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10:20AM, 9/03/07: I will be posting my final thoughts on the ISNA conference in a separate post, Insha Allah. Then I will post some of my general impressions. In the meantime, anyone know why there was no “Mosque Cares” convention this year?

5:43AM, 9/03/07: Was very tired last night and could not update. I plan to do a comprehensive post on my thoughts of the entire conference in a couple of days, Insha Allah. Last night, Jesse Jackson made a surprise appearance at the conference. Also this article on ISNA’s singles night.

10:02PM, 9/02/07: Christian Missionaries had a booth at the conference and were secretly proselytizing in the bazaar. ISNA shut them down. Can you imagine the reaction had Muslims did this at a Christian convention?

6:06PM, 9/02/07: Another busy day. Attended the panel: American Muslims and Jews together: Working toward a hopeful future with Ari Alexander, Gulrukh Rahman and Elie Stern. Elie told a funny story of how he became involved in Muslim/Jewish dialogue: Some of his students gave him a Hamas keychain as a going away gift. Here is an article on Friday’s similar forum and another one here. I am always happy to see such dialogue and hope that more of it can happen

Anyone attending this event will be left with no doubt that Muslims are regular everyday people no matter how much others may protest and try to give the opposite impression. I will try to give more complete summary of entire day later. Gotta run…

11:07AM, 9/02/07: Just finished talking to Yasir Qadhi who gave a version of this excellent (and very relevent) lecture. Yasir Qadhi (along with Altaf Hussein) are two of the future leaders of the US Muslim community. Please go to Muslim Matters and check it out.

9:20AM, 9/2/07: Just had breakfast and heading out for day two (for me) of the conference. Can’t say enough about the “old style” hospitality I am receiving.

5:30AM, 9/2/07: I have to wonder if more converts will begin to show up at events like this or will it remain an “immigrant thing” in spite of the the President being a convert herself and other converts like Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir, and Siraj Wahaj coming regularly to ISNA. I am enjoying myself, but I just have to wonder. The Chicago Sun Times has this summary of the speech given here by Howard Deen and also mentions the riveting Keith Ellison speech

1:00AM, 9/2/07: Late night. Hamza Yusuf gave the keynote address and mentioned that Muslims should bring our Islamic values to the American community, oppose nuclear weapons and be opposed to torture. He also spoke about the issue of slavery in America (I wish he would have mentioned slavery in Muslim countries).

Zaid Shakir mentioned in his speech that we, Muslims, should work on an anti-hunger campaign as we have enough food to feed the world. This is an excellent idea and many masjids have Food Banks and other similar social services now. Siraj Wahaj gave the inspiring story of Masjid Taqwa in which he mentioned that they started with just 25 brothers for Jumuah in a brother’s apartment who were ALL Black American, but now Jumuah is in their own building with over 1,300 attendees each week and only less than 40% of that crowd is Black American. The point was to show that just a few brothers can do a lot


9:32PM, 9/01/07: Rep. Keith Ellison just gave a good speech that drew good crowd reaction. Got lots of pictures that I plan to share as well. Ran into Harun Yahya’s booth and I asked them if I bought a book would they allow wordpress back up in Turkey. Also got a chance to meet the brother who established the first masjid in Alaska. Heard that Appalachian State defeated Michigan in college football. Stay tuned…

8:46PM, 9/01/07: Very busy day. A lot of write about when there is time. Met Zaid Shakir, Amir Sulemon, some brothers from Texas Dawah, as well as IMAN and others. Met with lots of nice brothers as well and enjoyed some good (but over-priced) food with them. When I get more time to write in detail, I plan to give my full thoughts on the entire event in a separate post. In the meantime, I’ll update later

2:48PM, 9/01/07: Just arrived in Chicago. Good to be in the Windy City. A very good local brother (May Allah reward him) is picking me up and we are heading straight out to Rosemont for the conference Insha Allah. I’ll be blogging on the actual conference in the next update, but in the meantime, look at this GOP scandal list

