Readers, Help a Sister and Get Some Good Deeds

There is something strange going on in the Show-Me State. A day after I heard the Missouri Highway Patrol was called into a job site in Hannibal, MO because neighbors were suspicions that a group of Mexicans where working on a construction site without any other indication of them being in the country illegally other than the fact that they spoke Spanish, word now has it that a Muslim sister lost her job in customer-service call center in St. Charles County because she wore hijab. Continue reading

The Problem of Porn feature

Ran into this article on the sex problems in the Arab/Muslim world. It has become so insanely difficult to get married in the Muslim world – because of the outrageously high dowries and the cultural demands for an expensive wedding party and jewelry and so on – that we are seeing embarrassing pathologies develop. Of course this is not something that only happens in the Muslim World, as we have working-class people in America getting married in lavish weddings like they see on lifestyle cable channels only to get divorced a few years later, but for now I am dealing with the Muslims. Continue reading

Blogging ISNA

Check back here for constant updates

10:20AM, 9/03/07: I will be posting my final thoughts on the ISNA conference in a separate post, Insha Allah. Then I will post some of my general impressions. In the meantime, anyone know why there was no “Mosque Cares” convention this year?

5:43AM, 9/03/07: Was very tired last night and could not update. I plan to do a comprehensive post on my thoughts of the entire conference in a couple of days, Insha Allah. Last night, Jesse Jackson made a surprise appearance at the conference. Also this article on ISNA’s singles night. Continue reading