ranks.
    You are rather transparent.
    As to jami..its bad orm to talk about a mans familyy if he hasnt opened the door to that on a forum that has nothing to do with family or origins. I would have hoped that a muslim who didnt see this as an amen corner would definetly know that this was a “speak what you know” corner as well. Frivoulous comments and assumptions really need to be left to the miskeen among us.
    Peace to All.

  41. Thanks Random, but I think it was the cough medicine talking…

    Anyways, please remember the Hijabi sister who is getting jerked around and make sure to send your happy little emailz to:

    Let’s not let the trolls out there destroy the point of Umar’s posts.

  42. Assalamualaikum,

    I wear the hijab, well starting to make a habit of it. Friends still trying to get used to this change.

    And I work in the media industry….I am on the phone most of the time plus use headphones to listen to music while I do my work in the office.

    Problem? Non whatsoever.

    Infact, the hijab is my protector. I meet a lot of men on the job. Most of the time, I’m the only woman amongst men.

    I don’t feel oppressed but rather really safe in my hijab. This is not too say that I still don’t get stares and feel those gazes undressing me at large congregations/events. But men will be men.

    Ignorance is bliss. LoL.

    I agree though on the misconception revolving around hijabis-dumb, dull, and everything boring.
    It is a nice feeling to shock them as soon as I open my mouth.

    Don’t tell but do show.

    My honey right now, he loves swimming and wants me to go swimming with him after we are married(in a non-muslim territory). Still! I don’t think I’ll wish to appear in public wearing a swimsuit ever again esp after marriage. It’s kind of sad but I explained that don’t wish any men to see my body but him.

    Alhamdulillah he understands.

    I say, let them think what they want. Yes, it is wajib. But to wear or not to wear, it is your choice in the end. It is all in the niyyah right? Your body(or should I say hair), your sin.

  43. I work at Client Services and there is a very tight dress code that requires no head garments be worn. It is also a debt collection agency, not customer service. I would suggest before you get all huffy, puffy, you get some of your other facts straight. She was not told that it would effect her performance or the headset, just that no head garments are allowed.

  44. hello
    I live in Missouri
    I’m a Muslim
    I’m a woman
    more like a teenager
    I wear the hijab
    i work in a call center
    and i have to use a headset, and sit in a cubicle just like mariam (who is my aunt by the way)
    I’m very happy with this job, and i have no problems what so ever because of the hijab
    I love it!
    And Client Services is one racist company.

  45. Bob, regardless of whether it’s customer service or debt collection, it is still a call center. Flat out prohibiting head garments when it’s public knowledge that some faiths require them is religious discrimination. Your company doesn’t stand a prayer unless it draws a crooked judge.

    What’s next, denying jobs to conservative Jews? They have to wear headcoverings too, you know. Even the men. What if you get a Mennonite applying for work there? Not all of them eschew modernity, the women veil, and there *are* Mennonites in Missouri. What about Sikhs? Bet you’ll run into those from time to time. Need I go on?

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