1:26 PM, 9/01/07: I am on a VERY VERY slow bus with a driver with little sense of urgency. Looking like I will be late. Will update again, insha Allah once I get to Chicago. In the meantime I see that Senator Latrine Queen has finally resigned and here is a good little blurb on the Arabic School smear in New York City. Also check out these articles on ISNA here and here

– Heading out to Chicago for the ISNA conference. Will be blogging the conference, Insha Allah. Looking forward to seeing some of you there


35 thoughts on “Blogging ISNA

  1. Why is that Hamza Yusuf, …deleted for bad language… in an ISNA conference?

    I was going to comment Alhu Hadeeth rants about INSA being an Ihwanni joint but I think he is right after all.

    All these conferences are spewing Bidah one way or another. The Muslims in the west should stop attending these events period…..

    Tell me what benefit we get from listening to Hamza Yusuf and these other duats who are calling to the gates of hell like Dr.Matterson or others that are not mentioning.

    Like if sheikh Abullah Bayyah,Salman Awda or other top scholars would have been there then it would be okay.

    Instead of going to ISNA or glorifying its presence, i rather take a plane to attend COMIC CON 08.

  2. ISNA and it figure heads are upon the ikhwani manhaj. Their goals might be different but their manhaj is one, gather all the muslims upon falsehood and unite them on that. This attitude has been rejected by the ulama. Sh.Ahmed Shakir may allah have mercy on him from egypt call muslim brother hood the khawaraj of 20th centeruay. Dr.suhaib hasan’s father sh.abdul ghaffar hassan( sh.nur’s sheikh) left maududi and jamait islamia because of this incorrect manhaj.

  3. Asaalamualaykum
    I know you guys might laugh at us but Allah knows our hearts.
    I remember reading an article by Dr.Usamah Hasan( Sh.suhaib hasan’s son) where he was saying that when the Khawarj came in the time of Hazrat Ali may Allah be pleased with him , he said these are our brothers that turned against us ( words of this nature) . We are required to follow the sunnah and not people or any other ideology. When we see our Deobandi , sufi, ikhwani, and other brothers who have forms of deviation, we say that these our brothers and sisters in Islam, we SHOULD LOVE THEM, to the level at which their at the truth. Where we disagree with them we express it because this is the religion of Allah. And it must be and it will be protected. So the manhaj of ISNA is not right, instead of correcting our brothers who make mistakes, they accept these errors and thinks its ok. We love our brothers and sisters but when one is wrong we have to correct them POLITELY and GENTLY but we cant justify it for the sake of UNITY.

  4. asalamualaykum brother boondocks may allah reward you and make things easy for you
    is hamza yusuf a grave worshipper? i never new that
    Allahadmullah my family and i boycotted isna this year. There is not point in supporting this organization. They were the msa in the 60s the isna in the 70s till now, where have they gone? Where have the muslims gone since? No where, its a bitter pill but its true. The only way we will be rectified is by going back to the book of allah and sunnah as understood by the early muslims

  5. Mashallah excellent piece by brother Abu Iyad from britan
    Hamza Yusuf is amongst the `aqlaaniyyah (rationalists), mu`attilah (deniers of Allaah’s Attributes), and mutasawwifah – and his collections of video lectures, audio lectures, and his own website (still operative and available online) is ample testimony to this.

    The courses taught at his institute use the book “Jawharat ut-Tawheed” – the book that preaches and invites to the heresies of ta’teel and (false) ta’weel and tafweed, a book which is a base and pole for the Mu`attilah. His institute teaches al-Burdah of al-Busayree which is a poem that invites to Shirk with Allaah, invites to Istigaathah from other than Allaah, and which has been refuted by the Scholars of Tawheed and the Sunnah.

    See the screenshot (taken from his website today) attached for a mention of these books used for his curriculum.

