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New York Muslima Biz Owner Beaten

This article  from the New York Post tells the story of a Muslim business-owner in New York who was beaten after she had received a number of threatening phone calls calling her a terrorist.

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Readers, Help a Sister and Get Some Good Deeds

There is something strange going on in the Show-Me State. A day after I heard the Missouri Highway Patrol was called into a job site in Hannibal, MO because neighbors were suspicions that a group of Mexicans where working on … Continue reading

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The Islaamic Republic of Utopia Feature This post got me to thinking about what the Islamic lands are expected to look like from a convert’s perspective What would the Islaamic Republic of Utopia look like? Hmmmm….. What follows is Aboo Mumtaz al-Amreekee’s story of … Continue reading

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The Problem of Porn feature Ran into this article on the sex problems in the Arab/Muslim world. It has become so insanely difficult to get married in the Muslim world – because of the outrageously high dowries and the cultural demands for an … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Men prefer attractive women

CNN is reporting in this article that men actually prefer an attractive woman…

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Blogging ISNA

Check back here for constant updates 10:20AM, 9/03/07: I will be posting my final thoughts on the ISNA conference in a separate post, Insha Allah. Then I will post some of my general impressions. In the meantime, anyone know why … Continue reading

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