    You can see some refutations of excerpts from al-Burdah here:

    And I have also heard this person on a video lecture making the following two remarks, “This concern with `aqeedah is a sickness in the minds of the Muslims”, and “I can go to the desert in Mauritania and learn Tawheed in five minutes”, which gives further insight into his ignorance and misguidance.

    There is much much more from his lectures, but to be honest, once you hear a few statements like this, and you realise what he is actively promoting, and you are someone who knows and understands the Salafee `aqeedah, you wouldn’t want to waste any more time on him or his likes because the affair would be sufficiently clear already. My advice is to study and learn the Salafee `aqeedah using whatever is accessible to you from the speech and works of the Scholars of the Sunnah, and the prominent books such as al-Waasitiyyah, and at-Tadmuriyyah and Kitaab ut-Tawheed so you have a good grounding in these most important subjects.

    ÃÈæ ÚíÇÖ ÃãÌÏ Èä ãÍãÏ ÑÝíÞ
    -=amjad bin muhammad=-

  6. Its all good ahlu hadeeth but I am sorry to burst your bubble but I am a what they a Asharitte

    And yes I have read those books, you have mentioned and there was once a time that I considered myself a salafi but not anymore.

    I hope you don’t still think I am one of them do you.

    I mean those Sufi and Ihwanni types running around in the INSA convention.

    By the way if you can do me one small favor there is this idiot named MUSLIMS ARE VERMIN can you comment on what he/she said earlier?

    This person slandered the Prophet Muhammad [SAS]
    I don’t have the stomach or the patience to deal with this fool.


  7. AhleHadeeth,

    Is it not the way of the Salaf, to have a Khalifah ?
    Then why is this not called to ? Could it be, due to the relationship between Muhammad Abdul Wahhab and the king.

    Should our protectors be from amongst the KUFR ?

    Then why is Saudi biggest ally Amrika ? Why did the Kingdom allow America to

    Launch attacks of our brothers in Iraq from Saudi ?

    Why is Amrika being allowed to change books in Saudi ?

    As followers of the Salaf, should we turn a blind eye to the crimes, mistakes in Aqeedah and Methodology of the people in the highest position, and yet find fault with every deviant pathetic inconsequential group out.

    What would have the best effect for the Ummah correcting the aqeeda of ISNA or that of the Guardian of MAKKAH and MEDINA ?

  8. assalaamualaikum

    please refrain from calling muslims names. it’s a sin, regardless of whether or not you view them as muslim or not. this type of hate is what caused so many people to turn away from the salafi ideology. the mouth creates so many sins and is one of the two body parts that God The Creator warned us about regarding making sins.

  9. Umar,
    Thanks for the coverage. I laughed at the Harun Yahya bit. Inshallah I’ll be there next year.

    Maybe you should think twice before you revile someone and call him a “munafiq grave-worshipping dog”. That’s a pretty serious thing to say, especially about someone who frankly probably has ten times the knowledge of islam that you EVER will. I am no follower of Shayk Hamza and have my own issues with a few of his teachings, but there is no excuse for your vile slander.

  10. Umar,

    can’t wait for the full update, may Allah bring you home safely.

    Also, maybe you should consider some moderating when you get a chance, the comments seem to be getting out of hand.

    To those causing fitnah,
    Who ever believes in Allah and the Last Day should say good or remain silent. [Bukhari and Muslim]

  11. As salaamu ‘alaykum,

    Imam WD’s community did have several events here in the South suburbs this weekend, although it may not have been billed as a Mosque Cares “convention.” I did not get a chance to attend any of the events so I’m not sure how it may have compared to any previous years.

    See here:

  12. Zaynab
    “Also, maybe you should consider some moderating when you get a chance, the comments seem to be getting out of hand”

    Whats going out of hand oh Zaynab….. why because i insulted or some claim i slandered the GREAT WHITE SHEKIH, Hamza “Zandeeq” Yousef
    If you want blogs or the internet to be moderated try taking a plane ticket to Turkey at least there is no word press ,and there is a lot of whirling dervishes for you to attend to.

    It seems you are a fan of him, he [Hamza Hanson]who is well known for promoting bidah and reviling the Salaf

  13. Assalamu alaikum, you may not agree with Shaikh Hamza Yusuf, however, calling him names? Is that really ncessary? Everyone wants to talk about “following the Sunnah” and “revering the Pious Prececessors”, however, has anyone stopped to think how these people would have dealt with those they had major disagreements with? I just love how people like to throw the words “munafiq” “kafir” “grave worshipper” or whatever, andto think they are talking about people who have sometimes spent years and years studying the deen? There are many scholars, etc., that I may disagree with, however, as Islamic knowledge goes, I know nothing, so I wonder sometimes if I even have a right to disagree! Just because you throw some ahadith around (and they’re merely the English translations, mind you), doesn’t make you a “knowledgeable person” on matters like this. And if you want to refute something, there are ways (that employ good manners and character, not name-calling, etc.), which seems to have been forgotten here. If we want to talk about “followign the Qur’an and Sunnah” as so many want to talk about, we should use good manners and ot name calling as many want to do.

    All of this back and forth bicker is I think, what’s hurting the Ummah now! One day it’s “disagreeing” the naext day it could be murdering, beheading, etc., the “infidels” you deem not to be Muslim! Perhaps if we just learned to agree to disagree on things like madhhabs, tasawuf, etc., we’d be a lot better as an Ummah. I tink sometimes that we do more distruction to ourselves, Muslims upon Muslims than the so-called “kuffar”. But anyway. All of this just amkes me sad, and I’m just tired of it! If you don’t like ISNA, don’t attend, if you don’t like Hamza Yusuf, then don’t listen to his lectures, but please just don’t come here and spew things like “grave worshipping dog” etc., becuase I believe thta it’s unbecoming of Muslims to do so.

  14. WOW,
    A brother uses the mantra of Islam

    In order to call a Sheikh, who has done more for the cause of Islam on Wednesdays, than most brothers has done in their life-time.

    Although they give lip-service to the Islam, they ignore the sunnah of the Prophet and all etiquette associated with differences of opinion.

    The Sheikh has been called a Munafiq, Kafir, Grave-worshiping dog, and Zandeeq.

    This shows the depth or lack thereof your knowledge.

  15. Ginny,

    The Muslims who are slandering, lying and backbiting Sheikh Hamza are essentially teaching me NOTHING about Sheikh Hamza.

    It does however, reveal volumes of what lies within their OWN hearts.

    None of their hate, jealously and lies can diminish Sheikh Hamza and THAT is what they are angry about.

    I feel sorry that they obviously have not been able to spend any time with him; such a magnanimous man who loves and strives for this Ummah beyond belief.

    It truly is their own loss…and nothing more.

    Such a shame.

  16. Anyways Umar, can’t wait for your impressions of ISNA. I know that ours was a bit of a surreal experience, lots of weirdness this year. Must have been something in the water.

  17. fairuzamizna

    I see the beginning of white Muslim nationalism at its mist. Wow…. people these days would blindly follow anyone who has the title of sheikh, mullah, mufti etc rather than questioning she/he’s beliefs.

    May I remind you that this so called mufti of California is nothing than an opportunist he has a hidden agenda and would rather see all of us turn into extreme Sufis who commit great actions of shirk and bidah, Like his counterparts Hisham al kabbani and others while hand in hand are reviling Muslims who are trying to follow the footsteps of the Salaf [classical Sunnis]

    I used have a pretty good opinion about him way back when he was new in promoting Islam in North America ,but slowly things started not to seem right about him at all. Especially when I saw the infamous video which right now is almost extinct and hard to find because it was erased from you tube by some unknown personal. In this video where you would have seen your lovely sheikh dancing and howling like wolves around a dikr circle with other well known extremist Sufis including Nuh Ha Mem Keller.

    These kinds of actions is not allowed in Islam and it’s a bidah as the great imam who was called the Sultan of the ulama at his time, al-Izz Ibn Abdus-Salam said his book Qawahid al Ahkam [principles of jurisprudence]-“who ever sings or dances has a corrupted intellect and is a idiot and he who promotes this stupidity among the masses is not upon the shariah and who ever thinks that this action is upon the truth then he has destroyed himself”

    These are sayings of Salaf concerning these vile actions, are we then suppose to listen to someone who dances in dervishes in secret and in public smile and deceive the Muslim masses like yourself and others.

    He also a student with well known Yemeni sheikh named Habib al Jifr who has been recently seen in videos where he commits shirk with Allah [swat] by visiting graves of the sahabbah and calling out for help from in their graves. [Basically grave worshipping]

    Hamza Yousef also teaches a famous poem among Sufis which is called the Qasidah al Burdah from Imam al Buseri which most contemporary and traditional scholars have infamously agreed that this poem has elements of shirk and extreme glorification of the Prophet Muhammad and his family [basically elevating them to a divine status]

    There are many doubts with Hamza Yusuf and this is not minor actions that can be excused for, but these are major issues that can lead someone out of Islam.

    I know everyone has been critical of me attacking him with names especially calling him a DOG and a Zandeeq and I know I shouldn’t have said that. But hopefully everyone after reading this would understand this man is playing a game with us. He has one face for his Sufis friends and another for the Muslim masses who don’t know better and a final face for the western Media.

    I leave with a final note from Imam Shafi and Imam Ahmed and others of the Salaf regarding ills from following the deviated path of the Sufis [Hamza Yousef and ilk]

    Imam Al-Shaf’i:
    “If a person exercised Sufism (tasawaf) at the beginning of the day, he doesn’t come at Zuhur except an idiot”.
    “Nobody accompanied the Sufis forty days and had his brain return (never)”
    And he recited in poetry: ” And leave (alone) who if came to you practiced piety/ and when alone were concealed wolves”-Pgs 371 Talbees Iblis
    And when he went to Egypt he said: “I have left Baghdad and the atheists(Zanadiga) have innovated a thing they call Sama'(Hearing)” – He is referring to the singing and dancing that the Sufis innovated in the second century and is still spread amongst them till the present day.
    N.B: Notice how Imam Al-Shafi’ who was Malik’s student opposed Sufism. One wonders how some believe in what was ascribed to Imam Malik concerning Sufism (Man tasawwaf walam yatafaghaha-etc). There exists different views amongst the two Imams in Fiqh matters but this is a matter of Aqidah, they have one and the same Aqidah.
    Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal:
    “Warn (people) from Al-Harith (a Sufi leader) the strongest warning!!Al-Harith is the origin of the confusion (referring to the incidents of Jahm- . Fulan and Fulan have sat with that (person) and he has changed them to Jahm’s view, He is still the shelter of the people of the talk. Harith is in the position of a garrisonned lion any day (he) will leap on the people”-Tables Iblis Pgs166-167.
    Imam Abu Zahra’ Al-Dimashqi:
    When asked about the books of Al-Harith Al-Muhasbi: “Beware of those books. Those are books of innovation and misguidance. Stick to what has been related from the prophet-saws-(Al-Athar); you will find in it what would spare you those books. It was told to him: There is a lesson (Ibra) in those books. He said: Whoever doesn’t find a lesson from the book of Allah, would not find a lesson in those books. It has reached you that Malik bin Anas, Sufyan AL-Thawri, Al-Awzai and the precedent Imams classified those books amongst the anxieties, insinuations and those (similar) things. Those(meaning the Sufis) people contradicted the people of knowledge ( Ahl Al-Elm), they come to us once by Al-Harith Al-Muhasbi, another by Abdul-Raheem Al-Dubeeli, another by Hatim Al-Asam, another by Shaqiq Al-Bulakhi, then he said: how fast are people (going ) to innovations(Al-Bida’).”

    These Sufis for centuries end have deceived millions upon millions of Muslims on something other than the deen of Muhammad [sas]

    Why when we have access to books and other media do we still follow so called shekihs which their understanding of the Islam is attributed to whims and desires?

    All I have to say is may Allah [swt] correct our deen before it’s too late.

  18. Will you please Shut Up Boondocks! I don’t know who is more of an idiot on this blog, the racist Shlomo/AshkeNAZI/Shlumoid/jewishbastards-hating bigot DrM or you and your inane ramblings about the Shia. The two of you just really need to just go get laid already. For all those who are unaware, this is what happens when you are a 45 year old male and still a virgin who is too afraid to come out of the closet. Yes, finally acknowleding your homosexual tendencies might damn the two of you to hell for all eternity but that is a small small price I’m only to happy to pay and in the short term might make your moronic bigoted and racist ramblings a little less stupid.

    PS: fine I get it, you all think Hamza Yusuf is a great scholar blah blah blah but the whole cult-like hero worship of him that I read on most blogs is pretty nauseating to read. You all come across as little teenage girls who’d probably faint if you came within three feet of him or something. Maybe you should chill out for a bit.

  19. Wow, this must be illustratiosn the type of character that will weigh heavily on the Day of Judgment!

    But really, thanks for the reminder why I tend to avoid Muslims.

  20. Assalamu alaikum, yep, I think I have to agree with Umm Zaid here. My experience as a Muslim as that while I’d love to have some kind of “fellowship” or “community” or whatever, with Muslims, the really sad thing is that for the most part, I seem to do better, spiritually and imanwise, when I’ve been by myself or around only a few Muslims, that I know that are kind, caring and sincere, etc. Reading such negativity it amkes me sad, and just makes me want to crawl back into my own little corner, whether I’d rather pray and make dhikr. I am starting to feel the need to detach fromt he Net coming on.

  21. Wow, a lot of Wahhabis here. I thought you guys went extinct.

    The only manhaj is the manhaj of the Koran. You guys follow clerics and people. None of these people are evn mentioned in the koran. There is nothing called Ahlul Sunnah. Its an Abbasid innovation. The whole concept of Sunnah did not exist before Al Shafi during the rise of the Abbasid. the salaf had nothing to do with those madhabs and hadiths.

    real Islam is in Koran.

  22. Quoting Boondocks:

    “I see the beginning of white Muslim nationalism at its mist.”

    LOL, maybe you should ask Umar Lee what Sheikh Hamza said during his Sunday night speech at ISNA. If he is a “white nationalist”, he sure put on one helluva good front.

    And I am sure that “white nationalism” plot would go over really well with his Mexican wife and kids….oh and don’t forget about his black sidekick, Imam Zaid (or, as you would probably call him, “Token” or perhaps his “House Negro?”)

    Like I say, to K N O W (not “blindly, ignorantly following”) Sheikh Hamza is to love him. May God protect us from all the whisperers and slanderers who have nothing better to do with their time and who have nothing but fitna to contribute to this Ummah.

  23. “But really, thanks for the reminder why I tend to avoid Muslims”

    No problem. And thank God I’m not muslim. You all have major issues

  24. Assalamu alaikum, Dario’s comment, i.e., “thank God I’m not Muslim”, demonstrates to me one of so many reasons why the negative comments above are so sad! Not only are you speaking ill of someoneand possibly speaking about things of which you have little or no knowledge, but you’re also driving away people from Islam in the process! Suppose if you’d said something like “I don’t agree with Shaikh Hamza but he’s a good person, a learned man”, etc., etc., what would “dario” have thought then? Do you think he would have been left with a better impression of Islamand Muslims!? You know it’s funny, we can sit here and blame the West all we want for whatever negative impressions of Islam and Muslims are out there, and yes, we all know they di share some blame, however, how many times do we stop to think how we, as Muslims, are contributing to non-Muslims’ impressions of us!? And not only this, but how much of our behaivor is so unlike that of the person (prophet Muhammad peace be upon him), and his compaions(may Allah reward them), that we say we want to “follow” to “emulate”, etc.? We can talk about “following the sunnah” follow the “salaf us Salih”, “we are Ahl us Sunnah” or “Ahl us Sunnah wal Jama’a”, or whatever you want ot call it. But how many people try to excemplify what that means, are are they just slogans to throw around to show which “muslim
    set” you from? I wonder how many people even know what “salif us Salah” means, how many people know what “Ahl us Sunnah wal Jama’a” or if they’ve even read the Arabic of all of the quotes they throw on here to prove how “sufees” or “grave-worshippers” or whoever are wrong? Have you read those books, I mean all of them? Do you know the Arabic? Or did you just grab some quotes or some translated ahadith from some site you found somewhere!?

    Just some thoughts.

  25. Thanks for your comment Ginny. I actually do know and am friends with many “normal” muslims who don’t have issues. I found some of the comments to be quite ridiculous however so my annoyance came through in the form of sarcasm, rudeness and hyperbole. And no, muslims with issues (of which there seem to be many) are not what is keeping me from converting, although if I was stupid and incapable of reading things for myself they definitely would be. I think anyone with two brain cells in their head can see that people like Boondocks, DrM and others really have no idea what they are talking about and their rhetoric is really no different from the antimuslim bigots I see on this site. Its just focused at different groups

  26. Fairuzamizna
    When I wrote of creeping white Muslim nationalism at its mist I meant you.
    After I gave you and the rest of the blind followers enough evidence, on the issue of Sufism and on Hamza Yusuf pathetic state but you still want to support him and give refuge to his corrupted aqeedah and methodology.

    At least reply to the refutations that I have presented on Hamza Yusuf instead of trying to play the race card with me.By using a analogy of Imam Zaid being his Black sidekick or other rants that irrelevant to the subject at the hand.

    Which is whether this individual Hamza Yousef is worth being called a scholar that follows the salaf or the shaytan.

  27. “Oh! Boondocks is a cut and paste internet scholar”

    Yes I did cut and paste and I not ashamed of that. Besides all the information that gave forward on the issue of Hamza Yusuf came from a book called Talbees Iblis [devil’s deception] which I have a copy of at home. And yes I can speak, read and read classical Arabic unlike many of you people of desires running around ranting about this and that without any proper knowledge.

    The way things are going someday soon people is this blog will be defending people who associate partners with Allah [swt]

    And before all of you start calling me a wahabbi or salafi, note this that I am not from that school of thought.

  28. You Sunni can never take on Boondocks, since he says what your jurist speak. Why should Keith Ellison fight for homosexuals rights, when Sunni jurisprudence says they should be executed if caught practicing homosexuality or at least imprisoned.

    Why should Keith Ellison be allowed to be a politician in a non Islamist political structure? There is nothing in Sunni jurisprudence that allows except in limited exceptions. Remember as far as Sunni jurisprudence is concerned, you guys are living in the land of kufr. Thats why you guys can not confront him.

    This way the Americans will Boondock represents real islam while the others are practicing taqiya. That moderate Muslims are hiding their true teachings and are playing PR.

    So its time you guys join us Koranist or let us crush these salafist to simthreens and leave them with their Bukharist gossips and hearsay. You guys can’t fight the extremist since your own Sunni jurisprudence is what these extremist follow. You are always going to be seen as hypocrytes by them and deceivers by the America public. Only us Koranist can fight them since 95% of their stuff is all haduith gossip and the koran refutes 90% of their teachings, such as death to apostates, death to homosexuals, death to those who slander the faith, death to black dog, forbiding women from holding top political and religious positions in the state, and finally labeling non muslim as infidels. Theis is all Bukharistan religion, and Koran has nothing to do with it.

    You guys can’t stand up to them, and Americans know it.

    Koran is peace:

  29. Hmmm…that brother from the Mosque in Alaska must have been fairly old since they have had a “mosque” here for 20+ years…

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